Warning: Danger! This chapter has explicit sex occurring between our leading ladies. If you are too young, don't want to see it, do NOT read further. SMUT ALERT!

Chapter 8: All That Remains

As days passed, we slowly blurred the lines of friends and lovers until the line was left far behind. What I started to notice was there wasn't much of a difference in our life. I mean that in a good way of course. What I mean to say is; our relationship always had the potential to be more than just friends. The intimacy we shared would rival any other couple living together. I really am surprised that I never noticed it before. The real story of it all however is the beauty of our first time. The time when it all came together. The stars aligned right, the cosmos did their part, and it culminated in an Aurora Borealis of colors bursting before my eyes. Too good to be true, you say? That's because it was. Our first time was not bells and whistles. It was not lightning and thunder incarnate, but I'll tell you, in it's imperfections, the overall outcome was more than I could ask for.

After leaving the confines of my Mother's inn, we relished in being back on the road. Having some time to ourselves in private served to bring us closer together. Steady glances here and there filled our walks with heart swelling happiness. If one would happen upon us, glancing at each other, they'd think us insane. We flirted our way, here and there. We exchange smoldering looks and suggestive brows. Whenever we thought we were alone, we'd sneak in make out sessions that culminated in soft groping. As lovely as those make out sessions were, they left much to be desired. Particularly on my part. One might look at me and assume I'm a jaguar in bed, but when it comes to Gabrielle, I want her to be ready. I want her to initiate it. I want to know that she wants me and that the want consumes her enough to take the lead.

Between the making out and the groping, I was beginning to be run ragged and high wound. I felt like a bow string wound tight until it was ready to snap. There is only so much anticipation that can take place before things start getting painfully agonizing. Let me tell you, I started knowing myself like there was no tomorrow. The worst part of it all was that 'knowing myself' did not satisfy the need. It only made me want more. More from her, more from me, more from any random tree stump. I tell you it got embarrassing, but I was willing to wait it out, to fight the urge to ravish her and make her cry out my name. Gabrielle has some kind of nerves of steel, or a seriously focused mind, because she seem to be unfazed and not look like any of this sexual tension was frazzling her nerves. Thank goodness, the universe decided to take pity on me.

On a particularly gloomy, slow, travel day, she relieved me of my pangs. One would think a first time is heavily planned, but I didn't want to be presumptuous, not when it comes to her. Our first time came like a thief in the night. Well maybe not a thief, or in the night, but rather a mundane occurrence that preceded it that took us by surprise. We were in the process of doing our laundry when the mood struck. I don't know what it is, but to watch her do the laundry makes me want to ravish her. Perhaps because any of my interruptions makes her angry, and I find her beautiful when she is angry. Or maybe because I like the smell of clean linen. Whatever the reason, I'm always willing to terrorize her as she does chores.

As she beat rocks against, and scrubbed her wet sudsy clothes, something broke within me. She hunched over the babbling water traversing soft river rocks. I come up behind her and lay a kiss on her bare shoulder, where the sun kissed it moments before. Scooting closer, I squat down beside her.

I tease her with a sultry voice, "Fancy meeting you here." I purr into the sensitive skin of her neck.

She shivers in response, but allows me my invasion of space.

"I couldn't help but admire your technique." I continue.

She reaches back behind her, trying to elbow me in my ribcage, but I freeze her in place when I lay a soft kiss at the nape of her neck.

"You know Xena, you are bound to get wet if you continue." She says with a silky, throaty, threatening voice.

She uses that voice when she is dripping with arousal. Dripping. That normally would be a bad choice of words, but I like it, so I'll use it.

I reach out my hands in front of her, and cup her soft breasts. I rub them through her green top, hoping to awaken them in my hands. I hear her groan in response. It is her weak spot. She loves the idea of my warm, large hands, brushing against the silk of her waiting enthusiastic nipples. They poke through the material of her top, sending me in a tailspin, as I inhale her scent. I'm intoxicated, and I close my eyes in response, but this is only the beginning.

As I revel in her beauty, and how good she feels underneath my fingertips, she moves us to another level. For the first time I realized, I was not the only one who was being affected by our sneaky make out sessions and gratuitous fondling. She showed me that underneath that innocent exterior lay a predator just beneath the surface.

She twisted within my grasp, dropped the clothes she had been washing, and pressed her breasts against mine. She engulfed me in a kiss that left me dizzy and panting. She pushed me backwards slowly onto the river bed and for a moment I protest.

"Gabrielle! As smooth as these river rocks are, I hardly think they'd make a lovely bed." I joke.

"Shhh!" she demands, as she lays me down in the slowly rushing waters of the river she had previously been doing laundry in.

The water isn't deep, but it saturates my back, sending a chill to my exposed skin. I screech unladylike(or un-Xena like as it were), but she soon makes me forget my unfortunate resting place.

She hunches and crawls on top of me till she straddles my lap. I startle to see the dark desire in her eyes directed at me. I can not believe my luck or dismiss the fear sitting at the back of my mind. She dips her head to my right breast and covers it in hot kisses. First on my cleavage and then slowly to my nipples. She swirls her tongue across my pert nipples, eliciting moans of pleasure from my throat. She pushes the clothing I am wearing out of her way. With her actions, a sharp tickle travels in the depth of my belly to the bottom of my pelvic floor.

"Xena, you started this, I intend to finish it." She smiles sweetly.

Her voice, thickened with emotion, rumbles across my skin. I struggle not to buck at the sensation of her breath tickling the short hairs on my skin. I reach for her hips, but she distances herself from me.

"Gabrielle!" I scold, but she only teases me further.

"Now Xena, surely you can tough it out a bit. The payoff will be awesome, I promise." I smile at her teasing grin as she locates my wrists and grips them tightly above my head.

"Hey!" I argue.

She presses on and I grunt in response to her knee forcefully pushing my thighs apart and finding it's rest at my apex.

"You are so going to get it!" I say, as I struggle to get up from the water, but she silences me again as she delves her lips into my cleavage.

My vision goes fuzzy, and I lay back down willingly, as she assaults my senses with her warm moist lips. She rips at my clothes and for a moment I can't believe it is her on top of me, ravaging me in this way. This pleasant surprise leaves me ecstatic, a grin is plastered across my face.

I can do nothing but comply, as she rips and tears through the front of my shift. There I am, exposed to the world and the cold.

"Gabrielle, wait! Out here? In public?" I become self conscious of who might see us in such a compromising manner.

"I think we've waited long enough, and I love you. I want to show you just how much." She intones hungrily.

She moves southward, filling me with anticipation. Does she know what she's doing? What is she doing? I freak out as she drops her face to my center.

"Oh shit!" For a moment I wriggle to see her, to check up on her progress, to watch her in the act.

She can't possibly be doing what I think she's going to do. My sweet and innocent Gabrielle?

Her tongue peeks out from her mouth. For a moment I can feel her breathing on my mound. Obligatory thoughts of uncertainty pass through my head.

Oh Gods! Did I wash there this morning! Did I trim recently? The questions abound and panic onsets. I want our first time to be perfect, contrary to whatever I have said to soothe her fears of our intimacy.

My fears are pushed out of my brain as I feel her warm soft tongue gliding across my opening.

I jump up in surprise and bash my groin into her nose. Son of a bachhae! What a clumsy start!

"Xena! Keep still!" she stands abruptly, grabs the clothes she had been washing, and uses it to bind my hands behind my back.

I let her. I don't know why! This is probably the second time I let her get away with it. Both times I end up all wet, albeit for different reasons.

She resumes her purpose. All I can do is whimper as she nibbles little bites into the sensitive valley between my thighs and my apex. She knows what she is doing indeed, for my legs turn to jelly at the soft nibbles culminating in languid licks across my heated skin. Her tongue twists about tickling the path of skin that it focuses on.

I'll have to murder whoever taught her such a trick.

She moves toward my opening and all thought escapes me. I gasp as she probes my opening with a timid tongue.

The licks increase and I feel myself melting, my body thrumming, my opening tingling, threatening to cum. No not yet! I yell to my betraying body. I slow my my thrusts against her tongue, but I fear I've gone beyond the point of no return. My breaths grow ragged, my brain goes lightheaded, and her probing becomes quicker and pulsing. She delights in the wetness that it evokes so she hums in contentment.

"Mmmmm you taste good." Her silky suggestive voice sends me into a tizzy and I yelp in ecstasy. Despite my attempt to stop it, I cum uncontrollably before she even rests her tongue back onto me.

I am lost in the sensations driving me over the edge. My jaw clenches in response as my orgasm takes over my lowers. My pelvic floor reacts in waves. Uncontrollably, my thighs go rigid and come together, clamping onto her neck. I groan out my pleasure and end in a loud sigh, but my contentment is short lived because I didn't want to cum that fast.

"Wow Xena, I guess you were quite ready." she blushes.

"It's just that I've been pent up and I.." I pause. "Where did you learn..." I stammer raggedly.

"You said it yourself, I just imagined the stuff that I would like and I acted it out." I squint at her warily in disbelief. She knows I don't quite believe her.

"What? Xena, a girl has got to have her secrets doesn't she?" she smiles, and winks conspiratorially at me.

I adjust my torn garments and sit up, perturbed by her suggestion. I wriggle out of the wet clothes binds that she fashioned to keep me in place.

"I guess this is where an Amazon Queen beats a Warrior Princess." she beams proudly with an indulgent smirk.

"I'll show you!" I get up from where I lay, and push her into the shallow babbling water. She laughs hysterically as I tickle her exposed skin.

"Xena don't you dare!" she warns.

I'm not going to mess around on the wet rocky river bed, or in plain sight. I'm possessive and I don't want anyone else enjoying her physique. I lift her up from the shallow water. She is in my arms. I kiss her savagely. I bring her quite a ways into a wooded area and prop her standing, against a tree trunk. I begin to kiss her all over her neck and collar bone. Suckling it slowly, she begins to roll her head back in enjoyment, leaning onto the trunk for support. I lift up one of her legs and push my hips gently against her mound. She whimpers and I take her mouth into an intense kiss. I taste her tongue searching for purchase onto mine and I move my free hand toward her center. I rub her mound softly through her skirt as she soon frantically pulls her skirt down for more contact.

"More Xena!" she mutters through my kisses.

I acquiesce and push aside her panties as my fingers travel to the lips. Her silken hairs are damp in arousal.

"You are so wet." I mutter onto her lips.

The warmth and the wetness driving my desire, I skirt my finger against her silky soft nether regions. She gasps in anticipation. I circle the area with my two fingers and her hips begin to buck trying to force more contact. Her mound is highly raised toward my hand, so I put her out of her misery.

I turn my hand and slowly push one finger (my middle finger) into her opening. She gasps and moans deeply.

"Oh my!" she mumbles across my lips. I begin to slowly enter my finger into her, high and raised, rubbing against the bumpy ridge known as her g spot. She shudders at each firm rub and I increase my tempo in her. I adjust my thumb to rest against her clitoris. She jumps up in surprise as I slide wetness from her opening over her clitoris. I lavish it with attention.

"Oh Gods Xena! I love you!" she exclaims, which sends me to cloud nine. She grinds her hips into my ministrations until we are moving in tandem with each other. My fingers are inside her and my hips are grinding into her well muscled thigh. I stroke both areas simultaneously as my mouth waters for her breasts. I lower my head and take the flesh of her cleavage into my mouth. I suckle the mounds of flesh as I pump slow, and then eventually fast, to meet her grinding. I can feel her walls trembling the faster I stroke. Her face flushes and her eyes shut tightly, taking in the sensations.

I find it is wet enough and she is aroused enough for a second finger, so I softly add a second. She bucks to engulf it. She pants softly which gives way to beautiful moans. Each moan and pant growing higher in pitch. I know she is close, so I go faster and deeper. She cries out in relief and groans deeply as I feel her walls clench around my slick fingers deeply embedded in her.

I leave it there and hold still as I spread my fingers fighting against her clenching walls. She exhales loudly riding the waves. She groans out a long final sigh of satisfaction. I know what she feels like, as I myself feel my eyesight fuzzy and lightheaded at her pleasure. My own release was wonderful, but seeing her in the grips of her own orgasm is thousands more satisfying. I slowly pull my fingers out of her and she shudders in surprise as I put the fingers into my mouth and suck her juices off my fingers. A tangy citrus taste invades my taste buds.

"You been eating oranges?" I ask teasingly. She doesn't answer me as she leans boneless against the tree catching her breath.

"Gods Xena." she sighs, letting out a held breath noisily.

I drop to a knee and push aside her panties again, licking up any juices that mat her downy pubic hair.

"Did you enjoy it?" I ask coyly. She rolls her eyes. She finds her energy again and she grabs me by the tattered garments. Dragging me up from my kneeling position, she pushes me against the tree.

"My Turn!" she says, as she mirrors my actions.

"Only if you let me finish what I started." I purr, gazing at the apex between her legs. She gives me a sultry look and tells me that she'd let me get to it eventually, but right now she is on a mission.

I find that her mission leaves me gasping for water and mercy into the soft pale moonlight. The woman is insatiable! I don't know if it is her youthful exuberance or sexual appetite, but she left me quaking in over-stimulation, and a deep satisfying sleep afterwards. It is the first time, but I guarantee that it will not be the last. Not if I can help it.

There you have the a recount of how Gabrielle and I became lovers. A delightful process that I wouldn't trade for an eternity in the Elysian fields. This whole story and documentation is a labor of love to the dear woman of my heart who always nags me to write down something that makes me happy. Happy Anniversary Gabrielle! From the bottom of my heart. I know you'll kill me for writing this all down, but I'm sure you'll forgive me or find an alternate means of torture that will leave me shaking in fear or weakness. The truth is, I wouldn't have it any other way.


Xena xoxo


**Author's Note: If you read it, it's your very own fault XD. I claim amnesia for having written such a thing, I don't know what came over me. ^_^**