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The Lynthian guard brand isn't helping-as much as they think it may-the pain in my right leg won't subside. I wince in pain as I try to stand up from my hammock, and end up slouching back, groaning. Suddenly, I feel something rough and wet against my ankle, and I look down to see Shadow licking the brand. He knows it hurts, and I feel bad-his leg was too skinny, so they did it on his hip-every time he walks now, he limps. I reach down and scratch his head, he looks up at me with big red eyes.

"Master..." he whimpers.

"I know, I know." I reply, still petting him. Then, hearing footsteps, we both look up in time to see Madle and Mel walking toward us. They stop in front of us, and Shadow jumps in next to me, putting his head in my lap for attention. I rub his neck and his ruby red eyes close contently.

"Joeth..." Mel says, concerned.

"What?" I ask her, slightly concerned. No not about them, but what exactly they were going to talk to me about.

Madle sighs. "We know you've been thinking about her again." Her tone is harsh, and I raise an eyebrow to it.

"You've gotten skinnier again,'ve been quite violent..." Mel says quietly, her head low and her yellow eyes looking at me.

My grip tightens on Shadow's neck and he whimpers, but I ignore it. I feel my mood darken to hatred. Who're they to tell me I'm 'violent'?

I feel my nails break skin on the wolf's neck and finally Shadow lets out a large yelp, jumping down from the hammock out of my grasp. I begin to growl at the three as they stand there staring at me in shock. The blood from Shadow's neck drips from my fingers down onto the concrete floor, breaking the silence with its fragile noise.

"I...don't know're talking..about..." I growl through gritted teeth. Mel lets out a breath and steps back in fear. Madle stands her ground and looks at me, her deep green eyes hard.

"Joeth. You're turning again. And this time,-the claws on her left hand grow and sharpen-I'm not afraid to hurt you." Madle tells me, no fear in her eyes or voice. My eyes darken again before going regular again, and I raise my head to see them.

I grunt at them, then stand up and push past towards the restroom.

I splash cold water on my face, then hold onto the sides of the sink, thinking. I watch as the dirt and blood from my face drips into the already blood-covered sink, then slide down the drain. I sigh, looking up at my reflection in the grimy mirror. I look just like any other teenager, except maybe a bit more stressed and tired, and I can't deny that I'm not in any way ugly, except, maybe inside...

"You know, Joeth, maybe you are going crazy..." I snap my eyes up again in time to see my reflection in all its glory-a smirk on its face and blood red eyes aglow- staring right back at me, talking to me.

"What would you know? You're not even real." I counter defensively, my nails digging into the sides of the sink.

"I may not be real," it replies. "but I'm right, you know."

I stand up straight, fists clenching and eyes hard on the mirror. "You're not. I'm perfectly fine." I say that more to convince myself, I'll admit.

"Tsk. Tsk. Joeth. You shouldn't doubt yourself." It's mocking me now.

"I'm not doubting myself! I'm doubting you! And you're not me!" I raise my voice to it, but its tone stays steel sharp and cool.

"Oh but I am, Joeth. And someday soon, you'll be just like me." It grins. I want to make it wipe that smirk of its face, teach it to mess with me.

"Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!" I scream, throwing a tightly clenched fist at the mirror, shattering it and the mocking image of me. Glass surrounds the floor around me, and I back up till my back hits the wall, then slide down it onto the broken glass with a slight crunch. I bring my knees up to my chest, sliding glass with them, and slowly, I put my head in my hands, breathing unsteadily.

I'm going insane.

(Lily's POV)

I lay back on the green silk bedsheets with a sigh. There's nothing to do around here in the castle, and napping wasn't an option as I've realized, after many failed attempts at falling asleep. And since the entire knigdom is stuck in the middle ages, pretty much all electronics aren't allowed. So goodbye cellphone, IPod, computer...

There's a knock at the door, and I don't bother lifting my head up to see who it is.

"Can I come in?" I hear, and the familiar voice makes me lift my head up. The door slowly opens, and a boy's head pops in.

"You ok?" Aaron asks. He's a sweet boy, he brought us all here, and I think he has a thing for Eliza, but either way, he's a friend, and about a year older than all of us.

"Yeah, I'm fine..." I lie, and he can sense it, because he closes the door and kneels down next to the bed, looking at me.

"What's wrong?" he asks me, I don't think he's psychic- he's a Scritch, so he has no powers-but he can always tell when someone's lying.

I sigh. "Can you keep a secret?"

He nods, and it all comes spilling out. Joeth, Madle, the entire zombified world, the clans set up there, its connection to Lynth, everything. And at the end, he stares at me slightly surprised.

"And that's it..." I didn't tell him one part though, but that's not important, and although I feel bad about keeping secrets from Aaron, it was for a good reason.

"Well," he puts a hand behind his head and scratches behind his neck. "that sure sounds tough, but maybe you'll be able to get some sleep now, after getting all that off your chest." I nod.

"I'll see ya round I guess, then." He stand up and heads for the door.

"Hey Aaron?" I stop him halfway out the door. "Thanks." I reply, smiling slightly.

Aaron smiles back. "You're welcome Lily, now have a good nap."

He leaves, and I roll over, falling asleep quickly.

I walk down the hall toward the library, it's the only place I can really read in peace. I keep my head down while I walk, keeping eye contact with the small green ribbons to my flats and the marble beneath them. I don't know many people in this castle, and I'm no good with meeting new people. I know everyone knows me and my sisters, but I just can't keep up.

"Hello there..." I feel myself get pressed against the cold wall, and I look to my attacker, only to find two chocolate brown eyes staring back at me. My heart leaps for a moment, but it sinks just as fast, remembering that it couldn't be him.

"Hi Zak..." I reply, putting a hand to his chest and pushing him off me. He steps back, eyes to the ceiling and hands up like he just got caught by the police or something. I roll my eyes, then start walking again, and he joins me.

"So..." he says, flipping his shoulder length blond hair and putting his arms behind his head. "Didja hear about that new defense thing we got?"

"No." I reply, looking ahead. I'm trying to ignore him, but it's hard to ignore someone as loud as he is.

"Well..." He puts his hands down into his hoodie's pocket and actually looks concerned for once.

Uh oh.

"It...They're...They..." he sighed. "They went over, the Lynthian guards, over to-he swallows-the other world. and they captured them in millions." I look over at Zak finally, to find that his eyes are soft and looking straight ahead.

"All of them. Some of the were killed, but most of them are now being used for a new defense system they have." he continues. "The two they chose as the leaders, they're Hunters. With..."

He swallows again, and there's a hint of something in his eyes-sadness? fear? It's a mix.

" eyes..." he finishes, swallowing again. I can tell now that he's scared. Well I'm not showing it, but I'm scare too.

He turns to me. "Do you think...?" he begins it, but I already know what he's going to ask. It's the obvious question on my mind too.

"I don't know." I tell him. "I mean, it's possible that there's other half bloods out there, isn't it? I mean, it doesn't neccesarily mean that..."

I don't say anymore, but he knows what I'm saying. Zak and I have built a strange relationship- it's a little more than brother-sister, but it can be sometimes like it. I've never thought of him as Joeth's twin brother, they were just too different for me to ever think like that. And I've never thought of Zak as anything more than a friend. But I have noticed that, well, every girl he meets, he does tend to flirt with them, and, erm, he does go a bit more than "further" with some...

A thought flashes my mind, and I shake my head vigorously, hoping to get the image out of my head before I could fully see what it exactly was.

"I gotta go." I tell Zak bluntly, walking away and leaving him standing there, a confused look descending upon his face.

"Well bye..." he puts a hand behind his head, confused, then finally shakes his head, turning and walking back to Ed's room.


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