Seven half-bloods shall answer the call.

To storm or fire, the world must fall.

An oath to keep with a final breath,

And foes bear arms to the doors of death

It has been one hundred years since that prophecy was issued, ninety-six since it came true. Humanity survived but just barely. Millions of mortals died along with hundreds of half-bloods. At least ten minor gods faded during the war while many of the remaining half-bloods were gifted with eternal life as gods and goddesses of Olympus. They are each minor gods and goddess's of what their parents controlled. They took it upon themselves to become official guardians of Camp Half-blood. Here are the guardians of Camp half-blood:

Perseus Jackson: Son of Poseidon. Minor god of the Ocean and Earthquakes. Married to Annabeth Chase.

Annabeth Chase: Daughter of Athena. Minor goddess of Wisdom and Battle strategy. Married to Perseus Jackson.

Nico di Angelo: Son of Hades. Minor god of Death, The Underworld, and Precious Metals. Married to Katie Gardener.

Katie Gardener: Daughter of Demeter. Minor goddess of Plants, Agriculture, and Earth. Married to Nico di Angelo.

Thalia Grace: Daughter of Zeus. Ex-Hunter of Artemis. Minor goddess of Sky, Storms, and the Wild. Married to Will Solace.

Will Solace: Son of Apollo. Minor god of the Sun, Medicine, Archery, Music, and Poetry. Married to Thalia Grace.

Clarisse La Rue: Daughter of Ares. Minor goddess of War. Married to Chris Rodriguez.

Chris Rodriguez: Son of Hebe. Minor god of Youth. Married to Clarisse La Rue.

Travis & Connor Stoll: Sons of Hermes. Minor gods of Thieves, Messengers, and Travelers. Travis is married to Diane James. Connor is married to Leah Jones.

Diane James: Mortal that has the ability to see through the mist. Immortal wife of Travis Stoll.

Leah Jones: Daughter of Hecate. Minor goddess of Magic and Crossroads. Married to Connor Stoll.

Jake Mason: Son of Hephaestus. Minor god of Fire and Forges. Not married.

Civilization has rebuilt itself and is exactly the same it was before the war. Camp half-blood is better than it was before. A new prophecy was issued two days ago...

A child of Earth,Water,Fire,and Air,

Will suffer a loss near impossible to bear.

His life a web of deceit and lies,

That led to his sisters demise.

A child of love will be his friend,

While a child of a man could be his end.

A choice to make with a final breath,

A trick that ends in worse than death.