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"Severus?" Hermione called, pushing open the door with her hip and squeezing through the doorway, arms full of groceries.

"I'm busy!" she heard him call from the sitting room.

"With something time sensitive?" she snapped, entering the kitchen and putting the sacks down on the table.

She heard him mumble something rude, then he appeared at the doorway.

"What do you need, Hermione?"

"Could you please start unpacking the groceries? I've a few more bags out in the car."

"I'll get them. It's cold outside," he said, turning and heading for the door. Rolling her eyes, she turned back to the bags, and began to unpack them.

A few moments later she heard the door open and then shut again, and he strode into the kitchen, depositing the final things on the counter.

"Thank you, Snape," she said, stretching up to put the cereal atop the fridge. "It'd be lovely, though, if you were actually being sincere in all your niceness."

Then he was behind her, his hands ghosting on her sides, his breath hot in her ear as he leant down.

"Oh, I promise I'm being sincere, Hermione," he whispered. "But my sincerity has very little to do with any nice feelings on my part, and a lot to do with wanting to see you naked, and feel you under me, and lick your—"

"Alright!" she said loudly, a little too short of breath for her liking, and attempted to shake him off. He bit her earlobe quickly, hard, before taking a large step back and turning to the groceries.

"Now, darling, where shall I put the cucumbers?"

She sighed.