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Ch. 3: Star Epilogue:

The other team mates of SG-1 were teleported back to Cheyanne Mountain and Jack wanted to let that reality's Sarra and team know that if they needed them, they'd be there in a flash. The Rangers stated likewise. Sarra came to Jack and smiled, as she noticed he shifted uncomfortably.

"She was proud to call you a friend, O'Neill, Jack, Colonel, as I am I. If you ever need of us, we'll be there. I believe she cared about you in a special way, even I don't know how my alternate realities ended up, but I know that she could've loved you, given the chance." He blushed as the others did.

"Sarra?..." Jason monotoned. She chuckled. "Tis alright dear." She took his hand and gave it a squeeze and he relaxed. Jack left with a smile and a new thing for his wrist, a communicator.

The End.