Well, there we are. Entwined, my first full-length Harry Potter fanfic, is finished. I've started so many fics over the years, and to finally have one completed feels like a long over-due accomplishment.

Originally, I was going to write a Fleur/Hermione story set during Deathly Hallows. In fact, I planned it out during my second viewing of the movie. When I came to write it, I started to consider what sort of backstory I would give: would they get together during the final book, or would they have been together beforehand? And so that got me thinking – why not show it? Fleur/Hermione fics set during the trio's Fourth Year are nothing new, and I hope mine holds up well beside some of the greats that already exist.

I aimed for a blend of the books and movies, borrowing dialogue and plot points from both, while always maintaining a new perspective, even on scenes that were mostly unchanged. That said, I tried my best to focus on those scenes that would indeed be altered by the presence of a relationship between Hermione and Fleur. Was my approach perfect? Far from it. But on the other hand, I am still proud of what I managed to get done.

So, you're all wondering, what happens now? Well that's simple – the story continues. In fact, the sequel picks up the story on the very same day Entwined ends. There will be no shift in tone, style, or intent. As far as you are concerned, it should feel as though you are reading the very same story. Why separate it at all? Well, as I already mentioned, the 'Fleur/Hermione Fourth year' has become something of a recognised sub-genre of the pairing, and I'm keen to keep the fic existing as just that.

But rest assured that the sequel will continue the same approach of this fic, and I hope to see all of you on the other side.

In fact, the sequel is well underway and is online now. It's title – Entangled.

That fic will encompass Books 5 and 6. After that, a third fic will cover Deathly Hallows – and that is the part where I'm completely throwing canon out of the window. But it's because of the changes I'm making to Deathly Hallows that I've kept Entwined – and will keep Entangled – so close to the canon events. If I go messing with the plot too much now, the changes I'm making to the final book's plot will lose a lot of their impact.

So anyway, don't forget – Entangled – the sequel to Entwined – is now online and waiting for you, and I hope you'll all stay with me as I continue to tell the adventures of our two lovely leading ladies.

Thanks for reading.