Author's Note

Wazup? Yep, okay, New is closing to an end, and I've decided that this is the final chapter. It's gonna be L-O-N-G, or I suspect it to be. I've been debating whether I should write a sequel or not. Please R&R, cause I really don't know if I should. I mean, the ratings have gone from about 200 to just above 10. So, I don't know. But if I don't, please don't be all pissed off at me. Well, I'm going to kind of time myself, okay its 6:20-ish, on a Tuesday. Alright, lets see how fast I can finish this.

Dean: Wait, WHAT?

Me: How the hell did you get in here?

Dean: I have ways...

Me: WTF? Okay, but if you're gonna stay, do the disclaimer.

Dean: *scowl* Fine.

Dean: Ninja Sheep does not own Bioshock, but they do own Violet, Anna, Dean- WTF? You own me?

Me: Hellz yeah I do.

Dean: O.o

Violet: O.o

Anna: O.o

Me: WTF? How did they get in here?

Dean, Violet, Anna: *shrug*

Zombie: BRAINS

Anna: *scream*

Dean: COME 'ERE!

Me: O.o Okay then...

Anyway... Wait, what was I talking about? DAMN IT DEAN!

Dean: What'd I do?

Me: _ _' Everything

Violet: I've never seen Ninja Sheep so mad... It's kinda scary

Dean: Don't worry, I'll protect you

Anna: Oh, get a room you two!

Violet: O.o

Dean: O.o

Eh, oh yeah... Yeah, so I might decide by the end of the story if I want to or not. But, PLEASE R&R. Yep, so enjoy!

Dean: Please R&R! For the sake of all the characters!

Anna: STFU Dean

Dean: O.o

Sirens sound and neon red lights flash as we run. We've just got out of the agency, and from what I've learned, they're gonna blow Rapture to the ground with us in it. I don't know where we're going, but I trust Violet, so I've been following her for the past, well, I think its been about a half hour.

"Dean, hurry the hell up!" Anna yells at me over the noise a little too loud. She's doubled over on my back, hands covering her ears to stop them from exploding her heightened little sister senses.

"Well, you try running with 120 pound armor and a 60 pound little girl on your back!" I shout, sweating like crazy as the lights illuminate the inside of my helmet every few seconds. We run around-more like skid for me- a corner, blow our way through about 20 splicers, then keep running.

"Where...are...we...going?" I pant to Violet, slowing my pace.

"I don't know." she says, failing to keep the tiredness out of her voice. "But we gotta...keep going."

I finally have to stop before I burst a lung, and I wave my hand out. "I can't...way...too...tired." I tell, her, doubling over and panting. She stops too, and looks back at me. But unfortunately, I fail to see her eyes widen as she looks behind me, and I don't hear her mad stuttering, trying to warn me to run.

An arrow pierces my suit on the back of my leg. Crying out, I turn around to see my attacker. Standing in front of me are about 12 spider splicers, all with huge guns pointing at me. I see about 5 red dot sight aim at my head, and despite myself, I wonder where they got it. I then hear a few guns cock, their trigger-happy owners at the ready to blow my frigging brains out the back of my head.

I swallow. "Run." I whimper, my voice oddly high-pitched. As fast as I can, I turn around and start to run, but they're faster. I hear shots behind me, but I feel no bullets.

Then I realize why.

Ropes tighten around my legs and wrists, tripping me. I see Anna go flying forward, and she lands a good 9 feet away. Violet, hearing her land, turns around, looks at me with slight tears, picks up Anna, and looks at me. There are tears falling freely as she looks at me. With that last look, she turns around and starts sprinting, tiredness forgotten.

I watch until I can't see her anymore, and I hear heavy boots walking behind me, coming towards me. The boots come into view.

"Oh Dean. I've heard teens never give up, but I'd never expected that to be true. You have proven me wrong poor Dean the bouncer. So awfully wrong." the same woman's voice from the intercom says softly. I don't bother to look up to try to see her face, because I know that unless she 2 feet tall, I can't see her.

I start to hear something in my helmet, and a moment later, a gas fills my helmet. Coughing, I roll over onto my back, and as the small wonders of the sea go by above the glass tube above me, my breath stops and my eyes close.

Everything's a blur right now, but it fades away, and I find myself staring at a blank white wall, which I find out I find out is the ceiling a moment later.

How the hell did I get here? And where am I? I think, but when the memories start flowing back into my head, I'm distracted by something else, this time something my ears picked up.

A small scampering of feet, it sounds like on metal. But that's not possible. I must be going crazy. Maybe I got hit in the head. Maybe I have Alzheimer's. Maybe I have short term memory loss. Maybe...

As I think of a million things that could have happened, I feel something climb up beside me.

"Hey crap face, this is gonna hurt A LOT." Anna says, jabbing her needle into me. I give a slight cry, but I suddenly feel powerful. Powerful enough to even...

I snap the bars holding me against the table like I used to do with rubber bands-(but I had a lot snap back at me, hitting me mostly, for some odd reason, in the eye)-. I sit up, only for me to realize that, once again, I'm stripped down to my boxers.

"Yeah, pretty boy, you're gonna need some clothes." Anna says, crossing her arms and looking at me strangely.

"Okay then..." I say, standing up and looking around. I'm in a laboratory-no surprise there- and books fill the shelves, and bottles and writing on a small desk give away the fact that they were going to try to splice me. Grimacing, I sit down again as I start to feel dizzy. But once again, I start to feel myself blushing as I realize that Anna's looking at me, biting her lip as she tries not to laugh.

"Oh, here, I found these." she says, throwing a bunch of cloth at me. It hits me dead in the face, and I shudder as soon as it hits me. "But if you don't like them, I sure as hell ain't goin lookin for some new ones, that's up to you."

I ignore her and unfold the cloth to reveal my old clothes from when I first came to this hellhole; a plain black shirt and dark jeans. Although they're blood stained and holey, I find myself smiling as I pull on the clothes.

"Wait, what happened to my suit?" I ask her, looking around confused.

"Why would I, of all people, know?" she asks me, a look on her face that pretty much sums up what she's saying.

I give her a strange look.

"Actually you can ask that doctor right there what happened to it." she says, raising an eyebrow. My head whips around just in time to see a doctor coming through the door behind me.

"What're you doing?" he screeches. I exchange a glance wit Anna, and as she runs to hide behind the table I was strapped to, I turn to the doctor. I'm about as tall as him, but he's even more blood covered, and looks a lot scarier than me and my bedhead black hair, bloody and beat-up clothes. Then, out of instinct, I stick my hand out, meaning to punch him with my drill.

Except my hand is a hand, and not a drill anymore.

Which means my fist connected wit his face.

Which means it hurts.

Like hell.

I turn to Anna, my other hand holding my wrist, slightly doubled over, and my face about to burst from the scream I'm holding in.

"Did you just realize that you're hand isn't a drill anymore?" she asks simply, like talking to a mentally challenge person, and noting the knocked out doctor behind me.

"Mmm hmm!" I whimper loudly, nodding my head vigorously.

"And you punched him with your fist?" she says, nodding very slowly.

"Mmm hmm!"

"And it hurts?"

"Mmm hmm!"

"And you need to scream?"

"Mmm hmm!"

"Do you need me to close the door?"


"Okay." she says, striding over to the open door, then stopping with her hand over the switch.

"Do I need to cover my ears?"


She jams her finger on the control, then slaps her hands over her ears tightly, doubling over slightly in preparation.


Short Author's Note/Intermission

...Yeah, I kinda just blanked out that whole last part...

Dean: Yeah, that was kinda a good idea...

Me: How the #$^% did you get in here?

Dean: *shrug*

Me: *glare*

Dean: O.o

Me: Yeah, you better be scared.

Dean: How do I? You're just a sheep? You're not even a ninja sheep.

Me: Ninja...WELL...

Dean: See? I'm right for once.

Me: Ninja... sheep...

Dean: Ha! I don't even respect you now!

Me: NINJA SHEEP! *transforms*

Dean: O.o oh shi-

Ninja Sheep: *throws ninja stars*

Dean: *is pinned to wall*

Anna: Oh snap!

Ninja Sheep: *moves in for kill*

Boombox Bunny: Ninja Sheep! Stop! *tries to pull Ninja Sheep away, but is failing*

Anna: Who the FUCK is that?

Boombox Bunny: Shit, that's my fault, I forgot to censor that. Hmmmm, brb.

Boombox Bunny: *goes back in time*

Anna: Who the $&%# is that?

Boombox Bunny: I think my work here is done.

Anna: What the-?

Boombox Bunny: *travels back to present*

Boombox Bunny: Wazup?

Everybody: O.o

Anna: How did you-?

Boombox Bunny: I'm cool like that.

Ninja Sheep: Ninja sheep, Ninja Sheep, Ninja Sheep, Ninja Sheep.

Anna: In English please?

Ninja Sheep: Ninja Sheep.

Boombox Bunny: I got this. Ninja Sheep said: Well, we should really get back to the story. Then Ninja Sheep said that Ninja Sheep is speaking English.

Everybody: O.o

Ninja Sheep: Ninja Ninja Sheep!

Boombox Bunny: Ninja Ninja- blah. Stop giving me that look!

Boombox Bunny: Okay, we really should be getting back to the story.

Anna: Ninja Sheep didn't say anything!

Boombox Bunny: Well, I'm not speaking what Ninja Sheep is saying! Just because I'm his sidekick doesn't mean I speak everything he does!

Everybody: O.o

Ninja Sheep: O.o

Ninja Sheep: Ninja Sheep, Ninja Sheep, sheep.

Boombox Bunny: Wait, you're not a-?

Walking through the halls is a pain in the ass. There's so many damn turns and shit that all look the friggin same, we're pretty much lost now.

"I think its over here." Anna says, turning a corner.

"That's what you said last time!" I hiss, irritated.

"Well don't get all bitchy to me!" Anna snaps back, turning around and pointing at me angrily.

"Well, little girl, we've been wandering the same damn halls over and over." I tell her, seething anger.

Anna eyes practically light on fire. "OH, YOU WANNA GO CRAP FACE?" she yells.

"Maybe I do!" I yell back, towering over her.

"Um, guys?" a voice says, Anna and I both turn our heads, ready to rip out whoever's vocal cords that disturbed our rage. But our fires extinguish when we see Violet standing there.

"Uh, oh hey there, Violet." I say, embarrassed, and my hand grabs the back of my neck and just hangs there like it does when I'm nervous.

"Yeah, what's up Violet?" Anna says, doing the same thing. And I swear, we both would have done that little sweat drop if this were a cartoon.

"Well, for one, watching you two fight is actually quite entertaining." she says with a faint smile. "Oh, and Dean, I found a way to get you back to the surface."

"Great!" I exclaim, my smile growing into a huge grin, and clapping my hands together. "Where do we go?"

"Well..." Violet says, looking down and biting her lower lip.

"Uh oh, what?" I ask, my smile dropping like her's.

"Well, its a long way away, almost across Rapture, and its really dangerous." she says sadly, eyes on her shoes.

"That's never stopped us before." I say, and Anna crosses her arms and nods in agreement.

Violet sighs. "Alright, then its settled, we head to the Bathysphere."

Extremely Short Author's Note

Hello there humans!

Aaron: Hale, shut up.

Hale: Angels can say shut up?

Aaron: O.o

Zak: Well, you don't see him falling to hell do you?

Hale: Guess not...

Ninja Sheep: Ninja Sheep Sheep Ninja Ninja Sheep?

Boombox Bunny: Yeah, where the hell did you guys come from?

Zak: Dude, you invited us as guest appearances. Remember?

Boombox Bunny: Make this short guys we need to get back.

Hale: You're not even going to introduce us?

Boombox Bunny: Well, we got fans waiting, so we gotta make it short.

Hale:... O.o Fine...

Zak: Here I'll do it.


Hale: Not that long...

Zak: Okay, okay, oh, and all due's respect goes to the Mermaid Knight Ninja, who helped Ninja Sheep create us. And BY THE WAY to the Mermaid Knight Ninja: *does 'call me sign'* *mouthes "call me"* *winks*

Jared: WAZUP?

Hale: Holy shit! Did Jared just talk?


Aaron: I think so...


Everybody: O.o Its a Dralith.

Boombox Bunny: A what?

Hale: Its a-

Ninja Sheep: Ninja Sheep! *takes microphone from Hale*

Hale: O.o

Ninja Sheep: Ninja Ninja Ninja Sheep.

Boombox Bunny: Back to the story! *wink*

Hale: Eff you Boombox Bunny.

Boombox Bunny: *growl*

Hale: O.o

"What's a Bathy thingy?" I ask as we walk through another glass tunnel.

"A Bathysphere. Pretty much it can bring you down here, it can carry you to different parts of Rapture, and it can shoot you back up to the surface." Violet answers, she's been in Rapture all her life, so she knew pretty much everything about everything.

"Wow. How many can it hold?" I ask, smiling hopefully in my mind.

"Comfortably? About 4. Completely stuffed? About 8." she replies, not even looking at us as she keeps walking slightly ahead of us.

"Cool..." I say, smiling.

"But we gotta keep moving if we're gonna get there before the splicers." she says, picking up her pace.

30 Minutes Later

"My feet huuuuurt..." Anna moans as we keep walking.

"Well, suck it up, we gotta keep going." I tell her.

She scowls. "You're supposed to protect me, Dean! Well, if they saw you now, what would they think? Hmm? What would they think?"

Violet and I both stop, then look back at Anna confusedly.

"Who the hell are you and what have done with Anna?" I ask her.

She looks at me confused. "What the hell you talkin about crap face?"

"You called me Dean before."

"Yeah, that's your name, right? Now pick me up, my feet are hurting like friggin hell."

"Much better." I reply, then pick her up and put her on my head, holding her legs lightly as they dangled on either side of my neck.

"Thank you." she sighes, then falls asleep on my head.

Yet Another Annoying Author's Note/Intermission/Guest Appearence



Milz: Gonna say anything?


Milz: Aileth? Why do you never talk?

Aileth: ...

Dennis: I think he's shy.

Milz: Na, he's like 210.

Dennis: O.o

Milz: Hey, well I'm 20.

Dennis: Well, I'm 6.

Tina: Dennis! Get outta here!

Dennis: Awww...

Boombox Bunny: Oh hey! Whats up Tina! *hugs*

Tina: Hey BB! *hugs back*

Boombox Bunny: BB?

Tina: Boombox Bunny.

Boombox Bunny: *blushes*

Ninja Sheep & Milz: *try to stop themselves, but glance at each other and fall down laughing*

Dennis: *giggles*

Tina: What?

Dennis: BB! That's a girl's name!

Ninja Sheep & Milz: *laugh harder*

Boombox Bunny: *blushes more*

Tina: Uh oh, I gotta go guys. Bye *leaves room*

Milz: Aww, BB's girlfriend left! *falls back down laughing*

Aileth: *glares at Boombox Bunny*

Boombox Bunny: O.o

"Anna wake up, we're almost there." I whisper, shaking her slightly on my head.

"Wha-? " She asks, her eyes droopy.

I grin, she actually looks kind of like a cute, normal little girl right now. "Aww Anna, you look kinda normal right now."

"Don't push it crap face." she says drearily, hopping off and yawning. "Well, where is it?" she asks, hands on hips.

"We're almost there, just be patient." I say, walking forward. Now come on, I say, gently grabbing her hand. She scowls, but doesn't complain. I lead her forward and Violet stays slightly behind.

"Hurry up, Violet!" Anna says, looking back.

"Alright, alright." Violet says, walking up to us.

5 Minutes Later

Explosions everywhere. It happened so fast. One minute we're walking, the next, we're in a war zone. My clothes are burnt and covered in new blood as I whack a whole bunch of splicers to death with this crowbar I found. We keep running, crashes and fires everywhere we look.

"Over there!" Violet yells, and Anna and I just barely hear her over the noises. She points to a door a little ways away, and Anna and I share I relieved grins. I pick up Anna as another grenade explodes behind us, then run until I'm at the door.

Violet stands inside, and as Anna and I run in, she closes the door. I then help Violet put a huge steel bar over the opening of the door. And after a moment of looking, we find a drill and a few rusty nails. We drill in the nails-being careful not to snap them in our haste- and stand back as more explosives blow up against the door.

The nails and bar hold as we run down to stop right in front of what looks like a giant metal bubble floating in some water.

"Well, this is it." Violet says, walking up and pressing some buttons on a small control panel next to the thing.

I look down at Anna. "Well, this is it." I tell her, unable to keep the sad tone out of my voice. Although that this place just may be hell on Earth, I'll miss it. The few friends I've made here; Violet, Terra, Lily, Anna, Ivy, are the only real friends I've ever had, and probably will ever have. I'll miss them.

Well, let's hope our guest appearances will keep this short...

Hey hey hey! its the Punk Poltergeist!

Boombox Bunny: Punk Poltergeist?

Punk Poltergeist: Hellz yeah!

Dennis: What're you gonna call him Tina, PP?

Tina: Maybe...

Milz, Ninja Sheep, Hale: *fall down laughing*

Punk Poltergeist: *grins*

Aaron: *tries to hide smile, but is failing*

Boombox Bunny: *blushing like crazy*

Zak: C'mon, don't be so mean to...

Tina: Tina *holds out hand*

Zak: *kisses Tina's hand* Zak

Boombox Bunny& Aileth: *fire in eyes*

Jared: *is grinning* Looks like Zak found a new girlfriend.

Hale: Jared just friggin talked! I swear.

Jared: Dumb ass... I've been talking a good year or two now.

Hale: O.o I thought my conscious had the same voice as you...

Jared: Well, with all the shit that you do, apparently your conscious is either dead or has called in sick every time you go to a bar.

Milz: Burn!

Hale: O.o I think I prefer you not talking Jared...

Jared: Oh yeah? Well I prefer you not to kick me when you come through the door at 2 in the morning drunk and with another whore!

Zak: O.o

Hale: O.o

Aaron: O.o

Everybody else(not Jared): O.o

Jared: *glares at Hale*

Hale: O.O


Everybody: *looks at Anna* WTF?

Anna: Duh, every time there's an awkward silence, an obese baby is born.

Zak: Oh yeah, I know that game. Wait a moment, DAMN IT ANNA. I LOST THE GAME!

Hale: ^%&* YOU ZAK


Zak: O.o

Hale: O.o

Jared: Wow master, you can actually say $^%&?

Anna: Of friggin course he can say %$&^! Everybody can!

Dennis: Tina, what does %$&^ mean?

Tina: *slaps Dennis* Don't say %^&$ Dennis!

Dean: Well $%&^ never hurt anyone.

Zak: *snicker* Well, I guess %^$# hurts people sometimes...

Ashely: Zak! What the $%&^ are you doing?

Zak: O.o Oh shi-

Milz: What the $%^& is going on here?

Aileth: ...

Violet: I am never going to say $%&^... Damn it!

Boombox Bunny: Why is everyone saying %^&#?

Ninja Sheep: Ninja Sheep, Ninja Sheep Sheep.

Anna: *stands on chair* Quiet everyone! I have something important! SHUT UP!

Everyone: *quiets down*

Anna: *takes a deep breathe* I... lost the game.

Everyone: $%&^ YOU ANNA!

Boombox Bunny: *shouting behind him* O.o I think we should go back to the story now...

"It's ready." Violet says, and the door swings open to the Bathysphere. Gulping down my fear from the explosions at the door, I side step and lean over, and Anna does the same.

"Whoa." Anna says, looking at the interior; its all torn inside, like a rhino had just been stuck in there with knives all over it.

To be just clear, it looked terrible.

Violet looked inside. "If I were you Dean, I'd go look in the bushes around here for supplies; I don't know how long you'll be in there."

"Alrigh. " I reply, walking away to go look in the bushes.

"Hey Anna," Violet says, holding Anna back and kneeling down on both knees.

(Violet's POV)

I have every intention of sending both Dean and Anna out of here using the Bathysphere, but first, I need to do something. I know she won't like it-she'll probably hate me for the rest of her life, but it needs to be done.

I've been trying to work out how I'd do this; what'd I do, what'd I say, but I didn't come up with anything good.

I'll just have to wing it.

"You're looking a little pale, are you feeling okay?" I say, putting my hand behind her back and my other hand behind my back.

"Na, I've been feeling fine..." as she talks, I feel the veins in my hand start to throb in unison and glow a bright orange. Luckily, Anna doesn't seem to notice.

"Here, let me feel your forehead." I say, heart beating fast. Once it was done, it would be almost irreversible. Except, of course, if she started drinking Adam again, but in the above world, that would be utterly impossible.

With a quick motion, I put my hand on her forehead.

"What the f-?" she starts to ask, but her veins glow instantly, and there's a bright flash.

(Dean's POV)

I walk back from the bushes to see a small, normal little girl glaring at Violet.

"What the hell did you just do to me?" she asks Violet, with the same voice as Anna.

"I saved you so that you would be okay in the surface world." Violet tells her simply.

"Well, thank you very friggin much." she says sarcastically.

I just stare at them before the girl finally notices me, and the blank stare I have.

"See? Crap face can't even recognize me!" she yells, thrusting her hand towards me.

"Anna?" I ask, trying to see the little girl better. She turns, and I see her brown hair, matted with blood-dried and new- and her bright blue eyes struck into a glare that could put Anna's old one a run for its money.

"Hellz yeah homey crap face. It's me and I just got saved by your girlfriend! Now tell her to give me some Adam before I hit her with a Sonic Boom!"


It's Anna.

"Okay then, looks like you have no choice but to come up to the surface with me now." I reply, picking her up and setting her into the Bathy-thingy. I turn towards Violet, who has been silent. I stick my hands in my pockets-miss the first time, but get it the second- and look at her expectantley.

"Well?" I ask, rocking slightly back and forth.

"Well what?" she asks.

I nod my head towards the Bathysphere. "Get the hell in there."

She shook her head. "Dean, I was born and raised here." she says shaking her head slowly. "I'm staying here."

I frown. "But..."

"Dean," she says, taking a step forward. "I'm not going. now you need to get in there before the splicers break through."

"No." I say, stubbornly, taking a step towards her. "I'm not going without you."

"You have to. Now go." she says, thrying to shove me, but I take an even bigger step towards her.

"You're not my mom. And I'm not going to go without you. Now stop being tough and let's go." I tell her.

(Violet's POV)

He needs to go now. He doesn't understand that I can't leave.

I have to do what has to be done.

And when he's gone, the only boy I've ever liked will be gone.

So, I do the only thing that would make him remember me forever.

Except for, well, yeah.

I'm only 17.

I'm too young.

So, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Sensing the door about to burst, I do the only possible thing I could think of at that moment.

I kiss him.

Yeah, I know.

But it had to be done.

(Dean's POV)


Okay, okay, nerve racking.

My first kiss.

With a girl who dresses in a giant robot costume as her job and kicks ass.

From a boy who grew up on the streets, got sucked into a hellhole called Rapture by a spider, got stuck with 3 different little sisters, fought a giant robot called alpha for one of them, fought over 10,000 splicers, killed a few people, and is now escaping the one lump of coal if a sea of wonders in a Bathysphere.

Tough life, isn't it?


The door shatters and splicers and others come pouring in by the hundreds. Violet's eyes snap open. She then pushes me through the door of the Bathysphere door, and I fall back on the control panel. My back hits a button and my head pushes the lever down.

THe door seals swiftly, and I just have enough time to retaliate and stnd up again. I run over to the galss, pounding against it.

"Violet!" I scream hoarsely, my lungs dry from nerves.

But that's all I get out before we lurch downwards.

I fall flat on my back, knocking the breath out of me momentarily. Heaving, I pull myself up using the help of the seat.

"Hold on to something crap face!" Anna yells desperately, clinging onto dear life on a wrought iron sticking out.

I stnd up, only to be pushed down by the pressure as we fly upwards. We pass by the windows of the many different levels of Rapture, and splicers start glaring and yelling out last threats that we can't hear.

I think about getting cocky and start making faces at the splicers.

But even I'm not that immature.

Of course, once again, I learn that we have desperately underestimated those splicer bastards.

I see one start to yell out orders, and others running around and obeying them.

"Oh this can't be good." I say, watching the splicers from the spot on the floor.

"What?" Anna asks, letting go of the bar. I shakily stand up, and try to point to what they're doing.

But something stops me in mid stance. Something in front of the Bathysphere. A grin spread across its screwed up face.

Still grinning wider than it should be able to, it pulls something out of its pocket. Throwing the object at the door, it sticks, and I see the splicer swim away as fast as it can.

"Oh crap." I say, my voice oddly high-pitched as I walk closer.

"What?" Anna says, walking over, her legs like jelly. "And what's that noise?"

As she gets a look at the object, it explodes, luckily not shattering the glass, but hard enough to send us both flying backwards.

We both hit hard on the back of the sphere, or heads smashing up against the many metal things poppoing out.

I see only white, and every noise is whited out.

What's going on?

Then, black.

Author's Note

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*Off Camera*

Boombox Bunny: Okay! Everybody out!

Everybody: *groan*

Ninja Sheep: Ninja Ninja?

Boombox Bunny: No, not you.

*pushes everyone out* Boombox Bunny: Let's go! Let's go! Move it people!

Ninja Sheep: Baaaaaa

Boombox Bunny: Ftw?

Ninja Sheep: *snicker*

Boombox Bunny: *slams door* There they're all out... And you changed back.

Me: Yeah, I did.

Boombox Bunny: So you're a talking sheep again, eh?

Me: Yep, and you're a talking rabbit.

Talking Rabbit: Damn! How'd you find me?

Boombox Bunny: O.o

Me: O.o

Talking Rabbit: O.o Awkward silence...

Hale: *breaks head through door* OBESE BABY!

Everybody: GTFO HALE

Me: Security!

Security: BRAINS!

Hale: You have zombie security guards?

Me: Hellz yeah.

Hale: O.o

Boombox Bunny: Run kid, run!

Hale: *down the hall* I AM RUNNING!

Me: Wrong way, dumb ass!

Boombox Bunny: Run faster!


Talking Rabbit: HA!

Me: Your next!

Talking Rabbit: O.o Oh shi-

*Talking Rabbit runs out door*

Me: Good.

Boombox Bunny: *gets text message* Hey gotta go; Hops is havin a party. Aileth and Milz are going too.

Me: Alright, I'll be there later.

Boombox Bunny: *hops out window* Bye!

Me: Okay. Hmm... Might as well...

*turns on camera*

Hey guys! It's me again! No I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth. Well, anyway, sorry I'm doing this on the last chapter of the story, I hope people will be able to notice this. Anyway, I was waiting for enough reviews and views, but you know what? I want to. I've been working on my other stories, and I'm sorry, but anyway, lemme get to the topic... But first-just to piss you off- lemme do a quick little response thing.

my war ends today: Yeah, you really haven't. Was kinda gettin worried... Anyway, the spell check wasn't working, so it was retarded, and I really don't proofread these like I should, so yeah. And I'm being bombarded by homework and...yeah, it's hard. And, because I'm lazy as hell, I didn't mark it complete because I was planning on doing something like this at the end of this chapter. Well, I think that's it, sorry if it's not in order...

Anyway, on to the big news! I've decided that...


I think...

that I...


Talking Bunny: Sorry!



I think...


*everyone on edge of seats. Everybody in mind: C'mon...*


Everybody: F$&K YOU

Okay, okay. God. I'm doing a sequel to New. Okay? God...

Everybody: *cheers*

Anyway, it's gonna be called "Return". I don't know when it'll be out, but hopefully soon. While you wait for it, read another one of my stories or whatever. I'm not advertising notin here. But anyway, review on this one for now. I might do another update on this one to say when it's out, so watch out. Yep, so, this is a normal, non talking sheep, so make sure to R&R, and I hope you enjoyed New!

I mean...