Hey everyone! I made this account just for rated M fics, mostly one-shots.

This one will have 3 chapters, one for Kendall, James, and Carlos. My inspiration was Big Time Pranks. This is about each boy's trip to Dr. Logan :D hope you like it!


"Kendall, sweetie, maybe you should see a doctor," Mama Knight suggested after his bad cough had interrupted her and Katie's game night for a nineteenth time. Kendall had quit after Candy Land, due to his coughing being too much to handle.

"I'm fine, Mom," he assured her for the eighth time. He really didn't want to go to the doctor's office, especially because Logan was there for that day. And Kendall loved Logan.

Now, you're probably thinking, 'Kendall should be glad that he has an excuse to see Logan, right? Why doesn't he want to see him?' And you're right; Kendall should be glad. But behind his great schemes and fake bravery, deep down, Kendall is a pessimist. He is thinking about all the things that could go wrong.

Lately, his feelings for Logan had grown much stronger. Every touch, smile, whisper, or glance from Logan made Kendall's heart beat unbearably fast. Occasionally, he would even get hard at these things. And he was afraid that it would happen today, and that Logan would notice.

"Honey, you're not fine," Mama Knight said.

"You look terrible," Katie added, "You really should see a doctor. And Logan could even help you. He's your best friend!"

"Just go, Kendall," Mama Knight pleaded, "See what he says. I don't want you getting Katie sick."

"Okay, fine," Kendall agreed reluctantly, crossing his fingers that Logan wouldn't realize that he loved him, and them hate him.

He watched his feet while he headed to the Hollywood doctor's office. His green Vans were old, and had dirt and writing all over them. His favorite part was on the inside of the left one, where Logan had written in his adorably messy handwriting, "I'll miss you." He had written it in tenth grade, when Kendall was going on his school trip to Spain. Logan wasn't going; he took French, and had already gone to Paris. Logan had no idea how much what he had written meant. But being in love with the older boy, it meant alot to Kendall. It showed that Logan cared about him. He had written on Logan's grey Converse, too, but he wasn't brave enough to write "I love you" like he longed too. Instead he had written "Miss you. Take care of Carlos."

But what he hadn't known was that Logan had longed to write "I love you" as well. And he was regretting not writing it a little bit, as he stared at the toe of his clean-besides-one-written-on-spot right shoe, waiting for his next patient. He was surprised, and overjoyed, upon seeing the handsome blonde who he loved walk through the door.

"Kendall!" he said excitedly, "What brings you here?"

"Um, I have a cough," Kendall said nervously, "It was getting bad, so Mom sent me here."

"Great, well, I can make you feel better," Logan assured, being unintentionally flirty.

Whoa, is he flirting with me? Kendall thought. He shook the thought from his brain. I wish!

"Now, is your throat sore?" Logan asked, leading him into a room with a bed, a counter with a sink, and a spinny chair at a desk.

"Yeah," Kendall said, "It hurts alot when I cough."

"Well, I'll give you some cough medicine, then," Logan decided. He opened a cabinet above the sink and retrieved a big bottle of purple syrup. He got a clean spoon, and poured the liquid into it. Kendall slowly swallowed the big spoonful. He made a face. It tasted horrible.

"Need a drink?" Logan offered, grabbing a paper cup and filling it with cold water at the sink.

"Thanks," Kendall said, gulping it down.

"Better?" Logan asked when he had finished it.

"My throat's still sore. And it had a bad aftertaste," Kendall complained.

And this is where Logan decided to take a big risk.

"I'll make it better," he whispered, leaning in and pushing his tongue down, attempting to get it into Kendall's throat. Kendall moaned but immediately pulled away.

"Umm," he stuttered, amazed at what had just happened,"Uh, wh-what.."

"Relax," Logan said nervously, "I was, uh, trying to make your throat feel better.. by uh.. soothing it with, my uh, tongue.."

"Oh, uh, that makes sense," Kendall agreed, "uh, do you, wanna um, try again then?"

"Sure," Logan whispered, once again leaning in and passionately moving his tongue with Kendall's, before pushing it down into Kendall's throat, causing him to moan. And then, Kendall started considering his problem.

He tried to will his hardening bulge to go down, but no such luck. So, he crossed his fingers that Logan wouldn't notice. But Logan did notice it.

"Do you need help with that, too?" Logan whispered huskily, brushing his hand across Kendall's crotch.

"Uh, uh," Kendall started, not knowing what to say.

"Just relax," Logan said, slipping his hand into Kendall's pants to massage his member through his boxers.

Kendall moaned, now glad that Logan had noticed. He could barely believe it; the boy he loved was playing sexy doctor and rubbing his dick! It was a dream come true.

"Do you feel any better?" Logan teased sexily.

All Kendall could do was choke, "More."

Logan stopped.

"What?" he teased, "Didn't hear you."

"More!" Kendall yelled, losing patience.



With that, Logan sank to his knees. Kendall immediately took off his shirt, pulling Logan's off of him as well. Logan began to tease Kendall by sucking on the button of his jeans.

"Hurry up," Kendall whined, deeply hating this feeling of being teased. Logan finally undid the taller boys jeans and tugged them down along with his boxers, exposing Kendall's cock.

Logan's cheeks pinkened at the realization that he was drooling. But how could he not? Kendall's manhood was huge, hard, and dripping with precum. He nervously took it in his hand, pumping slowly. He had never done anything like this before. He had never done anything with a girl or another guy. He had barely even done anything to himself. So, he was really just going by instincts right now.

And apparently it was working; Kendall threw his head back, moaning softly. Logan decided to fake confidence, whispering huskily,

"You like it?"

"Mmmmm" Kendall agreed.

The smart boy sported an adorably naughty smirk as he pumped harder. Kendall shivered in pleasure. This was much better than anything he ever did to himself; that was for damn sure. He basked in this pleasure for a minute before being startled by the feeling of the smaller boy's wet tongue flicking the tip of his member. He looked down to the most heavenly sight he had ever imagined.

Logan engulfed the blonde boy's head. He didn't really know what he was doing, but he liked it. He felt Kendall grasp his soft hair as he took more of the taller boy into his mouth.

Kendall let out a low moan, close to his release. But when Logan realized this, he pulled away.

He may not have had experience, but he knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to fuck Kendall.

Logan stood up, thrusting two fingers into Kendall's mouth.

"Suck" he ordered, "I'm gonna fuck you."

Kendall enthusiastically coated them in saliva, aching to have the older boy inside of him. He was surprised at how dominant Logan was being; he never pictured him to be this way. In his fantasies, he was always the dominant one. But he liked this feeling. He loved the suspense, and he felt like he was giving himself to Logan.

Logan removed his fingers from the blond boy's mouth and trailed them down his back, stopping to press one against his entrance. He pushed in slowly, smiling as he heard Kendall moan, and felt the ring of muscle tighten around his digit. He wiggled it a little bit to allow another finger room to go in. He made small, slow scissoring movements until the taller boy was loose enough for one more finger. Once he slipped the third in, he moved his fingers around until he found Kendall's prostate. He brushed against it a few times, making the other boy shudder in pleasure, before removing his fingers altogether.

Kendall whined at the loss, he love the feeling of being full. But he didn't have to feel empty long; a few moments later the dark-haired boy had his cock pressed against Kendall's entrance. The tall boy winced in pain as Logan slowly pushed in inch by inch. Once he was fully buried into his friend, he waited a minute before Kendall looked at him and nodded. He sucked on the other boy's neck to ease the pain as he slowly and steadily pulled out and pushed back in a few times.

"Faster," Kendall moaned, and Logan obeyed, pulling out and thrusting back in powerfully. He continued this, picking up speed until he found a good, very fast pace that had his and his lover's hearts beating faster than they knew possible. He grabbed Kendall's dick and began pumping it in time with his thrusts.

Soon, enough, these movements made Kendall's eyes glaze over. He could barely control his thoughts, his body was shaking violently and it wasn't long before he came, shooting white liquid all over the clean tile floor, and on the older boy's hand.

Feeling Kendall's walls tighten around him at his release, Logan knew he would come, too, extremely soon. He thrust faster until he could barely keep going, then came in Kendall's body, marking him as his.

The two boys were silent as they rode out their orgasms, panting and sweating. They made their way to the bed, lying down for a minute in each others' arms.

"I love you, Kendall," Logan whispered sincerely.

"I love you, too, Logie."

"Good, 'cause you're all mine."

THE END hope you liked it :D