I don't own Sailor Moon. Set in the first season.

Usagi turned around as she heard her test paper collide with something. Her mouth dropped. "G-gomen nasai," she said, laughing slightly. She winced as the man read her test score.

"A thirty?" he asked. "Try studying, Serenity."

"You are such a jerk, Endymion!" she retorted, but the two looked into each others' eyes after she said that, shocked expressions on their faces.

"What did you just call me?" both demanded in unison. "No one calls me by that name! How do you even know my name?" The two stopped their yelling at that moment, gazing- no, glaring- into each others' eyes.

"Why did you call me Serenity?" Usagi whispered.

"Why did you call me Endymion?" Mamoru retorted.

Before either knew what was happening, their bodies were pressed up against each other, their lips refusing to part. Neither would admit it, but they had been having dreams about one another. About waking up in each others' arms, warm and content. That dream was about to become a reality as Mamoru led Usagi off to his apartment.

Thankfully, both had enough self control and simply lay on his bed in each others' arms, happy as could be. Both had stripped down to their underwear in an effort to be closer, and now neither was talking. They were just... content.

"So what is your name?" Mamoru asked, his eyes focused on Usagi.

She blushed slightly. Here she was, lying half-naked with a guy, and neither knew the other's real name. "Serenity Usagi Tsukino, but everyone calls me by my middle name. You?"

"Endymion Mamoru Chiba," he replied. "Everyone calls me Mamoru. It was plesant meeting you, Serenity."

"You, too, Endymion," she smiled. She planted a gentle kiss on his lips before pulling away and drifting off to dreamland.

Hi! I've been getting all these random ideas for Sailor Moon lately. Seriously, I have a running list. I have 27 alone that have yet to be developed at all. As in, I'm not counting all the files on my computer filled with half-written stories.