Author's Note

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Sleeping lazily on a raft in the middle of the ocean. I didn't know where to go after my boat got hijacked, so I built a raft and set sail, not really sure where I was going, but I had to go somewhere. Of course, it's only natural that, about a few miles out, I got really tired from all that rowing and fell asleep. I know that I'd be an easy target for sharks, pirates, and anything else that comes my way, but I don't really care. No one will miss me; I'm sort of an orphan, or you could call it that. My parents left me on a doorstep, but I was rejected. They then left me on another doorstep, I and was accepted by a lonely widow. But when the war went on when I was only 7, and I was hidden, I found an opening in the crawlspace, and escaped, from there on, I managed until now. I'm 18 now, and I'd gotten enough money to buy myself a boat, which now got hijacked. Great. I really don't know what to do now. I had spent all my money on that stupid boat, and I swear if I could kick it right now, I give it such a dent, it would stay in a shop for its whole life. But, I'm such a wimp, I'd be in on the ground, holding my foot. That boat was the only thing I had, except the clothes on my back and the name that the widow gave me; she named me after her dead husband, Dean. I didn't have a name, so I just kept it. I shudder and wake, I sit up, my black hair falling on my brown eyes, I look up and blow it up, only for it to fall back down. Forget it. I think. I yawn and look out at sea. I put my feet over the water, I don't know where I am, but the water is so dark its almost black, and it looks like a storm is going to happen at any time. But I swear I can see dim lights far below the surface, and something drifting in the water. Blood?

"The heck-?" I scoot closer, and am cut off by a bloody, bony, and all- around messed up hand shooting up from the water, and grabbing my ankle. I scream like a girl, and it sharply tugs, pulling me under the murky surface with it. I try grabbing onto the raft, but it tugs harder, pulling me fully under. I try to fight, but its way strong, and I barely get a look at it, but I wish I didn't; its face is deformed, skin misshaped and stretched this way and that. It's horrible, I'm gonna have nightmares for months! It's only about half way down when I'm half unconscious, I see the source of the dim lights. I wonder if its only a hallucination, but I see a city, once beautiful, but now decrepit and fallen, seaweed and other sea life grow over the fallen buildings and broken windows and tunnels. I then only see bubbles as I can't hold my breath anymore, and I only see bubbles, then blackness.

"He's old enough to be a big daddy, but young enough to be a splicer."

"He's a splicer! And that's final."

"He's a big daddy!"

Voices drift into the room as I sleepily wake up, only to find myself strapped to a chair, with bottles of multi-colored liquids labled Adam, and strange-looking robot parts scattered around. Then a blood covered woman and a doctor come barging in.


"Big daddy!"

As they argue, the doctor picks up a bottle and jabs it into my wrist. They ignore my cry, and the woman picks up a huge, strange looking robot head and puts it on my head. It's weird; you can see from the inside, but it doesn't look that way from the outside. As they keep arguing, I break free from the straps on my wrists, tear off the head, and bolt out the door. As soon as I start running, I wonder why everyone's looking at me, and why I feel so cold all of a sudden. I look down to realize I'm only in my dark blue boxers. I start blushing like crazy, and that's when I hear the shouts and running behind me. I steal a glance back, to see the crazy blood covered doctor and woman chasing me down the hospital hallway. After a few moments of furious thinking, I decipher a plan. At the next door, I bolt in, and jump right into a huge tank of water. When the bubbles clear away, the first thing I see is what looks like a robot, which looks a lot like a creation from the parts I saw, except skinnier, probably a girl. I look through the red diving mask light to see a girl, probably around my age, with shoulder length black hair and violet eyes. She looks at me with shock and amazement. I look down at my boxers, which were practically skin tight from the water. I quickly cover them with my hands and smile sheepishly, eyes closed, cheeks practically burning laser red in the water as I slowly float up. When I reach the surface, I take a gasp of air, jump out, and am surrounded by more doctors and a whole bunch of others. I don't even notice the quiet footsteps behind me, until I'm hit over the head with a wrench. I drop to the floor, unconscious, and the horde of nightmarish people close in.