I do not own Swat Kats. I done this for fun and to help my skills in writing.

It daytime in Megakat city as a little kitten filled with joy walks with his mother holding a balloon down the streets of Megakat city. But just then, a gust of wind comes out of nowhere and the boy grabs his mother with his balloon and holds on to her. A few seconds later the winds fades and the boy lets go of his mother. The boy is freak out a bit.

"Mommy where did that wind come from?" Said the boy, but his mother did not know.

The Turbokat flies across the sky of Megakat city doing different spin in the air. Chance Furong aka "T-Bone", the one who Is flying the jet moves the control stick to do the moves that are going on. His partner Jake Clawson aka "Razor" is a little scared at the moment.

"T-Bone would you stop doing spins with the Turbokat!" Said the worried Razor. "I'm sure the new

engine In the Turbokat is working fine. We got to stop a bank robbery in process we don't have time for this."

"I know but look at the speed I'm getting on this!" Said T-Bone, who is enjoying himself flying the Turbokat all over the air. After which he starts to go serious and heads to the bank.

"Your right, sorry Razor, it just that I've been working on the engine for months now and I finally got it done just last week. Come on let to the bank fast."

Over at the bank the Metallikats are seen inside the bank with shotguns in one of their hand. Mac is seen grabbing the bags of money out of the vault while Molly keep the hostages on the ground. The Enforcers are seen blocking the entrance of the bank, Making sure that they don't try to escape.

"Dang those Metallikats" Said Commander Feral, " They almost got all of the money in the bank and as long as they have those hostages we can't go in."

"Commander Feral the Enforcers are in the back of the bank are ready to go." Said one of the Enforcers.

"Good, tell them to move in."said Feral

The Enforcers head in to the bank from the back quickly but Mac notices them. He fires a shell from the shotgun causing the Enforcers to go in to cover."

"Hey Molly..." Said Mac" we have some unwanted guest."

"Take them out" said Molly

Mac fire his gun at the enforcers causing then to take cover behind the back door. Soon they fire there gun at Mac causing him to take cover.

"Sir, we got confirmation that a gunfight is taking place." Said one of the enforcers. " It look like the team not getting though."

Soon the turbokat hovers over the bank. Razor jumps down and lands on top of the bank while T-bone keep the Turbokat running. Razor And looks around to see what going on. He soon sees the Enforcers being pinned down by Mac. See notices a class window on top of the roof and checks to see if unlocked. While this is happening Molly goes to help Mac deal with the Enforcers while being near the hostages to make sure they don't escape. Razor grabs the ledge and drops down Causing Molly to take notice.

" Oh great...the SWAT KATS!" Molly fried a few rounds from the shotgun but Razor jumps over the bank desk to get cover.

"What the matter...can't hit a lady?" Molly mocked.

"Sorry, but I don't see you as a lady. More like a robot who does crime with a female voice." Said Razor. Razor lunches his net at Molly who get caught in it. She drops the shotgun and falls down on the ground while Razor comes of of cover. With a smile on his face.

"One down..." As Razor looks to Mac, he is already tied up by T-Bone who get a cocky smile."

" And no more to go."

" You getting rusty buddy?" Asked T-Bone " I had him done before you were finished."

"You know we been working on the Tubro Kat for weeks now." Said Razor " And I'll haven't been training lately because of it."

"Sure, now let get going before Feral get here and tries to have us behind bars."

T-Bone and Razor get out of the banks though the back. T-Bone parked the Turbo Kat not far from there. They get inside and heads homes with happy looks on their faces . Meanwhile Feral get in the bank and find the Metallikats all tied up.

" Men take those two to their jailcell." Ordered Feral.

Inside the Megakat prison Molly and Mac are seen both inside their cell. Molly laying on the top bunker while Mac is writing on the walls with is claws.

"Well this is just great." Irritated Mac "Dang those Swat Kats. They always get the upper hand on us."

" And you know who fault this is...YOURS! Molly scream at Mac " We could have rob some other bank but NO! you had to chose that one."

" HEY! I wanted to rob a jewelry store!" Scream back " But YOU wanted to rob a bank.

"If you to would both stop screaming at each other I have a way were you could both be rich."

Molly and Mac both stop yelling at each other and look across the cell to see a kat. He is a little big but not as big as Feral.

"Who are you? And why should we care?" Said Molly.

" Oh Molly I heard about him." Said Mac " He was that scientist from the enforcers who was sentenced to life for his project he was paid to do."

"That right" Said the kat " I was paid a lot of money to research cloning. But it was against the law and I was caught. The person who paid me said he had nothing to do with the project. Even though he did."

"So why do you want us?" Asked Molly with a confuse look on her face.

The man laughed " Well first of all I seen you two on TV. You two have skills that are needed. And well second I just thought it would a good idea."

" In case you noticed were in a prison ...were their hundred of guards nearby" Said Mac " How do expect us to work for you when were...

Just then outside the prison a loud noise is heard and a hole is open in the prison. A few guards take notice to this and head for the sound of the noise. The rest of the guards stays at their position to make sure the guard don't escape. Soon one of the guards head over to the kat cell and unlock it, opening his cell. He also does so with Mac and Molly cell who were ready to attack him.

" Does that answer your question?" Said the Kat

" Alright...give us a second for me to talk to my wife." Said Mac. The two kats talk over what to do next after a few seconds they go back to the Kat.

" Let make a deal you get us of of here and pay us then we will work for you." Said Mac

The Kat clap his hands in joy. "Great...Great now let get going. We have a lot to do." Said the Kat

"By the way...I heard about you but I never got your name right." Said Mac

"The name is...Just call me Mr. Doc or Doc ok? oh and don't worry about the guard he with us.

A/N: So this is my first time doing a story in a long time. I didn't know much about writing a story a long time ago. Also, don't know if I will continue this. Sorry If I made any mistakes. Feedback would be nice. Thanks for reading my story.