Extra: Confessions

It's been a week since Echizen had returned, a week since he moved into Fuji's house and a week since they've officially started they're relationship. All of that, though, was between the two of them.

It was quite a surprise for Eiji to see the raven-haired man open the door for him the day after his supposed arrival, for he did not really think that the other will return, shirtless and with messy tresses.

They blinked at each other for a while then, Eiji, not being able to recover quick enough from the shock, and Echizen, not expecting to meet the red head so soon after his arrival. He was expecting a disastrous welcome from the usually hyper-active red headed male, consisting of bear hugs and loud shouts and laughter. But he smirked when he saw that it wouldn't happen with him towering over Eiji by a few inches.

Fuji came out then, squeezing himself between Echizen and the doorway. His hair was much decent-looking than Echizen's but still a bit messy and his smiles were much brighter.

Eiji grew suspicious of their behaviour that morning, especially when their cheeks would turn pink every time they so much as enter each other's line of vision. And though it piqued his curiosity, he decided not to interrogate them about it for he didn't want to get any scarring information from the two.

Eiji visited them again a few times after, finding himself being in the same, slightly awkward situation from that first day.

The red head couldn't help but feel so out of place and slightly annoyed at the displays of affection, wishing that he could also be the same with the one he likes. And despite trying to leave countless times to save himself from the torture and to give the happy couple the much needed privacy, Fuji would ask him, innocently, to stay – much to Echizen's obvious dismay.

He cleared his throat for the sixteenth time that morning, hoping to get the attention of the couple who were cooking and feeding each other in the kitchen.

"Fujiko, how dare you invite me over and ignore me? Hurry up and feed me so I can go back to the shop," he said, using the best annoyed voice he could muster.

Fuji turned around with bowls of rice in each hand, his smile so innocently wide. Echizen followed behind him with a plate filled with eggs and bacon.

"Being all lovey-dovey when you know what kind of situation I'm in," he pouted, placing his arms on the table and resting his head on them.

"Well, if you'd just go and tell him, then you probably wouldn't feel so awkward like this," Fuji frowned at him, tapping Eiji's arms to make him get them off the table and sit up straight.

"It's not really that easy telling one of your closest friends for more than ten years that you like them without feeling like you'll be rejected!" Eiji answered, throwing his hands to the side.

Echizen looked at him, quite confused. "I thought you guys were already together before I left," the raven haired man said, looking at Eiji before putting a piece of bacon in his mouth.

Eiji looked at his favourite underclassman. Shock and disbelief masked his features. He opened his mouth, intending to speak, but couldn't find the right words to use.

"It's obvious who you like Eiji-sempai," the aforementioned red head nearly choked on his food. "I mean, who else do you cling to and disturb twenty four – seven? I wouldn't be surprised if he knew already."

Eiji twitched, taken back by the statement. "Oishi doesn't say anything, though," he lowered his chopsticks and his bowl of rice on the table.

"Then he might be content with the way things are," Fuji nudged him on the ribs and the youngest of them all glared at the older man. "Or maybe, he's as clueless as you say."

"Just eat, Ryoma," Fuji said, a dangerous edge to his voice and Echizen grumbled but did as he was told.

"I'm sure he'll accept you, Eiji," Echizen mumbled something unintelligible = and Fuji nudged his ribs again. "He likes you too, you know. I mean, we've know him for more than ten years now and he hasn't been with a girl once."

"You can't take him away from his job though. And I've been taking up all the spare time he gets," Eiji answered, still staring at his food.

"And? Is he complaining?" Fuji urged him to answer, all too happy by the role he's playing. Or the role that he thinks he's playing.

Eiji looked at Fuji, whose smile became wider and whose mood was eerily happy, and sighed in defeat. "Fine. But what do I do?"

"Confess," Echizen interrupted, standing up with his rice bowl and chopsticks in hand. Fuji could only let out an exasperated sigh.

"Ignore him," Fuji said after shaking his head and to which the younger man answered," I'm going upstairs to sleep."

Fuji rolled his eyes and shook his head once more. He placed his arms down on the table, pushing aside the dishes in front of him. His smile was eerily wide and it made Eiji wonder why they were friends in the first place.

Fuji leaned in. 'Well, why don't' you try this?"

=== XD ===

Eiji snuck into the kindergarten once the students started to pile out to wait for their parents followed by two or three teachers.

The red head had hoped that no one but the kids would notice him only to stop in his tracks on the way to a specific classroom when a familiar voice called him.

"Eiji! You're here early," Oishi said, walking closer to him. "I have to wait until all the kids are gone. Wait for me in the classroom okay?"

Eiji only nodded in reply, watching the other wave at him once and walk towards the door. He proceeded to walk to the specified classroom, K-1, passing by other teachers that he knew from coming over too many times.

He peaked into the room, checking if there were any more people and there weren't any, save for a few kids hurriedly packing up their stuff and another teacher leading them where to go.

Eiji waved at the kids, making his way to a desk – which he knew was Oishi's – at the front right corner of the room. He proceeded to open the first drawer to the right of the desk, finding the colourful chalk that he needed.

He took out three pieces of chalk –red, yellow and orange- and started drawing on the black board, drawing flowers and hearts at one corner and then moving upwards to the top corner. His hand slipped, trying to reach the very top of the board, and smudged the design.

Eiji frowned, placing the pieces of chalk on the desk messily, and grabbed the eraser. He started erasing the corner viciously, as if wanting even the board to disappear, when there was a 'click' from the doorway and a very audible gasp.

The red head slowly turned around and faced Oishi, whose eyes were wide in shock and his hand still on the doorknob.

Oishi let the door close behind him and started walking towards the board. "Who did this?"

Unconsciously, Eiji started shaking his head.

"The board has to be clean before we leave. It's such a waste to erase. It's a pretty design," Oishi grabbed another eraser and started erasing at the bottom corner of the board.

Once they were done, Oishi put the three pieces of coloured chalk back into their box while Eiji went to tidy the chairs, the few that were a little out of place, and stood by the door to wait.

He watched Oishi prepare, taking necessary bits of paperwork and placing it in his bag and at the same time checking if he had everything that he needed. Eiji couldn't help but chuckle when Oishi slung his back pack over his shoulder only to have his things fall out because the zipper wasn't closed, to which Oishi also answered with his own laughter.

Once Oishi turned to pick up his things again, the black-haired man insisted that he could take care of it by himself. Eiji was left again to his musings. He frowned, finding his first attempt in confessing to be a failure didn't do well to his confidence.

He ran through a list in his head, recalling some of Fuji's 'sweeter' suggestions. Most of them were extreme – consisting of stripping pieces of clothing, leather, ropes and threat letters – and it unnerved him, not to mention scare him.

Oishi jogged towards him, smiling and breaking his trance. "Thanks for waiting," Oishi said, continuing to ask what the red head wanted for dinner.

Eiji only shrugged his shoulders. On the way out, his eyes drifted into the classroom once more before they left, spotting small bits of yellow paper stuck on a small board beside the door.

'Love letters are getting old. How 'bout confessing via sticky notes?' he heard Fuji say in his head and smiled inwardly. 'Maybe asking Fuji for advice was a good idea after all.'

=== H.H ===

They arrived at their shared apartment – shared because they initially thought that it would be convenient and then felt comfortable enough and had no more time to look for one for each of them. 'It's cheaper this way,' they both thought.

Oishi went straight to the couch in their living room after dropping his bag in his room.

Their apartment was small or big enough for the two of them. The small living room, enough size for a small couch, a small TV set and a bookshelf on the side, connected to the dining room and kitchen. The doors to the two bedrooms were located at the far end of the living room and a door to the bathroom in between. And though Eiji was doing great managing his small pet shop business, he wouldn't exchange this home for anything else.

Eiji came out of his room, skipping along the way, and stopped by the kitchen to get a glass of water before sitting on the couch beside Oishi.

Oishi moved, finding a much more comfortable position, and stretched, placing his arm around Eiji's shoulders and resting it on the couch. After flipping through various channels, he stopped, settling for a variety show and placing the remote beside him, before sinking further into the couch.

"Can I have some of that? My throat's kind of itchy," Oishi suddenly said, eyeing the red head's glass of water.

"No!" Eiji inched away from the other playfully. "Get your own!" He moved to the far end of the couch with his back against the couch's arm and held the glass far away from the older man. But Oishi moved, placing his hand beside Eiji's leg and reached over, looming over the red head.

Their faces were so close that he could feel Oishi's breathe on his face, that he was certain that Oishi could hear the hammering of his heart against his ribcage. And when the other looked into his eyes, he almost dropped the glass onto the carpeted floor.

"Got it," Oishi said, plucking the glass from the red head's fingers and sat back up, looking back at the TV and taking a sip of the water like it was him who took it from the kitchen.

Eiji brought his knees to his chest, trying to maybe feel if his cheeks were turning red and trying to cover them as well. Oishi raised an eyebrow at him, bringing the now empty glass away from his lips and giving him an innocent smile.

The red head looked away, hands still on his cheeks, before sitting up abruptly and shocking the other man.

"Do you know where the sticky notes are?"

"Yeah, it's somewhere by the TV," Oishi answered, placing the glass on a side table by the couch and blinking at his friend. He watched, confused, as Eiji threw himself at the TV in search of the sticky notes and bolted to his room once he had found them.

The older man sat dumbfounded, debating with himself whether he should follow the red head now or if he should wait before doing so. He decided against the whole idea.

=== {0}-{0} ===

Eiji came out again before dinner, helping set the dining table and helping with cleaning the dishes once it was over.

"I'll take care of the rest," Oishi said once the dishes were dried. All he had to do was to put them back in their respective cabinets and cupboards.

The red head nodded in response. He walked to his room, grabbing the sticky notes from his desk, and went back out, pausing in front of door opposite his.

He took stealthy glances towards the kitchen while sticking the notes on the door, hoping that Oishi wouldn't catch him in action. He wasn't ready yet.

"Hey," came the voice from beside him. Oh, how he dreaded this moment. Eiji turned towards Oishi but refused to meet his eye. "What are you doing?"

Oishi walked closer towards him and he unconsciously stepped aside, allowing the black haired man more access to his supposed confession.

The older man took a sticky note from the door and read the contents out loud. "I less than three you," he paused and looked at Eiji, whose heart was beating faster and harder against his chest, before scrunching his nose. "You know math isn't my specialty. And even if it was, I'd probably would have forgotten about all of it anyway," he stuck the note on Eiji's forehead and gave it a slight flick. "I'm going to take a shower now so, I'll see you later," the door was closed in front of his face and Eiji's eyes were left wide open, his mouth hanging from disbelief.

Oishi wasn't that dense before, was he?

=== [0.o] ===

Eiji woke up earlier the next day, hurrying to the closest 24 hour convenience store and bought a pack of balloons and asking the cashier to put air in all twenty-five pieces in the pack.

He went straight to the kindergarten, happy to find children starting to pile into the small school. He kept glancing at the clock, hurriedly passing out balloons to the kids and telling them to give it to their black haired male teacher once he had arrived. He pleaded the other teachers to keep it a secret that he brought in the balloons or that he was even there. Though when asked for a reason, the red head only replied that it was a celebration and for what he did not say before hurrying to the back door to hide momentarily, knowing that Oishi would arrive soon.

Instead of going back inside, Eiji went to the side of the building, intending to watch from the window – even though there's a higher chance to be seen than to go back inside and look through the small window on the door– to have a better view. It was supposed to be a surprise after all.

The red head peaked in, finding all the kids clapping at his friend, who now has all twenty-five balloons in his hand and a smile on his face.

His brows are a bit higher than normal, Eiji thought and shrugged it off. Maybe he really is shocked, he added, cheering in his mind for a job well done.

A female teacher, also assigned to the class, approached Oishi. A smile graced her features and her hands clasped together in front of her chest, her shoulder length, straight black hair swaying as she moved. She stood by Oishi, doing nothing but watching as the kids suddenly sang 'Happy Birthday' to her fellow teacher.

Suddenly moved by emotion, one of the kids ran up to Oishi and stretched his arms to ask for a hug.

Oishi smiled, handing the balloons to the other teacher and picking the small boy up, holding him in his arms.

Eiji gasped from his spot by the window and his heart sank as Oishi sent smiles to his colleague and to the boy in his arms. He started walking away blankly. The image was burned in his mind.

Oishi had looked so happy, like he had gotten everything he wanted and Eiji couldn't help but wonder seriously for the first time if he had been getting in the way of his friend's real happiness. But a part of him, albeit a really tiny bit, told him that it didn't matter what Oishi really wanted and that his happiness was first priority. He quickly pushed that thought away and went to his pet shop.

=== (TT^TT) ===

Oishi fetched Eiji from his shop, something he had always done. Once he entered the shop, a chime sounded and he chuckled, finding Eiji staring blankly at nothing in particular while sitting behind the counter, not noticing his presence.

The animals greeted the back haired man warmly and it was then that Eiji came out of his daze, nearly falling off of the stool that he was sitting on.

He gave the younger man a smile when the other came grinning in front of him after saying good bye to the animals there. Oishi couldn't help but pat the other's head, confused when he thought he saw Eiji frown for a bit.

He led Eiji to his car without a word. He turned the key and started the engine, swerving into the road after making sure that Eiji was buckled up and hoped that the red head wouldn't sense that they weren't exactly going in the direction of their home. And the other didn't or, if he did, then he didn't let it show and he didn't say anything.

When they had arrived, however, EIji's eyes widened and stared at him in shock. Oishi chuckled at the sight.

He got out of the car and went over to Eiji's side, opening the door for the other man and offering a hand to help him out of the car. They walked out of the parking lot together, hand in hand, and Eiji wished he could just dig a hole in the ground and hide there or maybe for that moment to last forever.

The red headed man couldn't believe it. It had been so long since he had been there with Oishi, both were either so tired from work or they just didn't feel like going out.

"Find a table. I'll go order," Oishi said, turning Eiji to where he saw an empty table by the window and pushed him further into the restaurant in that direction.

Eiji sat down, staring at the seemingly long line by the cashier, waiting for Oishi like he was told to and smiled – quite grateful for the surprise.

The black haired man came back with a tray, filled with a pair of cheeseburgers, medium sized fries and medium sized cups of Pepsi.

"You're okay with these, right?" Oishi asked as he sat himself down, not really needing an answer. "These were what you usually got."

Eiji giggled, taking a fry into his mouth. "Why the sudden urge to eat out?"

"Well, we haven't eaten out together for a while. Besides, fast food is okay once in a while too," Oishi answered before leaning into the table. "I'm just too lazy to cook today."

The rest of the dinner was quiet, except for occasional talks about how their day at work went and reminiscing about the past.

They went home right after and everything went silent again.

Eiji proceeded to washing their lunch containers, not quite smiling but content with the surprise dinner. Once he started the lunch containers, Oishi decided to enter the kitchen.

The black haired man moved to get a glass of milk from the fridge. He eyed Eiji in the corner of his eyes, sipped from the glass, and wondered if he should ask.

He placed the glass on the counter top behind him and moved closer to the red head.

"Is there something bothering you?" he asked, leaning over to see Eiji's face.

The red head stiffened at the question and he had to look away.

"Do you want to talk about it?" the other added.

Eiji sighed, placing down the lunch container that he was drying and the towel that he was using to dry it. He debated within himself he should face Oishi while talking, or even tell him about what had been bothering him for more than ten years. He faced Oishi in the end, mustering up all the strength that he had to keep himself from breaking down.

"I'm thinking of moving to an apartment of my own."

Oishi's eyes widened, surprised. "Wh- Why all of a sudden?" his voice sounded confused, laced with a tiny bit of hurt. Eiji wouldn't let this get his hopes up.

"I don't know. I just feel like we could both use some more space. I could expand my pet shop business a little bit more and then you could finally go date someone without me in the way and bring the girl home," he answered, staring at nothing but the sink.

"Wait, wait, wait. What do you mean go date someone?"

An awkward silence filled the room, something that had not happened in a long time, as they looked at each other in confusion.

"W-well," Eiji started. "Don't you want to date girls? Get married? Start a family?"

"Date girls? You mean we aren't dating?"

Eiji's eyes widened and he looked around him, as if there would be other people listening into the conversation, before shaking his head from side to side.

Oishi sighed, shoulders noticeably drooping, and leaned on the counter top. "Then what have been doing for the last ten years?"

Eiji didn't dare answer.

"Aren't we dating already?" Oishi asked, little harsher than intended.

The red head looked away again; hurt and fear mixed with his own confusion starting to show on his features, and a pang of guilt hit Oishi immediately.

"I'm sorry," he straightened up, bringing up his hands to place them on Eiji's arms but ended up scratching his head with his right and supporting himself against the counter with his left.

"It's just that... we didn't really... no one actually... I mean..." another sigh. "I'm sorry. I guess I just misunderstood everything."

Eiji tilted his head to the side.

"That time, being number one together, being partners forever... I guess it all went to my brain. I was basking in my own happiness," it was his turn to look away. "You know what, it's fine. It's just ten yea – "

He tried to get things back to normal before Eiji would start to hate him even more when a pair of soft plump lips crashed against his, awkwardly moulding the two pairs together because of lack of experience. And when he had just recovered his strength and sanity to kiss back, Eiji pulled back with a sly grin on his face, his hands slowly letting go of their grip on the other's collar.

"You should've done something about it," he turned and walked away, hurrying towards his room to prevent himself from hyperventilating in front his black haired friend or maybe lover.

Finally, the both thought once they were both under their respective covers, releasing a huge sigh of relief and tried to go to sleep in the midst of embarrassing thoughts and broken fits of giggles that they tried to conceal under their covers.

=== PoP ===

The next morning, Eiji was delighted to find a yellow note stuck to his door.

'I less than three you two,' was written on its surface, fully in words, and he couldn't help but smile only to smile even wider when he found Oishi turn around the corner to surprise him only to be surprised himself and nearly pouring the mugs of hot chocolate that he was holding over the both of them.

Yep. Everything is perfect.


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