Chapter 6: Fatal Attraction

NOTE: Yeah, so I know the last chapter was kinda short. Think of it as an appetizer, lol. I have no idea where this story is going; it just comes as I go along. PS: This chapter has a lot of language so if you're just going to get offended and complain don't read it.

Justin angrily gripped the steering wheel.

"You psychotic bitch!" he hotly muttered.

"What's the matter? You don't want to miss the funeral do you?" Mari inquired as if nothing had happened.

"This wouldn't have even happened if it weren't for you!" Justin turned to her furiously. "Everything is always your fucking fault! We're in hiding because of you; all anyone ever cares about is you! It's always about you! I don't know what your fucking problem is. Of all people, you should know how wrong it is to murder. You watched your best friend die right in front of you, yet here you are, years later, guilty of a murder, and for no good reason!" Mari's eyes widened in shock; she hadn't anticipated this kind of reaction from him.

"In case you've forgotten," she retorted as she threw open the passenger door, "We're in hiding because your father was a fucking cunt."

Mari slid out the door, slamming it behind her, and disappeared in the tall emerald cornstalks that surrounded the road. Justin sat there in silence and gathered his thoughts. While it was true that he was angry with Mari for murdering Liberty for no apparent cause, he was also mad at himself for blaming things on her that she had no control over. After all, it was Justin's father who had kidnapped Mari, murdered her best friend, raped her, and traumatized her for life. When Mari's parents killed Krug and his friends, it was purely out of revenge. Mari hadn't laid a hand on any of them herself. Maybe he'd been a little short with her, but she did commit a murder. Justin knew he couldn't turn her in. He probably wouldn't even have to tell the Collingwoods. John would want to pick up and move before the police started sniffing around about a murder investigation. They couldn't risk the cops finding anything about their past. Putting his moral dilemmas aside, Justin decided to attend the funeral, merely for a brief amount of time, to keep up appearances. Mari could find her own way home, and he was in no mood to go looking for her.

Meanwhile, Mari hadn't gone as far as Justin had thought she did. In fact, she was only four rows back, peering at him from the confines of the cornstalks. She wasn't really expecting him to come after her, but she was utterly shocked when he hit the gas and drove away, leaving her to fend for herself. When he was gone, she emerged from the rows and stood in the middle of the road, contemplating her next move. Mari was hurt by Justin's accusations, yet in her heart she knew they were true. Secretly, she had been blaming herself for her family's misfortune. However, Justin's words only made her want to kill him sooner.

"Stupid jerk. Should've killed him weeks ago," Mari muttered through angry tears as she turned and headed for home.

The funeral was very mundane, and Justin was beginning to wish he had went after Mari instead of going. On top of that, it was quite uncomfortable to hear people whisper and wonder about who Liberty's murderer was when Justin was the only one who knew. On the drive home, it occurred to him that if he showed up without Mari, the Collingwoods would wonder what had happened, and Justin would have to explain their fight, or at least come up with a pretty damn good excuse. Fortunately, that situated was avoided when he passed Mari lingering on the sidewalk a few houses down from home.

"Couldn't go home?" Justin asked monotonically as he opened the door for her. A crimson hue came across her cheeks.

"Didn't feel like explaining anything." He didn't blame her for not wanting to go home without him, but he was still furious with her over Liberty's murder. The minute Justin and Mari stepped in the door of the Collingwood's home, they were bombarded with questions.

"What was the service like?"

"Did you meet any people?"

"No one asked too many questions, did they?"

"Did you have fun?" Emma asked.

"It wasn't supposed to be fun, it was a funeral," Justin told her.

"The girl who died was fairly young, wasn't she?" John asked. "How exactly did she die?"

"She was murdered," Mari murmured. The tension in the air grew thick.

"Murdered?" Emma's face grew pale. "We'll have to leave, we have no other choice. The police will be conduction an investigation and they could uncover something about us."

"We'll have to be discreet," John chimed in. "If we suddenly uproot and move for no apparent reason, we'll look suspicious. We have to devise a plan."

Mari and Justin were dismissed to their rooms as John and Emma sat in the kitchen discussing their next move. Justin placed a hand on Mari's shoulder as she prepared to enter her room.

"You and I need to talk."

She followed him into his room and he closed the door behind them.

"Well, what do you want?" Mari asked defensively, arms crossed.

"Why did you do it?"

"Do what?"

"You know what." The pair stood in silence for a moment, eyes locked.

"She deserved to die," Mari answered nonchalantly. Justin stared at her in disbelief. Rage suddenly overtook him and he rushed at her, slamming her into the wall.

"No one deserves to be murdered," he growled at her through clenched teeth. "You watched your best friend get brutally slaughtered and this is how you repay her, by killing others! You, Mari Collingwood, are a waste of space." He released her.

"She was a whore. I'm surprised you couldn't see it. Or maybe you were too drunk to care," she snarled back at him.

"You followed me."

"No duh, Sherlock. How else do you think I got to her? Did you think I just happened to be out for a stroll and decided to jump her? Of course I followed you."

"But why?"

"Why not?"

Justin released long groan of aggravation as he ran his fingers through his hair and through himself on the bed, facing the ceiling.

"You don't make any fucking sense. You are one messed up bitch." Mari walked to the bed and laid herself on top of Justin, who was very surprised by this action. She leaned down and whispered into his ear,

"You have no idea."