Author's Note

Hi! This is another of my first stories on here(I'm new here), so R&R kindly please! I actually do own this story, and all characters in it, as I made this story up. So, please R&R, tell me any bugs, things I need to fix, or if you liked it. Well, that's about it, so enjoy!

Through the twisting halls of my father's castle, my best friend Anna Lee and I walk silently. We talk about random things, but, my 17th birthday, which just happens to be the legal marrying age of the kingdom,(yay!), so I think you can guess the main topic of our conversation.

"So you gonna wait for a good prince, or what?" Anna Lee continues.

"I don't know, a good prince is really hard to find..." I reply, lost in thought.

She sighs. "Yeah, they sure are," I look at my friend; she's only a week older than me. Close as we are, we look like yin and yang; she has midnight black hair with surprising green eyes, while I have dirty blond hair and ocean blue eyes. Last week when Anna Lee turned 17, she started looking for a boy immediately. I've been thinking hard about who I want to marry, but to tell the truth, I don't know if I'm really ready for it.

"Maybe I'll go for a ninja or something," I reply after some thought.

Anna Lee giggles, "Dude I'm pretty sure all the ninjas are at least over 20!"

I sigh loudly in my mind; that would have been pretty awesome to have a ninja boyfriend! We keep walking in silence until we pass by a window, and I just happen to see something. I tell Anna Lee I'll see her later, and I sit on the stone windowsill in time to see Dad and Queen Ezil from the kingdom of Greal walking in the courtyard. I strain my eyes to see the silhouettes of the ninjas crouching on the wall. Well, to say the truth,they aren't really ninjas, they're the guards, but they're skilled and trained exactly like ninjas, so I guess they might as well be ninjas. But, they dress differently from movie ninjas, who wear all black; our ninjas have loose, long sleeved white shirts, wide black hats, much like Zorro's, and black skinny jeans.

I manage to snap back as soon as my Dad starts to talk. "These are my finest guards I have..." my father continues. I end up zoning back in on the ninjas, and for no particular reason, I notice a particular one. He's only a little shorter than the rest, but I know looks can be deceiving, he's probably like 27, or something. I then feel eyes on me, I can't tell if its one of the ninjas, but I'm highly doubting it. I zoom back to Dad.

"Akon!" he bellows.

I see the ninja I was looking at crouches lower, then front flips down to land in front of Dad and Queen Ezil, daggers in his hands, arms cross on his chest, on one knee, then in one quick motion, swiping them forward, bringing his arms out wide and slicing his daggers together.

"Marvelous!" Queen Ezil says, clapping her hands together.

Dad brags on about the ninja named Akon, and I stare at him a while longer, daydreaming what he looks like, and some other stuff I'd rather not talk about. And when I finally snap back to reality, it's dark, and they're all gone. I shake my head, and walk to my bedroom to get ready for dinner.

I wake up to hunger ripping through me, reminding me that apparently fell asleep last night before dinner. Yawning, I change into my favorite outfit and head down for breakfast. The chef wishes me a happy birthday and sets to my food. But I didn't realize until about a minute after she said that, that I realize it's my birthday. I totally forgot! As birthday ideas for my 17th pile into my head, ranging from recent to when I was 5, one thing pops from above the rest, a name to the exact, Akon.

Throughout the day, people wish me a happy birthday, and stuff like that. But when dinner came, everybody gathered in the dining hall, and when I say everybody, I mean everybody. In the entire castle. The dining hall was just big enough. Everything was going perfectly. The huge cake. All the presents. Everyone, (even the ninjas!), singing happy birthday. But in the middle of the song, the ninjas stopped singing and started to tense and pull out out knives, daggers, and swords. People started looking at them oddly, including me. Then one of them goes up to Dad and whispers something in his ear. His eyes widen, and he nods his head. The ninjas then start telling people something, which a realize a moment later, a little too late. As the end of the song starts to come, and explosion blows out part of the wall, sending people flying and others running and screaming. My birthday had become a nightmare. Though the hole stream hundreds of warriors from our long time enemy, the Ralins. I scream and start running, only for my path to be blocked by a warrior, about 20 and dressed like a movie ninja. I skid to stop in front of him, eyes filled with fear and arm slightly in front of me defensively.

"Gotcha!" he yells, grabbing my arm. He grins evilly as I try to wriggle free from his grasp, but fail. His face grows blank suddenly as a hand comes around and slices his throat with a dagger. His hand slips off my arm and falls over, revealing his killer. Akon. We both watch him fall. Akon and I then lock eyes, my heart flutters and skips a beat as my my blue eyes stare as his dark gray ones. Another explosion erupts and we both flinch. He then realizes the danger I'm in, grabs my hand,(I swear I almost faint), and we run.

I end up falling and hurting my ankle before we reach outside, and Akon swiftly picks me up and keeps running with ease. We reach the lake outside quickly, but stop there. (Really, its an ocean, but when I was little, I thought it was a lake, and it kind of stuck.) He sets me down lightly, keeping his arm around my shoulders for support, and I put mine around his. For a still second, we are sucked into our own little bubble, looking out at the quiet sea, the fire reflecting calmly in the water. It's like a dream. Any other day, this would have been the best dream ever, but under the circumstances, it's quite the opposite;it's a complete nightmare. But an even louder explosion pops the bubble, ruining the moment. But the next explosion was only about 6 feet behind us, feeding both of us into the deep, cold, and unforgiving ocean. The explosion separated us, and to make matters even worse, I can't swim! And with my bum ankle, I can't kick. I still tried, needing air, as I was running out fast. After tiring myself out to the fullest, I started to see black creeping into my eyesight. I finally couldn't take it anymore, and as my eyes close, my mouth opens, allowing water into my lungs, and giving myself up to the water.. Blackness sets in, and I'm gone.