This work, started many years ago, is a re-telling of Leroux's story using parodies of popular Disney songs. The songs, meant to be sung to various Disney tunes, were written across the years and vary in terms of closeness to their original lyrics and silliness. The work has been rewritten since its first upload, and the chapters are now all in story order, rather than the order in which I wrote them. This means that the newest chapter may be in the middle of the story. Each chapter in this work roughly relates to a chapter in the novel. Some scenes have been excluded due to lack of inspiration or because they just do not lend themselves well to song-and-dance numbers. Additionally, if you are not familiar with POTO and/or various Disney animated films and their songs, this will be significantly less humorous for you than it ought to be, assuming it is humorous at all.

DISCLAIMER: This well-intentioned piece of work is not meant to offend anyone. Although I did steal both the plot of The Phantom of the Opera and the lyrics/construction of several Disney songs, it was only in fun. I don't claim them as mine.

The original two opening songs, after review, were really pretty pointless and lacking. Therefore, I've replaced them with a new song based on "Is it the Ghost?" which came to me while I was contemplating how villain songs are fun to sing because you get to ham it up.

The first scene opens in La Sorelli's dressingroom. As she prepares to give her speech, her room is invaded by members of the corps de ballet, who claim to have seen the Opera Ghost. However, there is general disagreement as to what the Opera Ghost really looks like, and several conflicting tales emerge:

THE OPERA GHOST: (to the tune of "Poor Unfortunate Souls" from The Little Mermaid)


Joseph Buquet is a steady, sober stagehand.
But the other day he gave himself a fright.
He thought he heard a sound,
And when he turned around,
He saw the Opera Ghost - and what a sight!
Like this...


Papin, the fireman, saw something different.
And firemen are brave, or so they say.
But on his last patrol,
To the cellars black as coal,
He saw the Opera Ghost and ran away! (pathetic)


He saw the Opera Ghost!
So thin, so tall!
His eyes were like two gaping holes,
His skin was like a drum,
And his nose? Oh!
None at all!


He saw the Opera Ghost!
So huge, so bright!
With a face of buring fire
Like a disembodied flame,
What a monster!
What a fright!


Well, I've heard the tales you tell,
But my Mama knows him well.
And the Ghost doesn't look like that at all!
Now, I don't want to be mean,
But the Ghost
cannot be seen!
No one saw the Opera Ghost!

Sorelli: Don't be so foolish! No one is going to believe all those stories!
Meg: Well, I'll tell you one thing: no good will come of it!


There are those who claim the Ghost is just a story.
There are those who say they've heard him moan and sigh.
And Gabriel 'bout died when he spotted him beside
The Persian, who has got the evil eye!
And we had gossiped and we'd questioned and we'd wondered
Which of these different stories could be true!
We'd curse and cry and fret
But now it seems we've met
The very figure we'd been longing to!

Yes, now we've seen the Opera Ghost!
To our dismay!
He was standing right before our eyes
As plain as you or me
He is here, and here to stay!
We've seen the Opera Ghost!
At last! Indeed!


I was seized with a new terror that I've never felt before!


If that is the Opera Ghost, then he's as ugly as a boar!


Wait! I thought I heard a noise! He might be right outside the door...!

ALL:We've seen the Opera Ghost!