A dying kid's last wish. How could I have failed so badly?

Peter Pan isn't supposed to let people die. He's supposed to beat the bad guys, lead adventures, and make things fun for everyone. You should have gotten to be a Lost Boy forever if you wanted to! Instead, you had to act like a grownup to protect the rest of us. I'm sorry.

You gave your life to save me and my kids, and all the other Lost Boys. You're a hero, Rufio. I'm sorry I ever yelled at you. But then, you yelled at me too. I guess that's what people do, even when we love each other.

I have to thank you for teaching me some of what I'll need to know when Jack and Maggie are teenagers. They'll be in my face too, I'm sure, just like you were. Thanks to you. They'll be alive then, thanks to you. Who knows what might have happened to how many of us, if you hadn't faced Hook yourself?

The lives you saved, Rufio... They were my happy thought. That's what let me fly again right after I held you in my arms as you died.

"You know what I wish?" you asked me then. "I wish I had a dad like you."

I can't refuse a wish like that. I don't want to.

Lost Boys don't have dads. I have no idea who your real dad was, or if he ever cared, or still does. But I tell you what. Even though I didn't do very well at taking care of you while you were alive...

I'll take the job.

God... I know Rufio has gone to live with you now. Please -

Tell him, would you? Tell him I took the job.