I felt like some things needed to be explained...


Later that night, once Chase had fallen asleep after another hot fuck, House snuck out of bed and made his way to the couch in the living room. Pulling up the cushions, he fished out a bottle and a manila folder.

In the folder was a medical file and a bill from a Spanish teacher at a local high school for a translation fee.

In the bottle were pills that the bottle labeled as a heavy aphrodisiac.

House looked at the items in his hand, and sighed. Then he opened his window and threw them out.

What his wombat didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

Uh-oh... whatever will happen now? Maybe you'll find out in the new drabble-series I've got going, "It's a Wonderful World." Same pairing, but stuff's a bit choppier. The idea was inspired by ShizukaAme's, "The Buddy Collections." It's a series of Hilson with some Hilson/Chase goin' on. It's REALLY good, and what made me wanna do this and IAWW.

Reviews? Yes? No? Kay.

Disclaimer: Chase only ever gets drugged through his own stupidity, so this obviously wasn't real, meaning I do not own House. Besides the DVD's that is.