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P.S. Even though she doesn't match Alice's description, I wrote this with Emma Watson in mind. (There is a link to a picture on my profile that shows exactly how I see her in my head) And Kristen Stewart will always be my Bella. Plus, come on...Kristen and Emma would be an awesome power couple!

-Alice's POV-

Seriously, thank God it's Friday! School can be so irritating sometimes, even a vampire is thankful for a weekend of getting away from all the noise. I couldn't imagine what Edward feels, hearing everyone's thoughts all day long. Especially this week, all anyone was talking about was the new girl that will be coming on Monday. Chief Swan's daughter is moving here from Phoenix, Arizona. Of course there is always talk when we get new students, but people seemed extra excited about this girl. I wonder why in hell anyone would come here...the most boring, rainy place in the continental U.S.

I finished all my work at school, like usual, so now is my time to enjoy the weekend and relax. I took a deep breath and sunk deeper into the comfy couch in the living room. It was pretty much silent around the house at the moment. Carlisle was at the hospital, Emmett, Rose, and Esme were out hunting and won't be back until tomorrow morning. And...Jasper and Edward were fooling around out in the woods. Better out there than in here, that's for sure! Earlier they were upstairs making out and giggling like little school girls. I heard a few things that I really wish I hadn't. They talked about building a little cottage far enough into the woods where they could have their privacy and so we couldn't hear them, but I think they're stalling it on purpose. They must just like torturing all of us.

I opened my eyes with a jolt. The peace and quiet disrupted by what sounded like a tree being forcefully knocked over in the woods behind the house. No doubt it was Edward and Jasper, probably trying to have sex up against a tree again. They should have learned from the first three times that it doesn't quite work out too well. I just rolled my eyes and got up off he couch to go to my room. I was in the mood to play my guitar, or keyboard. I was halfway up the first flight of stairs when I got a tingly feeling, I was about to have a vision. I stood still and concentrated until it came to me easily.

I could see myself and the rest of my siblings sitting in the school cafeteria like we normally do. I saw myself glace up towards the entrance of the room and I had the oddest look on my face; my eyes dark, filled with longing. I turned to see what I was looking at but the image was blurry. I could tell that it was a girl with reddish brown hair, wearing a green hoody, and blue jeans. That was all I could make out, since she was all just a blur, yet everything around her was perfectly clear. I got a feeling of...belonging, needing to protect, and desire.

The vision disappeared as soon as it came, and left me bewildered. I had never had a vision that made me feel this way before, let along someone in a vision that made me feel such strong emotions. I sat down on the steps, contemplating what I had just seen when I heard Edward and Jasper come racing through the door. Edward found me first, his clothes and hair in disarray; Jasper followed behind him, smoothing his hair down as he wondered what was going on.

"Alice?" Edward asked softly.

"Did you see that too?" I asked, still not looking at them.

"Yes." He smiled. "She's finally coming, isn't she?"

"Who's coming?" Asked Jasper.

Edward gave him a little shove, like he should know already, but obviously he didn't. I rested my head in my hands and let Jasper feel the emotions that ran through me.

"Oh, my." He said in his southern drawl.

"I know, right?" Edward said.

"I can't believe it. Your soul mate is finally here! Alice, why aren't you jumping up and down! You should be so happy right now. Jasper said as he jumped up and down, a huge smile plastered on his face.

I took a deep breath about to tell him, but Edward already knew at this point.

"I think she's human..."


"Think she's human?" Carlisle asked as he sat down at the head of the table.

"Yeah, I'm not quite sure because I can't see her clearly." I said.

"I've seen her vision. The girl is just...a blur." Edward interjected.

"Could she be a special kind of vampire?" Asked Esme.

"Unless she is a hybrid, I'm pretty sure she is human." I pointed out.

"Maybe she's a shape shifter." Rose suggested. "Like the natives in La Push."

"I won't know anything until she gets here, where I can see her for myself."

"Have you seen when she arrives?" Jasper asked.

"Monday or Tuesday, maybe. I will see her for the first time in the school cafeteria...I know that much."

There was nothing to do now, but wait. I could see that my family was concerned that she might actually be human, but they were just looking out for me. We are vampires, and her being human could...complicate things. Next to Carlisle, I have always had the best restraint around humans, so I had faith. This situation would most likely cause a few problems in the future, I'm sure, but I don't care if she does turn out to be human. She is my soul mate, and I will do anything to be with her, make her happy, and keep her safe. I promised Carlisle that I would stay at a distance from her for a while, but keep a close eye and observe her. If she is a special vampire, a shape shifter, something else entirely different, or a a regular old human, I would find out.

Saturday went by as slowly as one could imagine. I tried to keep myself busy so I wouldn't think about her, but I couldn't help myself. I'd get fed up with with trying to distract myself with something else and go through the vision again. Maybe thinking that this time she won't be just a blurry figure...but each time she still was. I even tried playing chess with Edward, which lasted all of two minutes. With me seeing what he would do next, and him reading my mind to try and counter it, all of two pieces were moved before we gave up. I did watch Jasper and Carlisle play a few games though. Of course Jasper was wanting my help every few minutes, but I refused. Carlisle was happy about that, and he ended up winning, like usual.

I also played a few rounds of a racing game with Emmett. He was happy that he finally had someone else to play with for a change, and in the end, he won every single race. I expected to loose to him though, since he plays that thing every night, most the night. He kept playing when I left, seeing if Rose would occupy me for a while. She was in the middle of trying on some new clothes that we bought a few days ago, and I had her model them for me. I did her hair, makeup, nails, andtoenails before I got tired of trying to distract myself. I finally ended up in my bedroom, fiddling with the keys on my YAMAHA. I quietly played until the sun rose over the horizon, smiling. Another day closer to her.

Sunday was just as irritating as Saturday was. I grew tired of my bedroom and found Esme in the front yard planting flowers, so I helped her out for a while. That was one of her human hobbies that she liked to do occasionally, even though it would be getting colder soon as fall took over completely. After a while Edward and Jasper came out of the house, reminding me that we were going on a quick hunt. Got to be full for school, because even the grossest of humans will tempt you when you are thirsty. And if this girl did turn out to be human, I didn't want to be the least bit hungry around her. She was too important to risk that...