i love you, i do.

summary: they do not belong together, although they let themselves forget sometimes.

author's notee: Hermione and Ron are one of my favv Harry Potter pairings, but there was so many Harry&Hermione moments in HP7 (BEST. MOVIE. EVER.) so I was bitten by this idea. So. Yeah.

ENJOYYY :D I don't really like this all that much but whatevsssss.

They twirl around the room like two children without sins, without regrets, without a sign over their heads saying, kill them. At this moment, they are two best friends who sometimes feel more like best friends, more like two people who are possibly meant to be. . .

They try so hard to remember that Ron is somewhere, but sometimes they forget, caught in the moment of them. And everyone thinks that they belong to others, but they are so attached to each other. They don't fit together like Hermione and Ron, but they just match as Harry and Hermione as they twirl dizzily. Ron steps on her toes when they dance, the twirls slow and passionate, but Harry moves with her in a hurried, rushed fever.

They try to remember that they are Hermione and Harry, best friends, but sometimes they let themselves think that they are more than that. Sometimes, they let themselves love each other if only for seconds before they break apart at the memory they do not belong together.

[Sometimes, happy endings are just being with the people you love even when you can't hold their hand.]