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Pairings mostly cannon except Brooklyn/oc Lex/oc? Hudson/oc? Like I said things have changed

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Summary: The gargoyles get the chance to be human; what will they do? It's not like they can get a job Lex might be able to get something but that's it. When Eliza makes a suggestion after a letter from a friend the younger member of the clan embark on what is perhaps going to be their most dangerous journey yet high school where they are surprised to find that even protectors can use protecting, And Nothing is as it seems. For magic mayhem and romantic themes rated pg-13 and if I can ever get the description to sound right an epic fight seen ( if Avatar can have a fight seen like that and be pg13 why can't a pg13 rated story have one)

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Dear Elisa
I can hardly believe how many years have passed since I moved down
south with my aunt. It's was never easy living in the city but now
that I've lived in comparatively the boonies I truly miss everything
except the traffic. Speaking of which I have a surprise for you. I'm
coming home! I would have called but by the time you got this letter
I would have already been back and with in the next few days after you
receive this I will more than likely appear on your door step. Recently
I started going to a private high school with trade classes that has a
campus close to the city. Several of my friends are transferring with
me! It has a boarding house so you won't have to worry about me
crashing at your place but expect many visits! See you soon!
Soña. A

A small smile spread across detective Elisa Maza's lips as she read the letter that had just arrived from an old friend, although Soña was nearly nine years her junior and Elisa had baby sat her as a teen she could honestly say that Soña was one of her most trusted friends next to the gargoyles that is, as the hardened detective walked up the ancient spiral castle steps contained with in the turret leading up to the gargoyles roost the golden rays of the fading sunlight danced across her skin and the center column with the rhythmic patting of her feet echoing on the stone. The last golden rays disappeared beyond the horizon as she reached the top, the stone casing that surrounded her friends began to crack and with a mighty roar they awoke

She stuffed the letter in her signature red jacket and went to greet her friends. A smile of contentment and joy, clearly etched on her face.


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