Harry is paired with several characters through this whole story.

Summary:: Harry's trying to find that right one, but each guy he 'tries' just doesn't seem to hack it. What happens along his road to Draco? Not even knows.

Diclaimer:: I do not own. These Character all belong to J.K. Rowling.

"'One writer who wanted to interview Mister Potter reported him saying to the illustious Rita Skitter 'No you blundering idiot! I am not gay! I'm bisexual. Get it right.' Another interviewey was remarked as saying, 'Serves her right, she needs to learn to report the truth for once in her life.'

Harry, did you really say that?" A bushy haired brunette looked up from her copy of the Prophet, her brown eyes landed on The Boy Who Lived sitting across from her.

His emerald toned eyes danced with the amusement that his female friend seemed to be sharing with him. "I did at that."

The red head beside her burst into laughter at Harry's confirmation.

"Another reporter goes on to say how Rita Skeeter has only ever reported the truth on a few occasions. And that was when she first got her start. She did an exclusive on a very wealthy wizard and got them exposed for a large scandal and then she did a piece on He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named." Hermione read on.

Ronald chortled as he sipped his pumpkin juice, "You gotta love how this article went from you coming out to the Wizarding comunity to Rita Skeeter being a lying sack of-"

"Ron!" Hermione giggled as she hit her boyfriend with the newspaper. "Well?" He laughed as he tried to dodge her next attack.

Harry Jame Potter. He had recently been out on a...date...if you will, with a one rather annoying Zacharias Smith. One of Ginny Weasley's ex-boyfriends.

It had been some time now since Potter started to admit to himself that he was more than a little intrigued by the male being. But it was also very true that Harry enjoyed the female anotomy far too much to give up on it entirely.

To emphisize this point Ginny Weasley walked into the kitchen and Harry's eyes watched her intensely. Though they were no longer together, he did still find her highly attractive. One would have to be dead or blind not to.

"So, just how did your date with Smith go, Harry?" He was snapped out of his reverie by the sound of her silky voice, "Oh it was pretty nice." He smiled, "Though it seemed that our friendly neighborhood Hufflepuff was only out with me to get his fifteen minutes of fame." The female red head blinked and looked slightly taken aback. "Yeah, seems he wanted to be one of the select few that are able to say, 'Yes, I once dated Harry Potter.'" At the last part his voice did a fair imitation of Smith's making Ron and Hermione laugh. "But up until that point, it was nice. We had some fun. Not to mention he is a pretty decent kisser."

Ginny laughed now and nodded, "I told you." With that she grabbed a glass of water and left the kitchen.

Harry watched her leave with a sense of appreciation. He felt quite accomplished at the moment. For he himself was able to look at Ginerva Weasley and say, 'Yes, I once dated the most amazing female I have ever met.' He liked that thought and a sedate little grin spread across his features.

"Bloke's gone loony." Ron whispered in his girlfriend's ear and motioned to his best friend.

Hermione giggled slightly behind her copy of the paper, "I think he's either dreaming about kissing Ginny, or kissing Zacharias."

Ron couldn't help but chuckle now, "Either way, he's gone round the bend." with that he silently closed the book he had been reading and held it about a foot over the table and then opened his fingers.

As the book dropped through the air Harry's hand snapped out to catch it scant centimeters from the wooden surface. "If that had landed, your mum would have a field day with you waking the sleeping portrait of Sirius' mum."

Hermione fell over into a fit of giggles with her head landing in Ron's lap.

"Not so far round the bend now, am I Ronald?" The Weasley male turned pink at the ears and then followed his girl into a bout of giggles himself.