Today, my family and I put up our Christmas tree and dear Jesus, if I didn't come up with a million ideas for stories. So, since I had a poll up forever ago and had everyone vote on a pairing they wanted to read, I decided I would put that poll to use and actually write that Kogan fic everyone wanted. Of course, this is only rated M right now for language, I'm going to make this a two-shot and the next part will be full of all the filthy stuff you're here to read. I really hope you guys like this, because I was so happy when I found inspiration for it. Enjoy!

"Ugh," Kendall groaned, throwing himself down on the couch as his boyfriend pulled a rather large, rectangular box through the door of apartment 2J. Logan huffed, setting the box down in the middle of the room and looking over at Kendall. "Are you going to help me with this at all?" he asked, placing his hands on his hips. The blonde raised an eyebrow, crossing his arms over his chest. "I already told you, baby. It's too early to put up a Christmas tree. Just wait another few weeks," came his reply, and Logan was not happy. He rolled his eyes and sat down on the floor, carefully opening the box and pulling out instructions. "If you won't help me do it, I'll put it together myself," the shorter boy retaliated, slightly annoyed at how lazy his boyfriend was being. He was all-too-eager to get the Christmas tree up and get it decorated. He was definitely feeling that Christmas spirit, and it put him off to find Kendall less than enthused.

Logan quickly glanced through the instructions, deciding that he was smart enough to put a fake tree together, and so he tossed them aside. His fingers slid through the box and his face scrunched up when he felt the fake fibers prick his skin. He ignored it, looking over at Kendall once more before rolling his eyes and pulling out various limbs for the tree. Kendall was content just sitting there and watching the boy make faces and sigh. "I'm guessing this is the stand, so this has to be put together first," Logan announced, pulling a long, brown rod and a circular floor-piece out of the box. He examined it carefully before putting the floor-piece down and hooking the rod up to it. He smiled, picking up a limb and glancing at the end of it; color coded. This was going to be so easy.

"See? I don't need your help, Kendall. I can do this by myself. I'm so independent," Logan boasted, finding all of the limbs with pink on the very tips of them. He quickly hooked them into their place around the rod, stepping back to look at the base of the tree. Kendall rolled his eyes and laughed. "Okay, Logan. We'll see how long that lasts," the boy replied, settling into the cushion on the couch. The brunette shook the comment off, now searching the floor for limbs with dark blue tips. He put them in their place, and then did the same with the orange, green, and red limbs. Before long, Logan realized that this tree was much taller than he was and although he was set on being independent, he decided that he would need Kendall's help eventually. But, until it came to that, he was intent on putting as many limbs on the tree as he could. When he finally came to a point that he couldn't reach anymore, he slowly turned around and looked at Kendall who was smirking like it was all he knew how to do.

Logan ran his fingers through his short brown locks, rocking back and forth on his heels. "Babe, can you please come help me? I can't reach any higher to finish the tree," he said, letting his hand fall back to his side. The blonde on the couch just kept smirking, his arms still folded across his chest. "What happened to 'I'm so independent', hm? I thought you wouldn't need my help?" he said, the shit-eating grin never leaving his face. His boyfriend sighed, frustrated. "Okay, Kendall. Will you stop being a dick and just help me?" The sudden change in Logan's language got Kendall off the couch rather quickly. He swiftly moved to the middle of the room, standing next to the boy. "Calm down, I'm just messing with you," he said, holding out a hand and waiting for Logan to start giving him some of the tree limbs. "You've been lazy all day, and I just really want the tree up. I wanted you to help me, and I wanted this to be an 'us' thing," Logan confessed, handing the taller boy a few limbs for the next part of the tree.

Feeling all of his cockiness leave him, Kendall offered Logan a soft smile, reaching up and placing the limbs in their places. "Well, hey. I'm up now, alright? Let's get this tree put together," he gave in, placing a kiss to Logan's forehead. The brunette's frown quickly faded, being replaced by that adorable, crooked smile and his earlier eagerness came back. He bent down and gathered up the remaining limbs, handing them one by one to Kendall, and humming Christmas songs. When all of the limbs were on the tree, the boys stepped back, looking at the plain fibers. It was definitely one of the most boring trees either of them had seen, and if anyone else would have been in the apartment, they probably would have been talking about how ugly it was. Either that, or James would have flipped shit and made his own decorations for it. Luckily, Logan had bought some ornaments when he picked up the tree, being sure to grab lights as well.

"You're something else, you know that?" Kendall laughed, watching Logan tear the box of Christmas lights open and begin pulling them out. The brunette flashed him a smile, untangling the lights and handing one end to Kendall. The two slowly managed to get the lights around the tree, Kendall, of course, dangling them around the top where Logan couldn't reach. About to explode with excitement, Logan took the ornaments he bought out of their box as well, handing them to Kendall, along with tiny wire ornament hangers. The blonde chuckled before he started hooking the ornaments onto the thin wire. He handed them off to Logan who dashed all around the tree, hanging his blue and green ornaments in various spots. The brunette scrunched his nose and stood on the tips of his toes, reaching up to hang a few up high. "I got it," Kendall said, taking a tiny glass ball from Logan's hand and placing it carefully on the tree. He and Logan stepped back, Kendall taking a quick moment to plug the lights into the wall. He moved back to Logan's side, taking his hand in his own and pulling him close.

Logan sighed, content, the white lights on the tree making the glass ornaments glow. Kendall kissed his hair, looking at the tree as well. "It looks great, baby," he said, pulling Logan over to the couch where he sat down, the smaller boy falling into his lap. The brunette simply nodded, kissing Kendall's cheek and wrapping his arms around his neck. "I'm glad you stopped being lazy," he laughed, nudging the blonde's nose with his own. The boy rolled his eyes and placed a kiss to his lips, wrapping him up in his arms. "Next time, you're getting a real tree. That way I can be lazy and just sit back and watch you." Logan gently punched Kendall's chest before laughing it off, the two falling into a comfortable silence, eager to see where the rest of the night led them.

This was short, I know. Trust me, there will be tons of action in the next part, because I know that's what everyone wants to read. I really hope you guys like this. Let me know if you do, because seriously. The reviews keep me motivated! Thanks for reading!