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1st Ef Fanfic!

Hello, all. This is my second fanfic (1st was for Negima). Most of the characters are original, mostly the setting and some of the characters are from the original work. Please comment.

Ef-A Fairy Tale of the Two is the product of Minori

Chapter 1: Has My Life Turned into a Manga?

A woman looking at the passerby's from her comfortable position in the church.

Memories of the town she always loved pass by

Her own life has been fulfilled

Yet she still has something else to do

Can you remember me?

"Man, why did class duties have to take so long?" Kamishiro Karou complained as he dragged his bag behind him. He was eager to get back home and take a break and read some manga if he had the time.

As he walked on, his gaze passed to the church. This place had always confused him; though there were not many Christians in the area, they had somehow found the need to build such a large, beautiful church.

"Do you like snow?"

Karou turned around and saw a girl with light blue hair leaning on the gate outside the church. She was a bit shorter than he was and was wearing a nun outfit.

She pulled her dark blue hair behind her ear and smiled at him. "I always look forward to the snow when it comes to this city. It always makes everything look beautiful."

He was getting unnerved by this random person and her odd talks.

A small glance at his cell phone told him that it was already 7:30; that meant that he would be back at his house by 8 if he hurried. He immediately ran without any words.

Unfazed, the nun called after him. "My name is Amamiya Yuuko. What's yours?"

"Kamishiro Karou!" he called back without stopping.

Watching him already moving forward, Yuuko giggled to herself. "Looks like my job isn't over yet. I look forward to seeing you again, Karou-kun."

When Karou got to the shopping district of Otowa, he slowed down to a walk. He liked to observe everything around him in this part of the city. The buildings, the street, the cars, and the people. Each item he saw, he wondered how he might be able to draw it. The color, the shading, the thickness of the lines, each by itself would mean nothing, yet put together, they looked like the art of the masters.

"I'm home," he announced as he opened up the door to his apartment. As expected, there was no one there. Karou's family had moved down to the other Otowa in Australia, leaving him to finish high school and then decide what to do with his life.

Though most people would feel a bit lonely, Karou merely sighed and threw his bag on his bed. He decided to take out one of his sketchbooks and try drawing some of the things he had seen outside.

As usual, he found that he could barely recall the people and scenes he had seen and transport it to the paper. However, one image had stayed in his head, the nun standing outside of the church.

Maybe it was something about her outfit, or maybe it was her hair. There was no doubt that there was something about her that allowed him to draw her in surprisingly deep detail.

Karou turned on his computer, and while waiting for the machine to boot up, finished his homework. The first thing he did was check his emails. As usual, there was the email from his parents asking the necessary questions to show that they hadn't forgotten him. There was also an email from one of his classmates, something about a student transferring in tomorrow. And then, he saw that Aizawa Sora was online for chatting.

How are you? Karou typed down.

Fine. Thanks for the manga volumes, I just finished them.

No prob, did you see the scenery in that one chapter I told you about?

Yeah! Thanks for showing me that. I think I can get it right, but seriously, some of these backgrounds are hard to draw. :p

Lol, tell me about it. If it's difficult for you, then it's most likely impossible for me.

Aizawa Sora was Karou's pen-pal from the other Otowa in Australia. His parents had been friends with Sora's parents, so they had gotten in touch via the internet and mail. They both shared an interest in art and frequently talked deep into the evening chatting about manga and art.

Crap, my parents are bothering me about staying on the computer for too long. Gotta go. At least you don't have to worry about curfews.

That sucks, talk to you tomorrow. I swear that the next package will amaze you.

You're on.

With Sora offline, Karou was bored stiff. He decided to study for his classes, for once, and slept without eating dinner.

"Hello, my name is Hiteyoshi Haruka. Nice to meet you all." A girl in a new school outfit bowed in front of the class.

"Ou!" Almost every guy in the class ogled at her.

With light blue hair tied in a neat ponytail and a figure that seemed to fit well in the school's uniform, there was only one word in Karou's mind which could fit this girl: moe.

"Wait a minute," he stopped himself, "Usually, in a manga, the transfer student ends up in the seat in the back corner furthest from the door. Which is right next to…"

Karou then looked at the seat behind him. The seat he was thinking about was right behind his.

He then facepalmed and brought his head down. He didn't know whether he should laugh or scream at the gods. It seemed like his life was about to get interesting.

The teacher then stepped up and scanned the classroom for a place to put Haruka. "Let's see. Why don't you sit back there? Right behind Kamishiro Karou-san."

"Hai." Haruka then walked down the aisle and stopped beside Karou's desk. She turned to him and gave him an angelic smile. "Nice to meet you, Kamishiro-san. Take care of me, okay?"

"Yah," he half-heartedly replied. Right now, his mind was in a storm.

"Great, my life has just become a school-life manga. Where will the story go? Will it become some gag-manga, or will it become some romantic manga? Going by previous works, the romance route is the most-likely candidate, but, then will it end up well or bad? And why do I feel like I've just become the main character? Doesn't that always happen in manga? The guy the new-girl sits behind becomes the main character? Just what I needed, more stress."

Immediately after class ended, the students in the class and the neighboring classes were swarming around Haruka. From all around came the questions:
"So where are you from?"

"What's your number?"

"How was your previous school?"

"How about eating lunch with us?"

"What are you three sizes?"

"Where are you living right now?"

Karou sighed; the people buzzing around Haruka were bumping into him and annoying him with their unceasing barrage of questions.

"I wonder why the character in front of the transfer student never complains about this in manga?"

Tiring of the bumping and noise, he stood up and decided to walk out. Obviously, the best way out would be through the crowd around Haruka, so there he went. The students around Haruka stood away to let him through, giving her a little break.

As he passed behind Haruka, he whispered to her. "Annoying, aren't they?"

"Not really, thank you for the break though," she replied and gave him another smile.

Not that he would openly admit it, Karou had become somewhat interested in Haruka as well. He just thought it wouldn't leave a good impression if he just joined in on the crowd.

As he pulled out his shoes from the lockers, Karou felt someone tap his shoulder. He turned around and saw Haruka.

"Oh, hey Hiteyoshi-san. Do you need anything?"
"Yes, can you walk me home?"

"Is this usually what happens in dating-sims?"

Karou actually planned to go straight home, so he didn't really feel like taking a detour. However, this was a good chance to learn more about Haruka.

"Sure," he replied.

Haruka clapped her hands together and cheered. She then grabbed his hand and began dragging him out.

Meanwhile, someone was spying on the dialogue. Minase Setsuna, in the same class as Karou and Haruka, peeked out, and saw Haruka grab Karou's hand and saw them run out.

Her hands trembled as did her brown hair.

"Why is that new student choosing Karou-kun? Couldn't she have chosen someone else? And I had finally prepared myself to ask him to walk me home."

Obviously, she likes our protagonist. Love triangle, anyone?

"And here's my house! Thanks for escorting me." Haruka turned around and pointed at where she lived.

Karou could not reply for the simple fact that it was too coincidental to be true.

They were both standing outside the apartment Karou stayed in.

"You're kidding me, right? There's no doubt. My life has officially become a school-life manga."

"Ara? Is there something wrong?" Haruka's face came uncomfortable close to his.

"Umm, nothing, nothing really. Let's go inside."

"Ah, you don't need to."

"No, it's fine. My place is here too."

"Eh, really? Then, let's see where our rooms are?"

"Are you freaking serious? This is definitely too coincidental to be true."

Karou stared at Haruka's room number, 209, and rushed to the railing to look down to the story below. His own room number, 109, stared back at him. Haruka's room was right above his.

"Is something wrong?" Haruka asked.

"Umm…how to say this...Your room is right above mine?"

"Really? Let me see." Instead of being suspicious, Haruka looked absolutely ecstatic. "Then that means that Kamishiro-san and I are neighbors too. Well then, neighbor-san, please take care of me."

She giggled and entered her room.

Karou slumped on the railing and looked up at the darkening sky.

"She's a really pretty girl, isn't she?"

"You could say that," Karou replied and then nearly jumped off. He turned and saw that Yuuko was casually sitting on the railing next to him.

"You, the one at the church," he realized where he had seen her before.

Yuuko lightly tapped his head. "I have a name you now. Repeat after me: Amamiya Yuuko."
"Sorry. Amamiya-san."

"That's better. So, what do you think of her?"

"Do you have nothing better to observe than the life and times of a high-schooler?"

"I'm just someone who loves this town." Yuuko then looked up to the sky and sighed. A passing breeze gently lifted her hair.

As if just remembering something, she dug into her robe and pulled out a key. She then dropped it into Karou's hands.

Karou held up the key to get a better look at it. From the looks of it, it had been through a lot, but he couldn't tell what it opened.

"Umm, Amamiya-san. What does this key open?"

She smiled. "A place where wishes come true."

"Otherwise known as the roof of Otowa High School."

"Oh." Karou held up the key so that it was illuminated by the emerging moon.

He had heard of this key to the roof, which was supposedly passed down to only one person per generation. There were many rumors about what the key was capable of doing, but no one had seen it for a while.

"Amamiya-san, who was the person who had it las-"

He turned and saw that Yuuko was gone, as abruptly as she had come.

Author's Notes:

And that's the first chapter. Mostly introductions though. Please comment.