Author's Note

Hi! This is my one of my first stories, because I'm new here, so please R&R kindly! I don't own Left 4 Dead, but I do own 5 of the characters. 2 of them are actually from another story I'm writing. So, please enjoy, and tell me any fixes I need to do, and how you liked it. Thanks for reading!

I keep running, the black hooded figure chasing me all the way until the end of the dark alley, and still after that. I pant hard, just barely keeping the chase. The hooded figures go faster, and finally one pounces with a cry, and gets me by the leg. I fall hard, arms out in front of me, wild brown hair strewn on the concrete.

"I've got you now!" the hooded man grins evilly from under that dreaded hood of his. I try screaming for help, but I know its useless; once they got you, you're a goner. The one who caught me puts me over his shoulder and the pack and they jump from roof to roof, as terrified tears start creeping into my eyes. We finally reach a dark alley where they puts me down, then back up to make room as more come around. I only slightly know what they are, and the one who caught me, I used to know. His name was Ethan. He was my best friend. I started to have a crush on him, and him on me. But then disease hit the country, turning everyone except a rare few into mindless zombies. Ethan and I hid out in a shelter, until the they found us, and Ethan protected me. But one of them bit him, and he fell to the ground, and as he did, his black hood slipped over his head, becoming part of him, and turning him into the monster he is now.

"Why so scared? I am your best friend after all." he says to me, trying his best to smile, but ending up just looking even more insane and corrupt.

"You're not my friend." I whisper.

"Oh really? Then what about those times in the field? Under the starry sky? Our little moment in 8th grade? Hmmmm?" he asks, tilting his head slightly. That moment he's talking about? Well in 8th grade, our lips sort of met for a moment. But it wasn't with him, no, it was with the real Ethan, my best friend.

"How bout reenacting that scene for my boys here?" he says lifting up my chin with his index and middle fingers. "Hmmmm?"

I try pulling away from him, but he just smiles wider, "Oh come now, yes I'm a zombie, but doesn't change anything, now does it?" grinning ever wider, he pulls me close, and just about sucks my soul out through my mouth.

A loud shriek comes from the rooftop, cutting Ethan short, as everybody looks, another hooded figure pounces down, it looks just like the others, except it has large, laser red eyes, and an almost animated-looking Cheshire cat grin where its face is under its hood. The grin is worked into a growling, dog-like position, and a deep growling comes from it.

"A halfie! Take care of this nuisance!" Ethan snorts. Another shriek alerts us to another one pouncing down, it's a little shorter than the other one, but looks exactly the other one, except it gives off a more feminine aura.

"Another! Kill them both!" Ethan tells the pack. They whole group start growling at Ethan's orders, and the "halfies" show no fear. Then the pack start running toward them, and when they're about a foot away, the two spring into action, and about a minute or two, most of the pack were slammed into a wall, knocked out, and some even dead, and the rest were beat up badly and retreating.

They're good. I think. Ethan, snarling, signals the rest to follow, and jumps onto a rooftop. When we reach up there, the two are unseen, but as soon as Ethan gets up there, he's jumped by the smaller one, who elbows him just below the throat, he falls back, unconscious. The smaller one then disappears. The pack, with its leader now knocked out, they turn to me, I quickly run to the edge of the building, looking down, I look back, and the pack start closing in. With a slight cry, the taller one jumps, landing to the left of me, and sliding back until his shoe touches the edge of the building, so that he's crouching right next to me. He growls slightly as his red eyes scan the pack. As they get closer, his growls grow louder, and he puts a hand forward, mouth in flat line, teeth sharp and moving in rhythm with his growling, and a moan comes from the crowd, Ethan comes out, holding his, moaning slightly. The one next to me glares at him and his growls grow even louder. Then in one quick movement, he turns around, wraps his arm around my waist, and leaps off the side of the building.