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First note: I forgot to mention this last chapter, but all character names are in "last name, first name". So Hiteyoshi is Haruka's last name while Kamishiro is Karou's last name.

Second note: Yuuko is awesome.

Chapter 2: If only School Life were a Manga

Karou stretched and looked out the window. Looking back at him, upside-down, was Haruka's face.

"Good morning" she mouthed through the window.

Karou sighed and pulled the curtains across, blocking Haruka's face from view.

"Mou! Open up! Don't you want to say hello?" Haruka cried through the glass and also banged on the window.

Sighing in resignation, Karou opened the windows and shouted back, "Don't randomly stare at people when they just wake up! People will think you're creepy!"

Instead of backing down, Haruka leaned back and brought her head forward, banging him on the head. This action also had the unforeseen consequence of making her fall through Karou's window as well.



"God damnit!"

Five minutes later, Haruka was sitting on the floor in front of Karou.

Karou sighed and reiterated Haruka's explanation. "So you're saying that you decided to give me a wake-up call by hanging upside down from the balcony railing, with your feet, and staring at me through the window."

"Hai," she confirmed.

"There's something screwed up about this situation. I swear there's a manga which has had this situation before."

Haruka stood up and went to Karou's kitchen. He heard the sound of the tap water running and his refrigerator opening.

He burst into the kitchen and saw Haruka about to start the stove.

"Waitwaitwaitwaitwait Wait! What are you doing?"

"Making breakfast and our bentos for school." Haruka's reply pretty much added, "Isn't that obvious?"

"No, there are so many things wrong about this situation that we could make a manga about this…"

"A manga?"

"…It fulfills all the criteria: the transfer student, conveniently living close together, romantic comedy situations. It's perfect…"

Seeing that Karou had forgotten to tell her why she couldn't cook their meals, Haruka decided to continue making their meals while Karou monologued.

Karou and Haruka both walked out of his room and began walking to school.

While Haruka seemed nonchalant, even happy, that they were walking together, Karou's mind was in turmoil.

"This is too obvious, too obvious. If anyone sees us, they'll assume that either we live close together, or are already going out, most likely the latter."

Minase Setsuna watched in horror as she saw Karou walk into class, chatting with Haruka.

"Karou-kun's already this familiar with Hiteyoshi-san? What will I do? It's only been one day and she's gone further with him that I have." she despaired.

During lunch break, Karou put his books back into his bag and felt his hands touch something cold and metallic. He fished out the object and saw that it was the key Yuuko had given him the day before. She had said that it opened the door to the school roof.

Deciding that he had nothing better to do, Karou decided to try the key.

Karou walked up the stair to the roof. Though he had passed by this staircase many times, he had gone up only once, only to find a locked door.

Now that he was walking up with the key in hand, he felt different, almost excited to see this rumored roof.

The end of the stairs came, and Karou came face-to-face with the door to the roof. He uneasily slid the key in and turned. A click told him that this key was the real one.

He took a deep breath-this moment seemed somewhat momentous- and pulled. The door wouldn't open.

Confused, he pulled a few more times; it wouldn't open.

A stupid thought passed his mind, and Karou pushed.

"Hello again, Karou-kun."

"Hello, Amamiya-san."

Karou stepped out and saw that Yuuko was sitting near the edge of the roof. Her smiling face was faced towards him.

She smoothed her dress and stood up.

"It's a nice view from here, isn't it?"

Now that she mentioned it, Karou looked around. From the top of the school, he could see a stunning view of Otowa town. He could even spot the church where he had first met Yuuko.

"Wow, this really is a great view. Thanks, Amamiya-san... Amamiya-san?"

Karou looked around, but Yuuko had disappeared while he was exploring the view.

Curious, Karou went to the edge of the roof and looked down. There was nothing except for some athletes on the field.

"Did she parachute out of here or did she sneak past me down the stairs?"

"Ah, this is where Karou-kun went."

Haruka, who was taking advantage of the lunch break to explore the campus, came up and waved at him.

"Did you see someone in nun clothes go by you?" Karou asked, still curious about Yuuko's disappearance.

Haruka came up to him, worry written across her face, leaned forward, and lightly touched Karou's forehead.

"Nun clothes? Are you sure you're all right? There was no one going down the stairs."

While Karou was sweating from having a girl touching his forehead, Setsuna, who had followed Haruka to see where she was going, opened the door to the roof. The sight which greeted her was Haruka and Karou nearly face to face. Since Haruka's face was turned away from her, her imagination made up for her lack of depth perception, and she assumed the worst.

"Karou-kun and Hiteyoshi-san are already k-k-ki-kissing?"

Obviously, she was misunderstanding, but as the audience, we can only laugh/pity her.

Heartbroken, she closed the door with a bang and ran down the stairs.

Back in class, Setsuna gathered all of her willpower and budged herself in front of Karou's desk.

"I can't allow this. As Karou-kun's lover and as the Incho (class representative) I cannot allow him to do…stuff like that with girls so openly at our school."

She took a deep breath and said, "Umm…Kamishiro-san…"

Karou looked up. "Eh? What is it, Incho-san?"

"Why does he always call me 'Incho-san'? It's so unfamiliar. If he would at least call me by my last name, or something cute like 'Incho-chan' would be better"

"…Incho-san? Do you need something?"

Karou's words snapped Setsuna back to reality. However, she was so panicked that she was now waving her hands around wildly.

"Umm…umm…ah…you shouldn't do stuff like that in the open, you know," she was finally able to stammer out.

"…What are you talking about?"

"Umm…you know…like…" Setsuna's voice began to trail off, and she finally hung her head in defeat. She was still too shy to talk to Karou.

Meanwhile, Karou was examining Setsuna's expression with rapt attention.

"Yes, I've been having problems drawing that emotion on my characters' faces for a long time. The look of pathetic and utter defeat…perfect."

When school ended, Karou packed his bags as fast as he could and tried rushing out before anyone got any weird ideas about him and Haruka. He could sense that she would ask him to walk her home again.

However, his efforts were in vain. Waiting patiently for him at the school gates was Haruka. When she saw him, she flashed him a glittering smile.

"Hello Karou-kun!"

"Hello Hiteyoshi-san."

Haruka's face immediately look hurt, and she pouted.

"Mou, you should call me by my first name. Come on: 'Haruka-chan'."

"No," he replied in a deadpan voice.

Although his attempt to get home without any misunderstandings had failed, Karou decided to just give in. They both went to the apartment together.

When they reached the apartments, Karou was surprised to see a truck waiting outside. He turned a questioning look to Haruka.

"Is that yours?"

"Of course."

"Why would one person need so much stuff as to fill a whole truck?"

Karou: Yo Sora. How's your day been?

Sora: Pretty good. So, how is that transfer student you told me about yesterday?

Karou: I swear, it feels like my life has become some gag-manga. Her room is right above mine, this morning, she burst into my room through the window, and she made me breakfast and lunch.

Sora: Lucky~ I'm jealous.

Sora: So, how's that storyline coming along?

Karou: I still need to think of some bad endings and some flags as well.

Sora: At least that's further than I went, I only finished the drawings of two of the characters.

Karou was about to reply when he heard some creaking and thumping above him. He was guessing that Haruka was still moving her stuff in.

Karou: Anyways, did you get through Aria?

Sora: Yeah, I really loved that series. Thank you. I've already started to practice some backgrounds from that series.

Karou smiled. Sora was a big fan of architecture and also loved manga. That's why Karou usually sent Sora some manga volume with good background so Sora could practice.

Upstairs, Karou heard a "Kya!" and then a large crash that came from his bedroom.

He quickly turned off the chat with Sora and burst into his room. A cloud of dust smacked him in the face, and he coughed and waved his hand to try clearing the view.

When the dust finally settled, Karou got a good look at what used to be his room. There, littered across the floor, were some wood boards, traveling bags, and a lot of dust.

He looked up and saw a gaping hole on his roof. Looking down was Haruka. She giggled weakly and put her hand behind her head.

"Looks like I shouldn't stack my bags in one big pile."

Last Notes:

Aria is a manga which is famous for its backgrounds. Really turns manga into an art-style.

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