Author's Note: Hey lovelies! This idea has been floating around in my head for a few months now, and I finally got the inspiration to try and write it down. Hope you enjoy it! This is rated 'M' for a reason.



Chapter One:

My heart raced and my pulse skyrocketed as I felt his lips burn a wet trail along my neck. His fingers danced across my body creating fire wherever he touched. I love the way he makes me burn for him.

I elicited a low moan. His eyes twinkled with mischief coated in a thick sheet of lust. I couldn't look away from him. I didn't want to. He's the only one who has ever been able to make me feel like this.

Everything with him holds a new-found intimacy. His hands gripped my hips and he gently rocked himself against me. I gyrated my hips against him. He let out a low growl and nipped my neck.

I whimpered. I turned my face in search of his lips. I gasped as his thumb brushed over my chest. He seemed to realize what I was trying to do; he caught my bottom lip between his teeth and gave a gentle tug.

I pressed my open mouth against his, getting lost in the wet heat of his mouth. His tongue thrust against mine. His fingers moved closer and closer to my heated core as our tongues danced. We kept moving against each other in an increasingly frantic rhythm.

He slipped a few fingers inside of me. I let out a sultry moan against his mouth. He kept teasing me with his wicked touch. He pulled his face from mine, barely giving me space to breath. His breath danced across my face. I flushed with the heat of his breath.

We locked eyes as he thrust into me. I let out a stream of incoherent noises.

I heard loud footsteps and pounding. Where is the sound coming from?

I opened my eyes, confused. I tried to control my breathing as I looked for the source of the noise. Someone's banging on my door. My door creaked open. I blinked furiously to see who opened it.

Damon stepped inside.

"I heard moaning; are you alright?" Damon asked me.

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