Author: MsDayDream

Editor: kynigos

Main Pairing: Kahoko X Azuma


Thorns of the Seamless Red Rose

-Chapter One: Rose, The Perfect Flower-

There was a black limousine parked in front of Seiso Academy's gate that instantly caught everyone's attention. Girls from the Music Department formed a crowd around the so-called "Prince", Yunoki Azuma, who was the Academy's famous individual among the student body. He was flawless in the eyes of everyone; his charming looks made his fans swoon at the very sight. Yunoki had perfect grades, straight A's on every subject, and he was thought to be a genius. He was also the kind of person that would lend a helping hand to the needy. Seiso Academy loves him.

"Good morning, Yunoki-sama!" His entourage said simultaneously.

"Good morning to you, too," Yunoki greeted a tone so gentle that they felt it like a caress. He flashed them a sweet smile that made everyone blush.

Yunoki Azuma was another definition for perfect.

"Hey, Yunoki!" His best friend, Hihara Kazuki, called from the school's fairy monument, waving cheerfully.

"Hello, Hihara." He smiled as charming as he can be.


Hino Kahoko ran late… again; becoming an unnecessary habit of hers.

She rushed inside the school and passed the lobby, running rapidly. She picked up her pace, but then her feet skipped a step at the stairs, and she fell painfully on the ground.

"Oww," Hino uttered in a low voice full of pain, while looking at the sprain on her ankle.

"Hino-san?" She heard a familiar voice from the lobby's staircase.

"Yunoki-senpai!" Hino exclaimed in shock, while Yunoki offered a hand for her to take. Instead of accepting her senior's help, Hino grabbed the railing with one hand to stand up.

Yunoki then grabbed her free hand and helped her up the moment she staggered. Yunoki's action made her face flush, and instantly let go of his hand. "T-Thank you," she mumbled in a soft voice.

"Let's get you to the school infirmary." Yunoki held her waist which made her blush a deeper shade of red.

Yunoki led her to the clinic. He placed her on the cot to rest her feet. "T-Thank you." Hino felt very awkward in the presence of the purple-haired senior.

"Oh dear, it seems like the nurse has not yet arrived. Anyway… I think I can find the bandages…" His eloquence made her shudder.

"Uh… Senpai, what are you doing in the lobby?" Hino asked after a while of still noise.

"Haruno-sensei asked me to have a conversation with you," he replied while fixing the bandage on her sprained ankle.

"About what?" The room fell to an uncomfortable silence.

"There, I think that'll do," Yunoki said, referring to his medical assistance to Hino. He ignored her question, not wanting to touch the topic.

He helped her stand, his hands on her waist and her arm carefully wrapped on his shoulder. Still, without a word, they walked out the school clinic. Yunoki and Hino resided in the same gauche position.

When they got to Class 2-2 at the Gen-Ed department, everyone noticed Yunoki almost immediately, and the girls from Hino's class started squealing their lungs out. The class became a wild crowd because of his appearance. Yunoki not only tended to Hino's injury but also escorted her to her seat. Hino couldn't hide her red face even if she wanted to.

"Hello there." Yunoki bowed in a gentlemanly manner, letting his silky purple hair cascade down to his shoulder gracefully.

The boys from 2-2 looked at him funny, obviously envying Yunoki because of the charm he gives off to the girls. They completely couldn't stand a chance against him.

"Yunoki-sama!" they screamed in unison.

"See you later!" Yunoki smiled, making his fangirls faint.

The end of the Chemistry period came, and staring outside the window to the Music Department's garden, you could see Yunoki's fans crowding all around him in a blissful aura. From all the candidates for next year's election for the student body president, Yunoki had the highest probability to win because of his perfection; nothing appeared erroneous to the Academy's bare eyes.

Hino's thoughts were soon disturbed upon hearing the announcement from Kanazawa-sensei.

"Participants of the concours are required to go to my office after classes." The bell rang right after the announcement of the music teacher.

All the participants gathered a few hours before the sun sets.

"Ok… I'll be discussing the list of activities that we are having this December." He handed them a paper, noting the theme for the next selection.

"Standing out?" Shimizu uttered in his usual sleepy tone of voice.

"Yes, the theme will be Standing Out," Kanazawa took a deep breath. "Other than the concours, there will be a training camp for the upcoming winter festivals, which all of you are obligated to perform. The principal noted that the purpose of your participation in the winter festival is to increase the school's publicity and gain exposure." Everyone except for Yunoki and Tsukimori sighed heavily.

"Eh? Just for publicity?" Tsuchiura uttered. "We have a lot to do these days; examinations for all subjects are next week!"

"I'm sorry, Tsuchiura, but it's an order from the principal."


**MsDayDream Notes**

This is my First ever Anime/Manga category and my very first story written in Third person. Oh well like they say: "There's a first time for everything"

Please don't expect too much because, I never done a story that has been written in third person, my first story (The one in Book category "Twilight") is in pure first person so please don't blame me if it gets all messed up, like I accidentally put "I" instead of "her"

-Ok this is stupid, I have this chapter short because I started with the second chapter so this really affects, I just want my classmates to read my fic and I want to let them see Azuma's character and how the students at Seiso see him… supposedly this is a one-shot but my mind kept on giving me all sorts of crazy ideas, so I decided to make 3-5 chapters… Also, I want to note that I am not Japanese so I don't know their school how the system works!

I'm placing a trivia segment in every chapter explaining the chapter title… apparently every chapter will be named through a type of flower… because the Yunoki Family specializes in ikebana (the art of flower arrangement)

(The note is longer than the chapter itself… gomen nasai, gomen, gomen)


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MsDayDream's Petal Trivia:

The chapter title is referring to the Rose, a common name for females, also a favorite subject for poems and other literary pieces…