Title: The Advice of Lilith Adler.

Author: HMS Jones (previously Chipmunki)

Rating: T

Warnings: harsh language, homophobic language, slash (Sirius/Remus) and other teenage stuff.

Summary: Harry Potter is a pretty easy going guy, but yeah, he has a temper and quite a lot of hidden angst and now he's living in Lima, Ohio with his gay guardians and he's joining glee. Should be fun.


'By Definition, Glee Is About Opening Yourself Up To Joy.' Lilith Adler, Glee Advisor.


Santana smirked when she thought of hm. Matt laughed and Puck smirked evenly, but genuinely. Brittany squealed and clapped her hands.

Pretty much everybody in the school liked him. He was good looking, average height, with messier hair than anyone in Ohio had seen before and eyes greener than the grass after the rain. He was tanned and, according to Santana, he was ripped too. He smiled a lot, had excellent grades, and didn't even get targeted when he awkwardly helped Tina Cohen-Chang clean up after being slushied one day in the girls bathroom.

He even helped Kurt out of a dumpster one day, smiling chivalrously at the blushing brunet.

So why didn't Finn like him?


Finn thought he was creepy. That may have been it. He didn't like the way the green eyed boy stared into space sometimes in lessons, like his body was listening to Mr Schue drone on but his mind was, like, somewhere else. Anyway, it was odd – and it was freaking Finn out!

His eyes got all dark and angry, like Puck's did whenever someone brought up his dad around his mom or tried to hurt his little sister. Finn had known Puck a long time; he knew the things Puck could do when he got that angry. Once he smashed a guy's face into wall. He broke this kid's arm for insulting his sister. Puck got sad whenever things like that happened, whenever he got that angry, and Puck was the strongest, most not-sad person he knew, y'know, so his eyes going that dark and scary must be a bad thing.

The idea of sitting in classes with somebody who got like that without any pro-provo-privoca- reason for it made Finn's skin crawl. He hated the thought of it, and people were noticing. Rachel mostly, because she liked to watch him, which was a little creepy but he just guessed it was her way of being a friend. Watching him. A lot.

But, whatever. Harry Potter was still the weirdest kid in class.

And that was saying something, Finn thought, not half an hour later, standing in the middle of the music room, lost in thought. He had only been in glee for a couple of weeks and he already knew that really he should be avoiding Rachel and that weird Kurt kid. They were kind of freaky, and the look in Rachel's eyes when she sang that song from that musical with John Travolta in it kind of made him uncomfortable.

A sudden slap on the back from Puck startled him, and Finn walked to his seat, waiting for Mr Schue to come in and start the meeting. He looked around the room, making sure not to let his eyes linger on Rachel to long because Quinn would be watching and with the whole pregnancy thing she was really hormonal and angry at him. But he kinda got distracted by the really short skirt Rachel was wearing and when he managed to tear his eyes away to look at Quinn she was wearing that expression which meant he would be getting in trouble later. Finn pouted, looking ashamed, but forgot about Quinn when the door opened to let in Mr Schue. He was really excited for Glee so Finn wasn't ashamed that he sat up straight and that Puck would be able to tell he really liked it here. But then he saw who was coming in after. Harry freakin' Potter!

Finn deflated like a balloon with all of its air let out. Only without the cool noise or rushing around the room like a rocket ship. Finn kind of wished he had a rocket ship. He could go on a mission to Mars or something. It'd be like in Futurama – only for it to really be like Futurama he'd need a time machine or one of those chryo-chryogen- things that people can freeze themselves in so they can live until there was a cure for old age.

Realising he had been distracted from the fact creepy kid Harry Potter had joined Glee, Finn tuned back into the conversation. Santana and Brittany were all over Harry, who was blushing but seemed to be taking it all in stride. He had fist bumped Mike and Matt and nodded to Kurt, who was looking at him with really big eyes and he was all red – was it hot in here? Was Kurt sick? Fevers were dangerous! His mom had said so! There was this one time when he was a kid and he had a fever and his mom said he had almost died!

Finn came out of his thoughts in time to see a moody looking Potter stand in front of the group. Just like the others coming in to the group – he had to sing.


It was a cold sort of morning the day that Harry James Potter was almost expelled from his High school. It was late October, nearing Halloween, so he was already in a terrible mood. He had had a nightmare last night, so he had dark circles under his eyes and a terrible head ache. Plus Remus and Sirius had had an argument earlier that morning in hushed, harsh whispers. It was just the icing on the cake that his glove got a hole in it at the end of his thumb, so it stuck out into the cool air, making Harry fear it would turn blue.

His temper was terrible and hanging by a lose thread. He tried his best to just ignore everything, shivering slightly in the freezing corridors as he walked to his roll call. Then out of nowhere a splash of neon orange flashed next to him. The edges of the wave of sugar, ice and colouring hit Harry, soaking through his dark coat to latch icy fingers onto his arm.

Inadvertently, Harry had just been slushied by some douche bag.

However, Harry would later swear to the principal, Sirius, Remus and the other students that it was the insult Karofsky and his partner in crime Aizimio chose to spear at the boy next to him that made his freeze, turn around and punch the Hockey player who had splashed him in the face.

It was a direct hit to the nose, Harry could feel the bone break under his fist and the warm splash of blood accidentally wiped on his fist sent a thrill of satisfaction through him. This was echoed by the solid kick to the groin he sent at Aizimio when he tried to get involved and the sight of them both cowering on the floor was excellent.

He ignored the awed and amazed look being sent at him by the boy next to him (Kurt or something) and leant down.

"You say anything like that again and I will make you regret it," His British accent made the words sharper to the Hockey player on the floor but the venom in Harry's voice would have been apparent to anyone.

And it was. It also wasn't surprising. You don't say something like "Burn in hell, faggot!" around Harry, because it would end badly for you. It had been a rumour across the school that Harry's parents were gay.

And that was how he ended up in the Headmaster's – Principal's office, with Remus on one side and Sirius on the other. All three of the surrounding adults looked angry. Remus looked especially incensed, he was practically a pacifist and hated people using violence were words would be just as effective if not more. So Harry just slouched there, looking sullen (as he was wont to do when feeling moody) whilst Remus told him he needed a more sensible and natural outlet for his emotions, that he would be joining some sort of singing club because and he quotes 'you like singing in the shower'. It would also give him a chance to socialise! The look in Remus's eyes told him not to argue, but he tried anyway.

"Glee? You want me to join Glee club? Because I like to sing in the shower! Remus, everybody likes to sing in the shower! Sirius likes to sing in the shower! And Sirius can't sing! And Glee is not socialising, it's social suicide. Nobody likes Glee kids except from Glee kids."

Remus's eyes only lightened in colour to a more honey shade, as they always did when Remus was truly angry. "Harry James Potter! You are joining Glee Club! If you feel like you can punch somebody in the face then maybe you deserve to lose a bit of that ego!"

"But he called that Hummel kid a faggot!" Harry saw Remus's eyes gentle and felt Sirius squeeze a shoulder. They were the only family Harry had and they knew he was very protective of them. But Remus still stayed strong.

"I'm sorry, but Harry, I'm not going letting you go unpunished for this. Perhaps you'll have fun in Glee club. The Pierces say that Brittany has a ball of fun there! And you know Tina loves that club!"

Harry looked mulishly at his hands before muttering, "You are so lucky I have a cool English James Bond accent."

Sirius laughed behind him, happy to have his agreement as he was much better at the sneaking cookies before dinner, here buy yourself something pretty kind of parenting. Remus smiled at them both.

"Is that aright, Principal Figgins? He will be punished at home as well."

The Indian man nodded, "Yes, it should be fine. See you tomorrow Mr Potter, at Glee."

The teenager nodded and moved with his guardians to the door, stopping when Sirius turned and said "You'll be doing something about that Karofsky kid?"

The Principal nodded, used to hearing the suggestive 'if you don't I will' tone of voice from his cheerio coach, and knowing he would have to finally try to clean up the bulling mess in his school, which was impossible to do without a formal complaint, which it seemed the young Mr Hummel was too proud to try.

He huffed out a laugh after the door closed, David Karofsky's face when he came in to complain to Figgins had been hilarious. Maybe Mr H J Potter would be a good thing for the Glee Club. But then again, with the clubs reputation, Glee Club might be a bad thing for Mr Potter.


And that was how Harry James Potter ended up standing in front of a crowd of 13 about to sing a song he had only really heard of a couple of months ago when he came back into the muggle world, and, no, there was not any butterflies flapping frantically in his stomach.

Then Mr Schue stood and said,

"Okay, Harry, why don't you tell us why you want to join Glee, then you can just sing something for us!"

The darker haired boy made a face at Mr Schue.

"Erm, did you want something that'll back you feel better about your little club or the truth?"

Mr Schue looked shocked and looked at his precious glee clubbers whilst murmurs echoed through the room. Rachel stood up, her mouth open wide in outrage but was yanked back down and glared into submission by Santana.

"We'd like the truth, if it's not too difficult for you." Sniped Kurt, nose high, glaring ice beams at Harry. Harry took this look as a challenge and, well, he'd never been the best at passing up challenges. He couldn't count on both hands the evidence of that, along with a long standing rivalry with Malfoy. He couldn't help but grimace.

"Er, when I beat up those guys who called you a 'faggot', my guardians and the principal decided that being in this club would help take care of my ego," he half mumbled. He could never quite master the 'talk at them until they run away' approach that Sirius claimed was so effective.

But Tina and Brittany were sitting in the room, both with smiles, and Santana was smirking at them and even though it was kind of scary, it also gave him some confidence.

"To be honest, I'm really only here because I have to be," he said, seeing faces drop into frowns or glares. He stopped with an awkward smile as Mr Schuster's hand clapped down onto his shoulder. He shifted away.

"Well, alright then!" he declared, "But, anyway, guys, every voice counts! Let's give Harry a warm welcome!"

There was some half-hearted clapping as Mr Schuster gestured to the band.

"Harry'll be singing for us today!" he said, as the band starting playing the right song, even though he hadn't given any music to them.

Bloody hell, he thought and tried to push down the nauseous mix of having too much pride to want to do this and being way too self-conscious to do this bubbling up in his stomach. But he had to do this. Remus wanted him to do it. He had no choice but to do this.

The glee clubbers watched, the voice was average in the way that it easily could have been improved by training (something Rachel promised to take over herself at the soonest possible moment, she needed backing singers!) but he was ... heartfelt. He was good.