Chapter 1: The Arrival

"Have you got everything packed honey?" Asked Marion Fleming as she checked in on her daughter Amy on her laptop. Amy looked up from her laptop. "Yep, jusy about everything. Last thing I need to pack is my tooth brush and all that and my laptop." She informed her mother. "Alright, but go to bed soon okay? We have to leave at around seven in order for you to get there on time and to catch your plane too." Her mother said coming over and sitting down on her bed. "What are you doing?" Marion asked intrigued in the page Amy was at. "It's call FaceBook mom. It's a social networking sorta thing. I'm just talking to Soraya." Amy said laughing at her mom's lack of technology knowledge. "It just lets you send it right away? You don't have to to the send thingy on e-mails and wait for a reply?" Her mother asked astonished. Amy laughed again. "Yes mom. You send it right away and they get it. See?" She said letting her mom look at what her and Soraya were talking about. That would be how they're both going to be attending a boarding school called Oak Bay Academy. It had a course about horses but it also had all the other regular classes like Science, Math and all those subjects that Amy never paid any interest in. For the last forty years it had been a boys only school, but this year they decided to let girls come too. As soon as Amy had heard about the highly talked about boarding school from Soraya Amy had been begging her mother and father to let her attend. According to Soraya since there was limited room for the girls, only five were chosen. Two of which were Soraya and Amy. Amy was going to leave her Hudson home for the mountainous region of British Columbia's Vancouver Island. She was going to go to Oak Bay in the province's capital of Victoria. Amy was nervous yet excited. She was nervous about how her parents were going to cope. But she was excited to learn so much more about her love and passion of horses. And doing it alongside of Soraya, Amy couldn't be happier. Soraya was Amy's best friend since the first grade and they've never parted since. As Amy showed her mom the technologies of FaceBook she realized she would miss her mom and dad's ranch of Heartland where abused and untruthful horses would be healed using herbal remedies. She would miss sitting down after a long day's work with her family, her sister Lou helped her mom with the financing, her dad and grandpa-Jack-, would take care of the maintenance and Amy and her mom would be in charge of the horses. All the boarders would be helped in some sort of way using the remedies her mother and Amy had learned helped horses. Heartland was all about making a bond between a horse and human built on trust, understanding, and love. It was always said that Marion's gift with horses had been passed down on to Amy. Marion would just smile and say, "Like mother like daughter I guess." Amy would just blush and smile at her mothers words. Amy's thoughts broke as her mom got up off the bed and walked towards the door. Amy heaved herself off her bed and packer her laptop in her dark blue suitcase and followed her mom downstairs for some late night hot chocolate. Amy helped herself to a cup as her grandpa brought a try and set it on the table. Jack took the: World's Best Grandpa! Cup, Marion took a pottery cup with horses on it with a slogan on the front: When in doubt, let your heart run free. Tim-Amy's dad- took a cup that had: "Come on Dad, you're not that old." "Really!" "No, you are, just was wondering if I could have twenty bucks". Written on the front. Amt took the one that had the meaning of her name on it in fancy script: Amy: Beloved

Lou took her cup which read: Being practical is a way of life. Not a choice.

That was Lou's favourite cup.

Amy took a sip of the delicious hot chocolate as she heard a frantic whinny opf a horse outside. Marion stood up, "I think that's Gold Sunset, she hasn't been settling in too well. I think I'll give her some Bach flower remedies, it'll help her adjust. Would you like it come Amy?" Her mom asked slipping on a coat and pulling on her boots. Amy didn't need to be asked twice she put down her mug and ran for her sweater on the hook, eager to see her mother work. She pulled on her beat up Nike's and raced after her mom already heading towards the back barn. The summer air was warm and fresh as she ran, her light brown, somewhat curly hair flying behind her. She found her mother in the feed room grabbing a Bach Flower remedy of Honeysuckle and Walnut. She walked over to Gold Sunset's stall and put three drops in her water. This helped with homesickness and getting used to new surroundings. She then put four drops of Walnut too. Sunset kicked at her door stressed. "Shhh, calm down girl. You're okay." Amy said quietly letting herself into Sunset's stall and doing T-tocuh on her neck and working her way down to her withers in light circular motions. Soon Amy felt the mare begin to relax under her touch and her mom watched with her arms folded over the stall door. Soon, Sunset's eyes were drooping and he breathing was silent. Amy quietly backed out of the stall careful not to wake the sleeping mare. "Good job at calming her down Amy. Things will be different without you here." Her mom commented as they walked back to the farmhouse. "Awh mom, I'll visit. I promise. I'm only a boat and three bus rides away." She said laughing. Her mom put an arm around her as they reached the door. They kicked off their shoes and walked back to the kitchen to find Tim and Jack in deep discussion of the fishing season coming up, and Lou was taping away at her computer. Amy and her mom sat down, and enjoyed the typical family night.

The next morning Amy woke at 5:30 and jumped out of bed. She showered and dressed herself her outfit looking like:

She styled her hair like: A.N This is kinda what I pictured her to be like ;) Just for me you can picture her some other way, i dont care :)

She applied a bit of make-up and she was set. She bounced down the stairs and made herself a piece of toast before going out and mixing the morning feeds and mucking out the front barn and turning out all the back barn horses to the paddocks. When she came back in she saw it was just 6:30, so she went upstairs and double checked her bags. She packer her brush, toothpaste and toothbrush in a hurry and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked herself over and the butterflies in her stomach seemed to be high on sugar. She ran a hand nervously through her hair and went back downstairs to find that Tim and Jack were up and Lou was dozing with her head on her hand in front of her laptop's screen. "Lou, Lou, wake up Lou." Amy said shaking her sister awake gently. "Huh? What? Ten more minutes..." She said and she folded her arms and went back to sleep. Amy chuckled at her sister and Tim and Jack joined in. Just then she saw her mom come in from outside. Amy glanced at the clock, 6:50. "We should start to load your bags now Amy." Suggested her dad and Amy nodded. Together, Marion, Tim, Jack, Amy -and even Lou at one point- helped load Amy's year of, clothes and belongings. When Marion hopped in the car and started it, that was Amy's cue of goodbyes. She hugged her dad tightly, "Take care of Sunny, Spartan and Storm for me okay?" She asked him. "Of course I will." Answered her dad. She hugged Jack and said laughing, "Bring in a good sized trout for me, okay?" She asked, and Jack chuckled. "I would have anyway," he said confidently. Amy laughed and turned to her half awake sister, she hugged her tightly and said with worry, "Go back to bed Lou, and don't stress about the paperwork for me." Lou mumbled and 'okay' and with a last glance at her family, her home and her ranch, she clambered into the car as a tear spilled out of her grey eyes, silently.

At the airport, Marion and Amy met up with Soraya and her mom and had a early breakfast at white-spot at eight thirty. There plane arrived at 10:15 so at 9:00 they paid the bill and wheeled their suitcases to the gate. "Bye mom." Amy said her voice cracking. Marion pulled her into a tight hug, "Not bye, see you soon. Call me every week. Don't stay up past 12, get your studies done always-" Her mother corrected and rambled. Amy laughed through her tears."Don't worry mom. I will, give all the horses a big kiss for me at home." She said thinking of all the permanent boarders Marion gave her a kiss on her forehead and another tight hug before watching her walk off towards customs. As Soraya and Amy made their was through security, excitement bubbled in Amy. As they boarded their plane they went in first class. Their parents had insisted that they had a comfortable trip over. They had to be there by 3:00, all students did. Their plane would land at 12:00 and then they would take a two hour bus ride to Vancouver's terminal then take a half hour ferry boat to Victoria's terminal then they would drive for fifteen minutes to Oak Bay having half an hour of spending time. The plane ride went slowly for Amy as they passed over the Rocky Mountains. Soraya took her camera out and they took pictures for the last fifteen minutes of the flight. When they heard the loudspeaker come on Amy smiled in relief as she heard the flight attendant speak, "Ladies and gentlemen, we will be landing in YVR Vancouver international airport, we hope to see you again soon. Thank you for choosing Canadian Airlines." Amy buckled her seat belt and her stomach flip flopped as they hit the ground of BC.

Going through security and customs all over again was a drag to Amy but soon they were collecting their luggage and rolling them towards the bus station beside the airport. The greyhound bus arrived and their luggage was stored. Amy took out her Ipod and listened to some music with Soraya for the two hours of driving. When the bus got to the terminal and parked, Soraya and Amy got off to venture up the docks to find the buffet. They found it on deck 4 and with their Visa's they paid for thei meal and made it down just in time to board the bus once more. As Amy sat down she felt eyes on her. She turned around and scanned the bus. She saw no one and went back to talking to Soraya. "I just know there are gonna be TONS of hot guys there!" Soraya exclaimed excitedly. Amy giggled at her friend. "I'm sure there will be Raya, I'm sure there will be."

Finally the bus pulled in front Oak Bay Academy and Soraya and Amy scrambled off the bus. They collected their luggage and wheeled themselves through large brass gates. They saw a large billboard that had sheets of paper. Amy guessed this was the dorm room numbers and roommates. It didn't take long to find the girls' list. It was the shortest. Soraya read out, "Ashley Grant room 701 with Brittney King, O-o! Here I am, Soraya Martin room 702 with Joni Hart. Oh, I wanted to be with you, oh well new people! Oh! You okay...Amy Fleming room 606 with...Ty Baldwin? Amy, that sounds like a guy." Soraya said looking at her friend anxiously. Amy bit her lip nervous. "I'll go talk to the Dean. You go and unpack I'll meet you for dinner." Amy said following the sing that said: Head Office. Amy walked in to find a large office with a small woman behind a desk with a kind smile. "Are you one of the five girls? Hello, what can I help you with?" Amy smiled back. "Yes I am. I was just wondering if I could talk to the person in charge of the roommates." She asked and the woman quirked an eyebrow but didn't refuse. "Yes of course, um, Dean! Dean, we have one of the girls here asking about the roommate arrangements." She said into an intercom. Then a voice came out. "Well, send her in please Linda." Amy felt nervous as she was poingted to two large mahogany doors.

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