A young girls' upset voice echoed through the halls of the Social Welfare Agency's dorm building. In the room, the source of the voice came from a small girl who was red in the face and not looking happy at all. In front of her stood a man of roughly thirty-two years of age. With brown eyes, short black hair, and a slightly muscular build, Kenichi looked down at the girl with a frown on his face. The girl herself was eight years old, though she looked six, had a thin frame, red eyes and long blue hair. Her face was flushed, both from embarrassment and anger from what she had just been told. Remaining calm and keeping a neutral look on his face, Kenichi replied to the small girl.

"It's orders from above and you know how much you've been looking forward to going out on your first mission. Now's your chance to prove yourself to the others and personally, I think it's perfect for you Aisha."

This didn't encourage Aisha one bit but even she knew that she was supposed to do as she was ordered, even if it meant something as horrible as this. Being a new cyborg, it was her job to train as hard as she could so that she could become an asset to the Social Welfare Agency as quickly as possible. For the past half-year she had trained with Kenichi, her handler, in various tasks such as infiltration, martial arts, marksmanship, and dealing with explosives such as grenades. She was saved from death and turned into a natural killer, little by little, and now the Agency's decided that she was finally ready for her first mission but it wasn't like Aisha had been expecting.

"I can't believe they're making me do something like this..I mean, it's good that they trust me enough to do this alone but why do I have to be the one to do THIS job?" Her tone was very annoyed at this point.

It was obvious that she was upset at what she was ordered to do. Normally quiet and calm, it was actually surprising that she was raising her voice in such a way, especially to her handler. It was expected though, since everyone who knew Aisha knew that she was especially sensitive about her short stature and when someone with a personality like that is told that they have to go to first grade because they're the only person young looking enough, sparks are naturally going to fly for a little bit. Kenichi, who was always calm and reserved but also strict when it came to her training, was allowing this outburst since he knew that it was best that she let it out now, rather than later. He was actually fighting back the urge to chuckle since Aisha looked absolutely adorable at the moment. Maybe he would tease her some more from now on, just to get that look every now and then. He grinned a little at the thought before replying to his cyborg.

"You know you're the only one that's..suitable for this kind of job. We've determined that the best way to getting this guy is getting someone on the inside and since he has a job teaching at the elementary school, you'll be able to slip in with no problems at all. Now no more complaints or I'm going to have you out on the range until dawn."

'This guy's' name was Romero Trencino, a low level member of the Blue Phoenix faction. The Blue Phoenix's had made their names known roughly half a year ago after the attempted assassination of the Prime Minister, leaving four bodyguards killed and multiple people wounded. Not much was known about the faction and the participants of the assassination had either escaped or been killed, but it was obvious that they targeted the government for reasons of their own. The SWA wished to learn those reasons, so they actively searched for possible members. Half a year later, they found a member: Trencino. They couldn't let this chance go to waste, so they were sending Aisha to learn everything she could about both Trencino and the faction that he was a part of. Because it was now Friday, she had two days to get 'in character' before she was sent to school. They even had the elementary school uniform ready for her and it was hanging in her closet. Aisha was now looking at it with a frown on her face. She was about to say something when Kenichi spoke up before her.

"You have plenty of time to get ready for your mission so use it effectively. Remember, you're going to be going in as a normal six year old girl. You're already innocent looking enough so all you have to do is think about how you're going to talk to others. I know you're quiet normally so that might help you but you're going to have to speak up to ask questions, and to answer them." He grinned a little bit as he teased. "You do remember what two plus two is right?"

"O-of course I remember!" Once more, Aisha flushed and answered her handler. "I know it's four!"