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Chance was looking at Felina while she recovering from the gunshot. Chance kept close eyes on her but while he was doing it he notice how beautiful she looked. God, he was just so glad he was dating her. He is tough, a strong personality and of course she looked beautiful. Chance thought he got lucky when he first dated her, out of all the people he could have had dated. He choose her and she picked him. Chance look at the bullet wound that she got on her body. The doctor said the bullet barley miss the organs thought she did lose a lot blood. She would have to be in the hospital for a week for her to heal fully. Chance told himself that he would be there every day after work to see her. Chances then thought about the guy who shot her, his started to fist tighten up. The look of worry was chance to the look of anger, the man who shot her had a lot of nerve to shoot her. Chance swears would hurt that kat if he ever shows his face again...

Then the thought of Fearl enter his mind. It bad enough that he had to be the one to cause him the position he in...But the fact that he is her uncle? Chance knew for a fact that he was going to try and tear this relationship apart.

"I won't let that happen..." Chance thought off "I will NEVER let that happen..."

"Chance..." Said a low pitch voice. He looks and saw Felina regaining consensus

"Hey there..." Chance Said as he grabs her right hand. "How are you doing?"

"I feel like Hell" She answered. "How about you?"

"Well I'm glad that you're okay." Chance said "The doctor says you will have to stay here for a week.

"What..." Felina cried in a low voice as she is still recovering "But I don't want to stay in here." Her fist started to brawl up. "I want to get the guys who done this to me."

"And you will...'' Chance said. "But right now let just focus on you getting back to full health."

The door opens and the two look to see Feral who just came inside the room. Him and Chance both give draggers looks to each other as Felina notices this. Feral never really liked anyone who was fired from the enforcers. Now Chance and Jake were never really fired from the enforcers of course but being demoted to the point of junkyard duty, were they had to pay off the huge bill that Feral enforce on them.

"Hello uncle." Felina said "Thanks for coming over and visiting me." Feral look over at Flena " Good to see you are up and well" Feral moves to the side of the Felina side opposite of Chance. He grabs his hand. " I been notify by the doctors. I hope you don't mind being in here a little longer."

"I guess I have no choice do I." Felina sighs

"Look on the bright side." Chance said " Your alive and I come here after work to check up on you."

Feral growled he didn't want someone like Chance checking up on her. He didn't know what is this guy motive. Is he just dating Felina just to break her heart to get back at him for what he did. Feral had list of people who wanted to get even with him. He never let most of the people get to him but he would always check up on them once in a while. With the ecpection of Chance and his partner...what was his name again? Feral didn't cared for his friend... all he care for right now was to capture Rock and his henchmen. Feral didn't want to deal with this, If that doctor brings out the truth and …. no no Feral can't let the truth be let out. As for Felina, she can handle herself. Felina dating other kats had brother him a bit . He didn't believe that Felina is dating someone like Chance. Just to make sure he will ask her when Chance leaves. A ringing can be heard in the room. Chance picks up his phone and see the caller ID.

" That me sorry about that. I'll go outside."

Chance takes the call outside of the room

"This is my chance. Now to get the anwsers..." Feral Thought of. He went closer to Felina who notice.

"Felina I want to be honest with me Fearl said in a serious tone."

"What is it uncle?" Felina asks Felina always known her uncle when on duty he was serious all the time but this was different.. as if her life depended on it.

" Are you dating that ex enforcer?"

Felina couldn't believe what she was hearing... how did Fearl know about the relationship between her and Chance? She didn't tell him, hell she didn't even tell her parents. Not that they would freak or anything but sometimes,they been getting getting on her back about dating despite the fact that she is a trained enforcer a she-kat. She would notice sometimes and tried to l get away from them. Are they trying to ruin her love life?"

"Felina are you dating him or not!?" Felina lost her thought as she heard Feral voice.

"And what if I am?" Felina asked as anger boil up" I old enough to handle my myself!"

"It not that Felina!" Feral said " And don't start talking to me like that."

Felina calmed down a bit " We are hanging out."

"With an ex-enforcer? A man who works at the junkyard that I put and his friend there."

" Yes that you put there. I think the story you said about the two were lies."

"I told you what happened if was there fault ."

"Am I interrupting anything?"

The two see Chance coming in the room keeping his eyes on Feral.

" I have to go back to the office." Feral said " Get well soon Felina" He head to the door eyeballing Chance as he leaves the room. Chance heads over to Felina's side and grabs her hand."

"Hey there, I have to go back to the junkyard okay?"

"Sure I be here for a while. Stay safe." Chance kiss her in the forehand and leaves the room.


Doc was a well know scientist in his prime. He was always the one telling the other scientist about his belief of Kat genetics and cloning. Sometimes they would listen out of cautiously to what he would say and some would just ignore him and tell him just he was just wasting their time talking to him about this topic. One of the people who would listen to him about it was Rock. Who didn't really mind all the time. Rock seem to able to understand what he was talking about even through he didn't had a PHD in this stuff. Soon there talking turned them into friends.

Rock hopped that Doc ideas could reach the public and that someone would give him a chance to prove it. Rock thought of the time he was at the enforcer HQ. When he saw him with Feral. Rock started to get mad thinking about Fearl. I can't believe he would do what he did to Doc. If Rock ever met with Feral again...

Rock open his eyes as he tried to clam down. He notice he was back in the warehouse. Where Doc was looking at the tube with the clone inside. Doc been working on the cloning ever since he started. He been about a while since he shot Felina. He didn't mean to shoot her that bad. And hopped that Doc plan would work so it all wouldn't be in vain...

"You know Doc, It been a while since you asleep." Rock said " I can keep a eye on the tube."

"Thanks but that okay." Doc said as he was typing on the computer. " Have you set the cables up?"

"Almost done...hey could you promise me something?"

"What is it." Doc look at Rock.

"I want you to promise me at you'll get some rest later okay."

"I promise. I just want this done."

"And it will be done. But it okay to rest."

"I see. Okay then I will go rest in a sec."

Rock nodded as he went into the other room.