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Main text: (Xena and Gabrielle, possibly in love. If that bothers you, do not read further.)

Summary: After the events of "The Quest", during a blind date, Xena is suddenly faced with the realization that her feelings are a love much more than friendship. What do people do when they realize they are in love? More importantly, what would Xena do.

Chapter 1: Love? Why Me?

Xena adjusted her armor. It was creeping up and making a bit of a pinch on her skin.

"Why did I agree to this? This must be the stupidest idea I've ever agreed to."Xena grumbled.

She gripped the handle on the door and walked in. Toris had convinced her to go on this date because she owed him for having missed last season's repair of the inn. It was a yearly occurrence, but Xena had been preoccupied with being dead and being resurrected. She smiled at the ridiculousness of the situations that prevented her from attending. Needless to say, Toris really didn't believe any of it. Desiring to shut him up, here she was, being a date to a friend of Toris.

Gods. I hope he is at least good looking and has bathed.

Traveling didn't offer much opportunities for long term relationships, and in her line of work, she wasn't exactly exposed to the cream of the crop.

My only focus is my redemption, I don't have time for 'love'.

She wondered how it was for Gabrielle. She knew Gabrielle was the only person she loved beside her family, but love and love were a whole different animal. When she had kissed Gabrielle in the dream scape, it was an act of desperation. Gabrielle was very special to her and in that kiss she was saying goodbye in the event that things didn't work. When she had inhabited Gabrielle's body, her friend knew how special she was to her. Xena didn't know how much was conveyed, so she started to tell her once the ambrosia revived her. When she had started to speak, Gabrielle had simply stated that she already knew. What she knew, Xena didn't know in the slightest, because feelings were a puzzle to her. Xena moved around shifting her weight in the bar stool; the thought of love kind of made her feel uncomfortable, even if it was the love of friendship.

The people in the tavern turned to Xena and scrutinized if the tough woman was going to cause any problems. She rolled her eyes.

Guess first impressions are always a hard thing to rise above. "I'll have a port and your special for the day." She groused to the bartender.

"Coming right up." the tavern owner responded, glad that there didn't seem to be anything unusual of her request. She hated meeting people for the first time. Most times she couldn't stand people. It always seemed that someone wanted something from you, or wanted to kill you. Either way, she was happy with her little family. Gabrielle, Argo, and her family was all she needed.

Her one brow raised at the inward musing. She shook her head of the thoughts as a man walked into the tavern. Pleasantly surprised at the man's appearance, she turned to greet him. Appraising him, he was tall, a good head taller than herself. Dark brown hair and green eyes. Her mouth twitched in mirth of the good luck. He was quite good lucking, much like a cross between Hercules and Ares. He had Ares' chiseled jaw and Hercules' easy going countenance.

"Xena?" The man asked, slowly walking toward her.

A smile hit her lips as she responded, "That's me. You must be Kerberos."

"Yes, that's me, Toris told me all about you. I have to say, he was not exaggerating about you." Xena felt her body tense at the comment, unsure of what her brother had told him.

"Relax, relax, it's all good. However, he failed to mention how stunning you were." She semi blushed at the compliment.

She did as he suggested and began to relax.

Maybe this won't be so bad after all.

"So tell my about yourself Kerberos." she asked, hoping to see if he was as good natured as he seemed.

"Well, I am a blacksmith and I'm not a three headed hound." He replied, trying to ease her out of her serious appearance.

Xena chuckled. "Have a seat, I'm having their special. The bartender will be back soon with my food and will be able to take your order."

Taking a seat in the stool beside her, Kerberos turned to her in her seat.

"Toris tells me you are a warrior?" Kerberos asked, hoping to bring her out of her short statements.

"Yep." The black haired warrior responded. She had never been one for words.

"Xena, don't worry, I was put up on this pretense of a blind date, but I don't expect anything from it. For me, I'd rather we just treat this as perhaps a meeting of a new friend." He explained, hoping to put her at ease. Xena let out a held breath. The pretense of a date being torn away, took a load off.

Clapping his back with her hand, she answered with a "Thanks."

The night was filled with dining and easy going conversation, and Xena found that there was something about Kerberos that she enjoyed very much. Something that reminded her of Gabrielle. Her heart tightened for a moment. She suddenly felt guilty for being here. As if she was betraying her in some way. She knew she shouldn't. Gabrielle had been fully aware that Toris was trying to fix her up with a friend. Gabrielle was also happy that Xena was finally taking some time off and going out on a date. Gabrielle stayed back at Xena's mom's inn, helping in the inn's daily nightly operations.

Feeling off guard by the sudden feelings, Xena's heart began to race and worry. It was not something normal for her to feel this way, but it was steadily growing to be more of a common occurrence; ever since that kiss in the dream scape.

It was just an innocent kiss, but the warmth and sweetness, I can't seem to forget.

Kerberos' voice started to fade into the background, drowned out by her thoughts. Gods be damned, I am in love with Gabrielle. Son of a screaming banshee. Xena was horrified.

To be continued in Chapter 2

**Author's Note: This is meant to be a short fluff piece to help me balance out my other story, because my other story is getting way too dark and starting to make me feel its effects lol. I needs me some good old fashioned X/G warm and fuzzies. Is it geekish of me to chuckle at Kerberos' name because of its mythical origin and its IT(authentication protocol) meaning?..gawd I'm a geek-sigh.**

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