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It had been a few days since Logan and Kendall had put up the Christmas tree, and everyone was finally starting to get that Christmas rush. Carlos and James had decorated stockings to hang (even though they didn't have a fireplace) and Mrs. Knight and Katie had bought more lights to string around the apartment. Wrapped gifts had started appearing under the tree, each box carefully labeled with a name and dressed up with a bow. Sure, Christmas wasn't for another few weeks, but that didn't hinder the cheerfulness everyone in 2J shared.

After spending almost an entire day running Christmas songs for an EP Griffin had demanded Gustavo to record, the boys of Big Time Rush were more than happy to be home and away from the yelling man. James was under the tree looking through the presents to see which ones were his, while Carlos was in the kitchen looking for hot chocolate. It wasn't exactly that cold yet, but for some reason, Carlos just had to have some hot chocolate. Kendall and Logan were on the couch, Logan reading a book and Kendall just sitting back and watching James shift through gifts. James grinned, picking up a box and looking it over. "Hm.. I wonder what this is..." He shook it, and Logan looked up from his book. "James, seriously? Just wait. Trust me, you'll never guess what's inside of it," he said, inching closer to Kendall on the couch. James pouted, putting the box back under the tree, reaching for another and shaking it as well.

"That one's from me," Carlos said, walking slowly back into the living room to join his friends, being careful not to spill his hot chocolate. James examined the box as he did the other one, but he didn't shake this one. He just smiled at the Latino and sat it back down. "That hot chocolate smells good," Kendall said, sniffing deeply to take in the warm, chocolately aroma. Logan smiled over at him, closing his book. "Want some?" he offered, standing and heading towards the kitchen. "Please?" Kendall responded, James throwing in a quick 'me, too' before he started going through presents again. Logan laughed, opening the refrigerator and grabbing the gallon of milk and then taking three packets of the chocolate mix from the box Carlos had left out. He rummaged through the cabinets, pulling down three microwaveable cups and setting them out. He poured just enough milk into all of them before he opened up the microwave and put the cups in, setting the timer and then walking back to put the milk in the refrigerator.

While he waited for the timer to go off, he looked back in the living room at his two best friends and his boyfriend. He smiled, watching Carlos start looking through presents while James secretly took sips of the boys chocolate drink. Kendall was laughing at him and Logan sighed. He had a life people would kill to have; fame, love, happiness. This was all he could ever have wanted. The timer shook him from his moment and he quickly moved back over to the microwave, taking out the cups and setting them back down on the counter. He opened up the packets of chocolate powder and he could immediately smell the cocoa. He hummed in appreciation, pouring the powder into each of the cups. He took a few moments to mix each one until the drink was smooth and creamy and then he tossed the spoon he used into the sink. He picked up two of the cups and then looked into the living room. "Babe, wanna come get your's? I don't want to spill it everywhere," he said, watching as Kendall looked over the back of the couch at him.

The blonde smiled and got to his feet, stepping over Carlos who was now on his stomach underneath the took the solitary cup off of the counter and was back at Logan's side in a split second. He placed a soft kiss to his temple and then walked back into the living room, Logan right behind him. The smaller brunette handed a cup to James who almost dropped it in his haste to try it. He took a sip, closing his eyes and licking his lips as he swallowed the warm drink down. "This is better than the one you made," he said, pointing to the Latino boy who was sitting up again. Carlos feigned sadness and took the drink from James, tasting it for himself. He looked as if he were contemplating James' statement before he nodded. "Yep, it sure is. I made mine with water. I didn't feel like taking the milk out," he agreed, handing the drink back to James and crawling back under the tree. Logan scrunched up his nose at the idea of a watery chocolate drink and then snuggled up to Kendall, pulling his feet up on the couch and sipping at his hot chocolate.

Kendall was the first to finish his hot chocolate, gulping it down quickly and sighing as he emptied his cup. He smiled over at Logan and the smaller boy burst into a fit of giggles. Carlos and James looked over at the two and started laughing as well. Of course, the blonde couldn't figure out what was so funny. He stared at the other three as if they had gone crazy. "What?" he asked, looking back to his boyfriend who had almost stopped giggling until he caught sight of Kendall's face again. "You have the best looking hot chocolate moustache I have ever seen," Carlos howled, rolling onto his back and holding his sides. In all reality, it wasn't that funny. The boys were just in such a good mood and it definitely showed. The blonde imagined it for a moment before he too started laughing. Before long, Mrs. Knight had emerged from her room with a scowl. "Seriously? It's almost midnight. You boys had better get to bed," she said, trying to stay calm. All four of them glanced at the clock and then back at Kendall's mother. "Sorry, ma. We're going to bed," Kendall offered, licking the hot chocolate off of his upper lip and getting to his feet. His mother simply gave him a warning look before trudging back into her room.

The boys each took turns rinsing out their cups before they drug off to bed, none of them tired in the least bit. Kendall and Logan said goodnight to James and Carlos, dissappearing into their room and changing into their bed clothes. "I'm not tired," Kendall groaned, crawling into bed beside Logan after turning off the light. Logan sighed, curling up next to the taller boy. "I'm not, either. That chocolate is definitely going to keep me awake," he replied, his fingers absentmindedly tracing circles over Kendall's chest. The two fell silent, eyes wide open and searching the darkness. Logan smiled, scooting closer to Kendall. "I never did thank you for helping me put up that tree," he said, closing his eyes and listening to the boy's heartbeat. Kendall smirked, an idea formulating in his mind.

"You could thank me now, since neither of us are tired," he offered, moving just enough to turn the bedside lamp on and see Logan looking up at him. The smaller boy thought for a moment before returning Kendall's smirk and laying flat on his back, motioning for Kendall to crawl over him. He wrapped his arms around Kendall's neck once the boy was situated comfortably between his legs and pulled him down into a quick kiss. "This will be the early Christmas present that's just a little too much to open infront of everyone," he mumbled with a smile, before pulling Kendall down once more for a kiss that was nothing short of filthy. He nipped at Kendall's bottom lip, the boy parting them so that Logan could explore. Immediately, the brunette was greeted with the taste of chocolate and something that was undoubtedly Kendall. He sighed, tongue grazing over Kendall's teeth before meeting his tongue and circling it with his own. Kendall groaned, the kiss alone causing him to press his hips into Logan's.

They moaned simultaneously as their stiffening members brushed against each other, Logan's fingers tangling into Kendall's blonde locks. When breathing became neccessary, Kendall pulled away just enough to catch his breath. He stared down at Logan and almost moaned at how unrealistically sexy he looked with his dark hair tousled even more than usual and his cheeks tinted pink from lack of oxygen. His dark eyes were half-lidded and his mouth was hanging open. "God, you're gorgeous," Kendall complimented, reaching a hand up to touch the side of Logan's face. The boy's cheeks colored even more and he smiled, still panting for air. The blonde moved in, again, lips finding the soft skin on Logan's next and sucking hard, bruising the pale flesh. Logan gasped, turning his head to give his boyfriend better access. Nothing compared to this.

Kendall continued his assault, lips trailing down to Logan's shoulders and then his chest. He took a minute to tease the boy's nipples with his tongue and teeth, Logan shuddering underneath him. He smirked, looking up at Logan as he moved lower and lower, stopping once he reached the waistband of his pajama bottoms. Logan opened his eyes and looked down the length of his chest, dark irises meeting emerald ones. He bit his lip and watched as Kendall hooked his fingers underneath the elastic and slid his pajama bottoms down past his thighs, knees, ankles until they hit the floor. Kendall took two of his own fingers into his mouth, sucking and slurping around them as he moved into a more comfortable position between Logan's legs. The brunette groaned, his cock now fully hardened and throbbing. Kendall smiled around his fingers and reached down to stroke Logan. Finally getting the contact he wanted, Logan moaned loudly, head digging into the pillow underneath him. The sight had Kendall moaning around his fingers, his own member aching to be inside the boy.

"Kendall, please," Logan begged, spreading his legs and dying to be touched there. Kendall loved it when Logan begged.. He pulled his fingers out of his mouth and began tracing circles around Logan's entrance, applying slight pressure but not pushing them in. This caused Logan to groan again, pushing down against Kendall's fingers to try and get more. Kendall gave in, slipping his two wet fingers easily past the ring of muscle and sighing in satisfaction at the warmth around his digits. Logan welcomed the digits, relaxing against the bed sheets and opening his eyes to look at Kendall. "Yes, baby. Fuck. Stretch me wide open," he breathed, as Kendall began working his fingers in and out. Kendall loved when Logan begged, but Kendall really loved when Logan cursed. He pulled his fingers almost all the way out, pressing another alongside of them and shoving them mercilessly into the smaller boy. Logan cried out gripping the sheets tightly in his hands and arching his back slightly. Watching Logan was almost enough to make Kendall lose it.

When Logan's hole was beyond protesting the third finger, he reached down and grabbed Kendall's hand, looking him dead in the eye and raising an eyebrow. "I want you. Now," he demanded, voice thick with lust and eagerness. Kendall simply nodded, crawling up so that his cock was looming over Logan's face. "Slick it up, baby," he smirked, taking his cock in his hand and pressing it against the brunette's lips. Logan groaned, opening his mouth and taking Kendall in. The blonde threw his head back, mouth falling open and Logan's skilled tongue went to work, circling the head and then massaging the underside. "Fucking shit," Kendall breathed, gripping Logan's short hair and thrusting himself deeper into the boys mouth. Logan relaxed his throat allowing all of Kendall's cock to slide down, before he hollowed his cheeks and sucked hard. Kendall bit down on his bottom lip, daring to open his eyes and look down at Logan who was staring up at him; cheeks sunken, eyes wide and innocent.

He couldn't take it. Kendall willed himself to pull his cock out of Logan's mouth, the 'pop' sending chills over his body. He settled back between Logan's legs, lining himself up with Logan's waiting hole and smiled before he pushed in. Logan's back came off of the bed, threatening to snap in two, and a moan escaped his this lips. The eager blonde pushed all the way in until his hips met Logan's. He closed his eyes, the tight heat engulfing him completely. "Shit, Kendall. You gotta move," Logan breathed, his voice sounding helpless and impatient. With a quick movement, Kendall had pulled almost completely out, the head of his cock barely inside of the smaller boy. He roughly pushed back in and the force was enough to split Logan in half.

Kendall continued to drive into the smaller boy, his thighs trembling with each vicious thrust. His heart was beating so fast and his cock was flat-out aching. He leaned down to press a kiss to Logan's lips before moving his mouth to Logan's ear. "I've fucked you so many times and you're still so fucking tight," he breathed, pounding into Logan even harder. The brunette whimpered, eyes clenched shut and hands gripping Kendall's hips, fingernails sinking in and tearing into the creamy flesh. Kendall took hold of Logan's shoulders and flipped them so that Logan could sink down onto his cock. The smaller boy gasped and then moaned as he felt the head of Kendall's cock brush against his prostate. He pulled himself up and them slammed back down, his hips aching at the contact they made with Kendall's. He could feel his orgasm pooling at the pit of his stomach as he continued to impale himself on his boyfriend's hard cock.

"Kendall. Ooooh, Kendall. Fuck. You- You've gotta touch me," he whined, steadying himself with his hands on the blonde's chest. Kendall didn't need to be told twice. He reached between them, taking Logan's leaking member into his hand. He began working it, thumb running over the head on every other upstroke. Logan was panting again, soft noises escaping his lips as his orgasm continued to creep up. Kendall was almost there, too. "Come for me, Logie," he mumbled, and his words sent Logan over the edge. He shouted Kendall's name as he spilled all over Kendall's hand and chest, Kendall following suit seconds after filling Logan to the brim with his cum. Logan rolled off of Kendall, covering his eyes with the back of his arm and gasping for air. When the two had finally settled down, Kendall felt around the floor for a dirty shirt, cleaning himself off and then tossing it back down.

Logan sighed happily, his hips still aching and his body sticky with sweat. "That was so good," he whispered, draping an arm over Kendall's waist. The blonde hummed his approval, turning his head to the side to kiss Logan's swollen lips. Kendall managed to get the bed sheets out from under them and the two crawled beneath them, bodies intertwining. It grew quiet in the room and it was then that the two heard Carlos from the other room.

"James, I want that for Christmas".

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