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I woke in the middle of the night to someone shaking me roughly. "Get up quickly, the Olympians have probably already caught on to my plan." I rubbed my eyes and opened them seeing Percy staring intently at me.

"What are you talking about?" I asked blearily. "Whats wrong?"

"I have to get you out of here. I am not letting them destroy my brother. Heck, I was in your position when I first found out who my dad is." Percy said smiling at me. "I'm taking you to my fathers palace where I can protect my little cousin, now I'm gonna go stand guard while you dress in case someone tries to come kill you." He left on that happy note.

After I was dressed I walked out to see Percy arguing with Chiron.

"Percy, you can't do this. It would be endangering the new found peace among the Olympians." Chiron whispered angrily at Percy.

"Killing a great grandchild of Poseidon would endanger the peace also."

"Percy you don't understand the consequences of protecting him. They could attack your fathers palace in an attempt to kill Terra."

"Poseidon wouldn't stand for that, besides some of the gods are on his side."

"But the majority want him dead. He should have died many years ago."

"Well he will not die any day soon if I or my father have anything to say about it. I have already talked to him and he has told me that he is aware of the outcomes that might occur if he houses Terra." Percy retorted. "I am going to leave with Terra regardless of what you say."

"Fine Percy." Then Chiron looked up to the sky nervously while his horse half started pawing at the ground. "Leave now Percy. I am allowing you to take Terra but do not stick around and endanger my other campers or I will have to hurt you." Chiron put a hand on his bow.

"Come here Terra." Percy said urgently. I felt the tension in the air as I walked past Chiron, following Percy towards the beach. "You will be safe once we get to my fathers palace but there are gods who want nothing more than for you to be dead and others who would be willing to protect you."

"Percy?" I heard Annabeth whisper somewhere near us. "Is that you?"

"Annabeth we're over here." He called out and Annabeth appeared before us, taking off a baseball cap.

"Oh thank gods." Annabeth gasped pulling Percy into a tight hug. "I thought that Hades might have gotten to you."

"We have to leave. Now." Percy said pulling out of the embrace. "Chiron will not hold back his attacks for very long."

Annabeth's expression darkened. "I know, I was just talking to my siblings." She smiled. "Chiron ordered them to create a back-up strategy for attack on Terra but they wouldn't attack a fellow camper so, with the help of a couple Hecate kids, they bewitched Chiron's arrows to turn to ash if they're shot at Terra."

"Well let's go then." Percy replied urgently. As Terra was wading into the water he felt warm ash hit the back of his head and he started moving faster than he thought humanly possible in the water.

"Percy Jackson I forbid you and your present company from ever returning to this camp!" Chiron shouted from far behind us. I heard an echoing boom resonate from the camp and before I knew it I was half a mile out to sea with sore muscles and a bitter taste in my mouth.

"Why would he do that to me?" Annabeth sounded heartbroken, she swam towards Percy and hugged him tightly. "He was like a father to me and he banned me from camp."

"I'm sure he didn't know you were with us." Percy said consolingly

"He knew I was there, he wouldn't phrase it like that if he didn't know I was there." She spoke softly. "He knew I would help you no matter the circumstances."

"I'm so sorry, to both of you." My eyes stung with tears. "I never wanted to get anyone in trouble, I just wanted to feel safe."

Percy looked at me with kind eyes. "I know Terra, I used to feel that way." He hugged Annabeth tighter and put his hand on my shoulder. "Here we go."

If I had to describe shooting to the bottom of the ocean in one word I would say 'dirty'. There was algae everywhere and a piece of fishing net nearby. "Gross." I whispered to myself. Then it hit me that I could breathe underwater. "How is this possible?"

"You're a descendant of Poseidon, lord of the sea." Annabeth murmured. "Most demigods who are descended from gods don't get the amount of power a direct child of that god would. This is really odd."

"Wait, I want to try something." I focused as hard as I could and swung my arm in a wide arc. I felt a pinch in my stomach and streaming behind my hand shot out a huge air bubble. "Awesome." I whispered staring at my hand.

"Be careful." Percy said seriously. "The more powerful a demigod, the more monsters are attracted."

"And the more vulnerable they become." Annabeth added.

"But the more powerful I am the less vulnerable I am also." I defended, pointing at the bottom of the sea floor and snapping my fingers. A patch of kelp burst into flames, but at the cost of a huge amount of energy. " See I could destroy any monster that came my way." That's when the sea monster attacked.

The monster was easily the size of a humpback whale. It had huge fangs, enormous shiny green scales, big front flippers,and a giant, scaly, fungus covered tail.

"Adynatos." Annabeth whispered somewhere behind me. "He's supposed to be stone."

"What?" I asked looking around for something to throw at the monster.

"It's Cetus, Monster of the Deep. Created by Poseidon to take revenge on Kassiopeia for calling her daughter more beautiful than the Nereides." She said quickly. "Perseus supposedly turn it to stone with the head of Medusa."

"Annabeth," Percy said urgently. "Take Terra to the palace, I'll take care of this monster."

"No Percy, I am not leaving you behind." Annabeth argued. "It could destroy you."

"I'm a god, I'll regenerate. But Terra won't, and he is more important than me right now." Without another word he gave Annabeth a loving look before rushing off.

"Let's go." Annabeth's voice cracked. She grabbed my wrist and we shot off through the water, there was huge bangs and roars from behind us but we kept moving. There was a final shout before we heard an agonizing cry from behind us. "I have to go back."

"But how am I supposed to get there?" I asked panicking. "I don't know the way."

"Umm..." Annabeth said, and I could tell her mind was racing a million miles a second. "Oh, I know."

She flicked me on the forehead.

"Ow, what was that for?" But she didn't have to answer because immediately, I knew the way to Poseidon's palace and what to tell the god himself. "Never mind, Please be careful I don't want you to die."

"I can't die, I can only be killed temporarily." Annabeth said quickly before giving me a hug. "Good luck."

Annabeth shot off towards her husband, leaving me alone in the deafening silence. I sighed and gathered up my strength before shooting away through the water in the opposite direction towards the god of the sea. I couldn't tell you how long I was moving through the murky darkness, only that my body felt like I was being squished and stretched at the same time, like I was being burned and frozen simultaneously. I don't recommend it unless absolutely necessary.

After what seemed like hours I saw a glowing bluish green start to light up the cold darkness. As I came up to the large palace I could have shouted with glee if I had been able to speak.

"Thank the gods." I said as I approached the palace gates. "I need to speak with Poseidon." I said to a cyclops guard.

"Fat chance." The tall guard laughed. "No little demigod gets to speak to him without a direct summons."

"But I was brought by his son Percy, and his wife Annabeth." I said pleading with the guard. "But they're in trouble and someone needs to go help them. Now!"

The Cyclops laughed in my face. "Nice story kid, now step aside."

"No." I spat back. "I need to see him now!"

The guard glared at me and pushed me to the ground. "I said go."

"No!" I stood up, glaring at the guard. I focused my anger on the guard and seaweed started curling up his legs. He ripped his legs free over and over again but they kept growing back thicker, Until eventually he was tied to the ground, covered from head to toe in seaweed. I deliberately stepped on his plant covered fingers. Before shooting up over the gate and landing lightly on the other side. "Jerk."

I sprinted towards the huge palace barely noticing as I ran through the front doors. I knew exactly which turns to take, thanks to Annabeth, and I burst into a large throne room where Poseidon was waiting.

"Terra. Welcome." He said smiling briefly before seeing the look on my face. He looked around. "Where's Percy?"

"They need help. He and Annabeth are fighting Cetus and she sent me to get help." I said quickly.

"I thought that monster had been destroyed forever." Poseidon's expression darkened. "I had put a seal on it's death."

"I thought you created it?" I asked confused. "Why would you want it gone?"

"I did create it, but it rebelled. I ordered it to stop but it wouldn't so I sent Perseus's ship towards Aithiopia and put the idea into Perseus's head to turn it to stone." Poseidon sighed. "And I put a seal on it, nearly destroyed my entire being to do it too."

"How did you seal it?" I asked.

"I made a binding deal with Hades. One that is even more binding than an oath on river styx." Poseidon said gravely. "But enough talk of Hades, we must aide my son."

He snapped his fingers and a dolphin sped forwards. "Sound the horn."

"Yes, my lord." The dolphin swam away quickly.

"We are going to war." The sea god announced as a horn resounded through the palace.

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