The rest of the night continued as normal. Aisha had dinner with the other cyborgs, with the light hearted teasing and playing that usually accompanied it, and after that she took a hot bath before changing into her pajamas for the night. She would be unarmed for the mission tomorrow but she made it a habit of cleaning her weapons, starting with her F2000. It had been cleaned prior to her going to the range, but she gave it a quick once-over either way. It had to be in top condition for the future after all. Her sidearm, the MP Mk III, was cleaned next. Despite being a sidearm, she used this weapon more often because of its small size.

She was proficient with her F2000 but even after being downsized for her by a professional gunsmith, it was still a good size compared to her small body. By hugging the weapon under her armpit, she can shoot it with deadly accuracy up to 75 meters, on the move, but when firing from the shoulder, as Kenichi has taken to prefer of her, she is only able to hit 50 meters while moving. She is getting better though, and will likely reach a higher range within a few months. She wouldn't have much time at the range for a while though, because of her current mission, so that may set her shoulder-firing training back a small bit but she didn't mind, since this mission came first.

As she wiped the internals of her handgun down with a cloth, Aisha smiled and said to herself. "My first infiltration is tomorrow. You'll be coming with me, but I won't be allowed to bring you into the house. You'll be waiting with Kenichi, in case anything happens. I don't think anything will go wrong though. Kenichi is making sure that nothing will go wrong." During dinner, she had overheard one of the other agents saying that they were going to be steaking out a house in the middle of nowhere until being relieved in the morning, so she had a feeling her handler had requested an overnight team be placed at Trencino's house to confirm his departure before their arrival. This would ensure that they would have no hang-ups in the morning, when Aisha entered the building.

Finishing up the cleaning, she reassembled her handgun and set it on her dresser next to her bed. She always kept it nearby, just in case something ever happened. It wasn't likely, but she still had to be prepared for the worst. Laying down in her bed, she pulled the warm covers over her and looked to her ceiling for a moment before saying with a smile on her face. "Goodnight everyone, I'll be seeing my first real infiltration in the morning. Wish me luck." Without a response, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

The same dream came to her that night, just as it did every night. She awoke in a fluffy bed hearing strange sounds in her parent's room. Curious, she left her bed and made her way to see what was happening. Silence filled the hallway after some strange noises, and as she opened the door, she could feel a burning in her body. Everything grew hot, followed by a freezing cold. With a gasp, Aisha awoke that morning and while panting, she tried to grab a hold of the dream but just as always it escaped her. Shaking her head, she decided to let it go. She was here, and she was awake, so it was time to get ready for her mission.

It was currently 0430, and the sun had yet to rise into the sky yet. Aisha had planned on getting up early so they could leave for Trencino's house just as he was leaving for work. Taking off her blue one-piece footie pajamas, she stood in front of the closet in just her light blue panties, which had little pink hearts on them. Despite being a cyborg, and a trained killer, she still had a love for printed underwear. Looking inside the closet, she spotted a new outfit that hadn't been there previously, and had been delivered to her room during her bath by Kenichi.

It was a black full-body suit that was meant to be comfortable for the wearer on the inside, while completely changing their form on the outside. Added padding in key places would make the wearer seem larger than reality, and large soles at the feet would add a few inches to the wearers height, making them taller than they appeared as well. Attached at the head was a hood that pulls over the head fully, and zips around the collar so that no part of the head or face could be seen, while the wearer can see through the cloth as if wearing sunglasses. Padding was provided in the hood for extra mass as well. Because the padding was only added in key areas, and not throughout the entire suit, her mobility wouldn't be held back and she would be able to move as if wearing nothing at all, which she might as well be considering she was only going to be wearing her underwear underneath. On the outside of the suit at the waist, there was a small pouch that held a multi-tool, lock pick and a small flashlight, making it perfect for an infiltration such as this.

It only took her a few moments to put the suit on and much to her satisfaction, Kenichi had picked out the perfect size for her. Of course, it had been made especially for her a while ago due to her 'unique' stature, but Aisha was unaware of that part. A knock on her door signalled the presence of her handler, and quickly moving to the center of her room, she stood at attention as always and asked her handler to enter. After opening the door and assessing the small, but not as small as before, form in front of him, Kenichi nodded his head in approval before saying. "It's time to see just what our little mouse is hiding in his hole. Let's go." He made sure that Aisha picked up her sidearm before leading the young cyborg to his car.

The drive to the outskirts of Trencino's neighborhood was uneventful, and as they drove to the rendezvous point for the lookout team Kenichi briefed his young charge on the situation. "Trencino should have left already to go to your school, but we're meeting with the overnight team to make sure of it. They'll also give us any information that could be useful to us. Any animal sounds, people going in and out, things like that. Knowing these pieces of information will be invaluable to you, so make sure to listen closely." Aisha nodded her head to show she understood her expectations.

They met with the rendezvous team in a lot just outside of Trencino's neighborhood. It was in a secluded area, so there was no worries of a random passerby overhearing or seeing them. The first agent briefed the two. "Trencino has departed his house for work and we believe the house to be empty. There were no guests during the night, but he did depart his house at roughly 1930. He returned thirty minutes later carrying a take-out bag, probably leftovers from his dinner. His windows have been closed and curtained all day and night, so we couldn't see into his home, other then the hallway that leads to the front door. We've confirmed that he makes sure all windows and doors are locked prior to leaving, so you'll need to pick your way in."

The second agent gave a small yawn during the briefing and after it was concluded, Kenichi nodded his head and said. "Thank you, you did a good job. Leave the rest to us and get some sleep." The two agents departed to gather their equipment while Kenichi and Aisha returned to their car. Once they were in, he said. "So that's the situation. We know very little of the interior so it's important that you be very careful while moving around. I'll be parked in the abandoned lot next door, so if you need anything just radio for me." He held out an earphone radio for her, which she quickly put into her ear and tested before pulling her hood over her head and zipping it into the collar.

Kenichi drove up in front of Trencino's house and made sure that there was no traffic before giving Aisha the signal to depart. Once the signal was given, she quickly exited the car and made a dash for the door. With practiced movements, she recieved the lockpick found in her pouch and worked at the handle of the front door. It took no more than ten seconds for her to work the lock and less than three for her to get the door opened, entering the house, and closed once more. Letting out a small sigh, she said in a whisper. "I've entered the house, starting investigation now." Kenichi came back to her with a disapproving tone in his voice. "That took you too long, we'll have to work on your picking after this."

That made Aisha wince a little bit, because she knew that he would be drilling her over and over until she could meet with his approval time. That would be later though, right now she had to focus on the mission at hand. The hallway was nothing special, only a bookshelf along the wall and some framed art kept it from being completely bare. Directly in front of her she could see the kitchen area and to her right, she saw a staircase leading up to the second story with numerous pictures along the wall. Her first decision was to investigate the bookshelf. While it was unlikely, she couldn't pass the chance to see if there was information to be found.

During her check of the bookshelf, which contained mostly old literature and biographies, she heard something from upstairs. Immediately taking cover along the stairway wall, she could hear the sounds of steps above her. Because of the clicking sound that followed each step, she immediately ruled out a human. In her radio, she whispered. "I believe there's a dog upstairs, what should I do if it comes after me?" Kenichi's response followed a few seconds later. "We cannot leave any evidence of our search behind. If you have to engage the dog, do not kill it. Put it to sleep or gain its trust, but under no circumstances are you to kill it or injure it in a way that would alert Trencino to their being an intruder recently." Aisha nodded her head and responded her confirmation and understanding before moving into the living room.

The furniture in the living room was definitely impressive, and most of it was made out of solid mahogany. It was definitely something that raised an eyebrow or two since the craftsmanship was definitely something that was above the average teacher's salary. Taking note of this, she checked out a few more bookshelves but found nothing out of the ordinary once more. Thinking that she would leave the kitchen for last before exiting, she moved for a door that would lead down into the basement.

As she moved down the stairs, she could hear barking from upstairs, as well as a scratching sound. The dog was likely closed inside a room and was trying to get out. Not worried, she continued downstairs. It was fairly dark in the basement, so she had to turn on the light to see comfortably. Looking around from the bottom of the stairs, she could see that it was fairly organized, with cardboard boxes and miscellaneous furniture. Wanting to be thorough in her search, she moved to one of the boxes and carefully opened it up to find that it was simply filled with old clothes. Further searches gave similar results, and as Aisha closed up the final box, she said with a pout on her face. "Nothing down here in the basement. I'm going to head upstairs and see if there's anything to find."

Aisha had been trying to keep an ear out for the dog during her basement search, but when she reached the top of the basement stairs and turned for the hallway, she saw a growling German Shepherd of roughly five years at the end. Upon seeing her, the Shepherd gave a loud bark before charging, which made Aisha squeak a little bit in fear. She had never had training against a dog before, especially in hand to hand combat. In the short seconds between her making impact with the dog, she quickly assessed her priorities. Avoiding tooth and fang were critical to her survival, but she also had to take the large dog down without killing or injuring it.

The dog lept high for Aisha, so the small girl used this chance to bend low before jumping forward and under the dog. Rolling on the ground before getting back to a stable base, she turned to find the dog tackling her in the abdomen. Forced back to the ground, Aisha knew that she was in trouble, but she kept her limbs close to her to avoid the dog's teeth, which were trying to grab a hold of her ankles. Jumping up and back into a standing position, Aisha waited for the dog to leap at her once more and when it did, she quickly ducked under before grabbing a hold of the dog's fur. With a small shout, she used her strength to slam the larger dog onto the floor on its back. The dog let out a yelp of pain before Aisha released it and went for its side as it tried to get back up.

Once it was back at a standing base, Aisha took the risk of jumping onto its back. The risk was worth it, and Aisha soon found herself holding onto the dog as it tried to turn and get a hold of her. She wasn't about to let it, however, and she quickly wrapped her arm around the dogs neck. Applying pressure, she held on tight until the dog began to lose consciousness. Not taking any chances, she continued the hold until she was sure the dog was out and lying limp on the floor. A quick check of its pulse confirmed that it still had life, and a quick once-over of her own body showed that while she had a few scratches and tears in the suit, she had no worrying wounds.

Knowing that she only had a short time before the dog woke up, she hurried up the stairs and entered the room that the dog wsa guarding. Inside, it appeared to be a study, with a few bookshelves along the walls and a large wood desk near the closed window. Moving over to the desk to see what was hidden by the backboard, she grinned when she saw a fairly new looking computer. To herself, she said. "Jackpot. Let's see what kind of secrets it holds." She was worried about password protection, but whether it was from arrogance or simply having nothing to hide, she found that it was only in sleep mode, and a quick shake of the mouse brought her straight to the desktop.

Giggling to herself in anticipation, she worked her way through the computer until she could access his email account. Logging on, she went through his mail, which consisted mostly of messages to other teachers, as well as some students for assistance, but what really caught her attention was an email that stood out from the others, and it was sent only a few days ago. The message read: WE'RE GOING TO NEED YOU SOON, SO PUT IN FOR VACATION OR WHATEVER YOU DO IN THAT JOB OF YOURS. WE'LL MEET YOU AT THE USUAL PLACE IN THREE DAYS. REMEMBER, IF YOU DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO HAPPEN TO THAT PRECIOUS SCHOOL OF YOURS, YOU'LL LISTEN TO US. -RM

This shocked Aisha more than she thought it would. She had been prepared to see almost anything in the form of intel, but it seemed like Trencino himself was being blackmailed by the group. What could he have that they would want so bad that they would threaten the school for? Also, from the reciept of the email, three days meant that he would be leaving tomorrow. Further emails of similar subjects revealed that he was well versed in creating poisons, but stopped after what she could only understand as 'the incident.'

Believing that this was sufficient intelligence, she returned the computer back to where it was left at and quickly hurried outside, where Kenichi was waiting to pick her up. Only when she was in his car did she let out a sigh of relief and say. "I found out some good intel, but something is strange. It looks like Trencino is being blackmailed into working with the Phoenix, and that he's good at making poisons. Who could they want to poison, and how? I think we'll be able to find out tomorrow. If we follow Trencino from his house to this 'usual place', we should find out more."

Kenichi nodded his head, understanding what she had found out, and said to the young girl with a smirk. "Good work in there. Providing that the dog is still alive.." A nod from Aisha answered that question. "We should find out just what their next goal is, and just how we're going to stop them. Just one thing, however."

Aisha looked curiously to Kenichi and asked. "What is it? Did I miss something?" Kenichi shook his head and said simply. "I just wouldn't wear hearts tomorrow, or else Trencino might connect you to this infiltration." Confused, Aisha gave herself another lookover before squeaking in embarrassment. The dog had torn a good chunk from the suit in the rear, enough so that a small bit of her hearted panties had been exposed the whole time. If he had any hidden cameras in his house, they would have caught them for sure! Blushing furiously and looking down, all Aisha could respond with was a quick. "Yes, sir."