iMake a Movie

On a sunny Saturday morning, Sam waltzed into the iCarly studio. "What's up, peeps?"

"Nothing," Carly shot her a quick smile.

Freddie glanced up from his laptop for a second. "Oh. Hi, demon."

"What's so riveting on your laptop that you couldn't even hear me coming in, dork?" Sam questioned. Stepping behind him, she glanced at the screen. "Ooh, you got an e-mail from an actual person. Must be a first for you."

"Shut up," Freddie grumbled. "It's actually an e-mail for all of us."

Standing up and stretching out, Carly grinned knowingly. "And did they mention your name?"

The brunette boy paused for a second. "No," he finally admitted.

"Aw, poor widdle Fweddie," Sam teased. "Now let us see the e-mail!"

"Fine," Freddie relented. Moving from the screen, he revealed the e-mail.

Dear Carly and Sam,

We here at Johnson Studios have received news of the growing popularity of your webshow, iCarly. We've been considering making a new movie for the teens for some time now. Your webshow would be amazing to make a movie out of. So, we'd love to invite you down to the Studio, which is in Hollywood, for a few weeks, just for tours, introductions and consideration.

All expenses (hotel, plane, food, etc.) will be taken care of. If you accept, your flight to Hollywood will take off at 1:00 PM. Please arrive there with up to two (2) bags each.

We hope you will consider our offer!

CEO of Johnson Studios
Mr. Herald Johnson


"Well, what are you waiting for, Fredward?" Sam shrieked, bouncing up and down. "Hit that ACCEPT button!"

"I would," mumbled the brunette teen. "But I'm on the floor."

Sam glanced down. Freddie was still in the same position that he was when she first knocked him down. Groaning, Sam stretched out her hand and pulled him up gently. "Come on! Hit that button!"

"How do we know this is what's best for iCarly?" Freddie retorted. "Remember the TV fiasco?"

"Come on, it's just a tour," Sam pleaded, using her puppy dog face.

Freddie melted just a little bit. "Fine…wait, what? Carly, what do you think?"

"Hmm?" asked the brunette, looking a little tired.

"I asked you whether you think we should accept the offer or not," Freddie explained patiently.

"Sorry, I tend to zone out whenever you two fight," Carly informed them. "But…I don't know. It will take a lot of time, and a lot of prep-"

Sam interrupted. "Who cares? They said food."

Rolling his eyes, Freddie told her, "Not everything in life is about food, Sam."

"Oh, yeah, like your crush on Carly," Sam snickered. "Sure that has nothing to do with food."

"I don't still like Carly!" Freddie protested.

"Sure you don't," Sam sang.

"Guys!" Carly broke up their fight once again. "Just hit the accept button, Freddie. Sam, stay away from the computer. You still have peanut butter on your fingers."

"All the more reason to touch the buttons," Sam grinned evilly, holding up her sticky fingers.

Freddie stared, horrified, at the blonde. "Keep your sticky fingers away from my computer!"

"Aw, man!" Carly shouted, heading up the stairs.


Four Weeks Later

"Spence, hurry up!" Carly shouted from the bottom of the stairs. "We're leaving in ten minutes! Freddie and Sam are already here and they're trying to kill- wait, they're not actually trying to kill each other."

In amusement, Carly stared at her two best friends. They'd both fallen asleep, and Sam's head had once again fallen onto Freddie's shoulder. They were sitting really close together.

"Spencer," Carly called again. "Come here, you've gotta see this!"

"See what?" Spencer dashed down the stairs. "Is Galaxy Wars on TV again- oh." He grinned. "That's too cute!"

Shaking her head, Carly replied, "Isn't it? Now get your bags, we've got to go."

"Fine, Mom!" Spencer retorted, heading back up the stairs.

"I don't act like a mom," Carly pouted. "Do I? I don't nag! I'm a kind, caring person."

Groaning in frustration, Carly decided it was time for Sam and Freddie to wake up. "SAM! FREDDIE! GET UP!"

Freddie, of course, woke up immediately. "NO, MOM! I DON'T WANT ANY PRUNE- wait, what?" He looked around sheepishly at the apartment. Then, after feeling the weight on his shoulder, he glanced down. "Why is Sam on my shoulder?"

"You tell me," Carly teased, smirking. "You guys fell asleep. We're heading to the airport soon."

"Shouldn't Sam wake up too?" Freddie questioned.

Carly nodded. "I've got it covered." Holding up a piece of ham, Carly yelled, "Sam, if you wake up now, you can have this ham!"

Sam's eyes flew open immediately. "Ham? Where?" Greedily, she grabbed the ham, then glanced beside her. "Gross! Why am I touching the dork?"

"I don't know," Carly grinned. "Now get up, lazy, we've got to go!"


Five Hours Later

"Welcome!" boomed an bald, tall but heavy man once they arrived at the studio. "You must be the iCarly team! Welcome to Johnson Studio!"

Another shorter guy with more hair looked at them. "You must be Sam and Freddie." He motioned to the blonde and the brunette. "But the other two I can't bring myself to remember. I mainly pay attention to you two-you're hilarious!"

"Thanks," replied a bemused Sam. "But they're Carly and Spencer. And Frednub isn't that funny."

"Excuse me!" Freddie protested. "I happen to think I'm funny."

"Yeah, too bad no one else 'happens to think that'," Sam informed him, elbowing him in the gut.

Freddie glared at her. "Hey, that's impolite!"

"Since when did I care?" Sam rolled her eyes.

The heavyset bald man cracked up. "See, this is what we're talking about. Oh, I'm terribly sorry; I've forgotten to introduce myself again. I'm Mr. Herald Johnson, the one who wrote you the e-mail."

"And I'm Mr. Trevor Johnson, his baby brother," added the shorter guy.

"Now, as for the details of your stay," Mr. Johnson continued. "We've decided to divide you up a little differently this time- Sam and Freddie, Kailee and…um…Jonas Brother Lookalike."

"My name is Spencer," Spencer reminded him. "And I don't look like a Jonas Brother!"

"Ah, yes," remarked Mr. Johnson.

"I am not staying with the dork!" protested Sam. "Can't you just do it boys and girls?"

"What's the fun in that?" Mr. Johnson grinned evilly. A shiver ran down Sam's spine. Something wasn't right here. "Now, do you want to stay here or not? Just accept that you'll be staying with the dork."

Defeated, Sam slumped down against the wall. "Fine. Whatever."

"Here are your room keys," The younger Mr. Johnson told them, handing them small pieces of plastic. With a wink, he finished, "Enjoy your time here!"


"Something's not right here," Sam told Freddie after they'd arrived at their room and unpacked.

"Obviously," grumbled the boy. "They think it's fun to make me share a room with you."

Sam shook her head distractedly. "No, dork, not just that. I just have this feeling that something's up here. Something... a conspiracy, a plot. This isn't just a movie studio."

"What do you mean?" Freddie inquired, arching a dark brow. "What ulterior motive could they have other than checking us out for their movie?"

Stretching out on her bed, Sam explained, "Think about it, Frednub. Have you ever heard of this movie studio before they sent us that e-mail?"

Freddie thought for a second. "No."

"Exactly," Sam nodded, then continued. "So, this random movie studio we've never heard of before sends us an e-mail, saying that they want us to come down to their resort so they can 'check us out' for a movie. They offer to pay for everything, rent, food, airfare, the whole chiz. Then, once they get there, they put me in a room with you, and then give us a wink when they tell us to 'have fun'."

After a second, Freddie remarked, "It sounds pretty suspicious once you put it that way."

"Exactly!" Sam laid flat on her bed for a second. Then she jumped up. "Come on, Fredly."

"Come where?" Freddie wondered nervously.

Sam's face twisted into her normal evil smile. "We're gonna go exploring."

Freddie's eyes widened. "Sam, no! That's illegal…and wrong…and…"

"So?" Sam shrugged. "Let's do it!"

Groaning, Freddie relented and allowed her to pull him up. "Fine, let's go…"


The first thing they came across was a book, with the words DO NOT OPEN scrawled in messy handwriting across the front cover.

Brushing off the dust, Sam commanded, "Let's open it!"

"What?" Freddie exclaimed. "Why would we do that? Look, there's a warning- DO NOT OPEN! It's telling us not to open it, so let's not open it!"

"Aw, come on, live a little, Fredward," Sam replied. Swatting his hand off the cover where he was holding it shut, she opened the cover of the book.

Without warning, red sirens flashed from corners of the room. All four doors slammed shut and locking noises were heard. Darts came flying towards them. Shielding herself with the thick book, Sam curled up in a little ball. "Shield yourself, Frednub!" He also curled up and hid his head.

Once the storm of darts was over, they both crawled out. "Okay….that was surprising."

"No, it wasn't," Freddie retorted. "It says DO NOT OPEN and you opened it. That might be a sign that something bad would happen."

"Well, at least I still have the book!" Sam beamed. "Let's read this baby!"

To both of their surprise, at first glance the book appeared to be nothing special, at least nothing that anyone would want to hide. It seemed to be a check-in registry, common to hotels such as the one that they were in.

The page they were on contained two columns- Couples and Extras to Get Rid of.

The first column contained: Hermione Granger & Ron Weasley, Zuko & Katara, Belle & The Beast, Quinn Pensky & Logan Reese, Beck Oliver & Jade, Noah Puckerman & Quinn Fabray, Buzz & Jesse, Jimmy Neutron & Cindy Vortex, Sonny Munroe & Chad Dylan Cooper, Percy Jackson & Annabeth Chase, Arnold & Helga, Josh and Mindy, Massie Block and Derrick Harrington…the list went on and on.

"Who are these people?" Sam asked. Crumbs from the cookie she'd been munching on flew all over Freddie.

"Hermione and Ron….HARRY POTTER!" Freddie's face lit up. "Remember, they got together at the end of the series."

"Oh, I know those two," Sam replied with an eye roll. "But I'd always liked Draco and Hermione better. Draco's my favorite character."

"Figures he would be," Freddie rolled his eyes back. "You guys are a lot alike. You'd both be in Slytherin, you both are evil, you both have blonde hair, you both enjoy hurting others, you both…"

Sam cut him off. "And you have a lot in common with Hermione. You both are kind of dorky, you both love to read, you both get teased a lot…."

"Anyway," Freddie cut in. "Next. Zuko and Katara, who are they?"

"Avatar!" Sam burst out. "I loved that show as a kid! I'd always wanted them together. They fought all the time, but they still cared about one another. But what the heck is the next one? Belle and the Beast?"

Freddie's face crumpled in confusion. "They stayed here?"

"Thought they were cartoons," Sam mused. "Well, so are Zuko and Katara."

"Yeah, true. Next- Quinn Pensky and Logan Reese," Freddie's face twisted in confusion. "Who are they?"

"Malcolm Reese has a son, right?" Sam questioned. "And yeah- his name is Logan! But who's Quinn?"

"Wait, I think I read a magazine article about his family once….and it mentioned that his son has a girlfriend named….QUINN!" Freddie exclaimed.

"Another couple," Sam said disdainfully. "All right, next, Beck Oliver and Jade West…"

Freddie's eyeballs enlarged. "Oh my Justin Bieber! Remember them? We went to their school…and you got in a fight with Jade…"

"And they were dating, dork, remember?" Sam hissed. "But they were so different, Beck was so nice and Jade was so tough…"

"They came here?" Freddie inquired. He and Sam exchanged a look that meant what the HECK is going on here?

"Next," Sam continued, a little frightened. "Noah Puckerman and Quinn Fabray."

Freddie looked confused again. "Who are they?"

"GLEE, LOSER!" Sam held up the "Glee" sign to her forehead as she stared at him. His expression stayed confused, and she scowled. "You seriously don't know Glee?"

"I know what it is," Freddie muttered. "But I've never seen it. My mom says it's inappropriate."

"You seriously need to watch it," Sam informed him. "We'll watch it when- if- we ever get home. But, Noah is like this seriously bad kid that always goes to juvie and stuff, a bully, kinda like me. And Quinn is sort of smart, more levelheaded, but she messes up sometimes- she got pregnant. However, she has values and is a Christian. Sort of like you, except you're not pregnant…I hope. But yeah, they always fight. Now, next…Buzz and Jesse."

"Toy Story!" Freddie's face lit up. "Man, I love that movie!" Seeing the expression on Sam's face, he added, "Um…I used to love that movie…when I was a kid."

"Yeah, okay," Sam scowled. "So, who are Buzz and Jesse?"

Freddie's face looked confused. "You've never seen Toy Story?"

"No, I didn't have much of a childhood, Count Dorkula," Sam informed him. "Just tell me who they are!"

"Buzz is a toy that's really conservative and kind of uptight, while Jesse is more easygoing and free," Freddie told her. "Jesse also likes to make fun of Buzz sometimes."

"Hmm," Sam crunched some more on her food. "Next, Jimmy Neutron and Cindy Vortex. That's the kid with the ice cream swirl hair, right?"

"Yeah," Freddie replied. "You know, I loved them together. They were always fighting, that blonde girl Cindy was always making up nicknames for Jimmy, because she thought he was such a dork. He was though. And Cindy was kind of tough-"

"Yeah, Jimmy started out liking that girl Betty, didn't he?" Sam remembered. Her mouth went dry as she thought about the similarities between her situation and theirs.

"Yep. But he ended up falling in love with Cindy…" Freddie trailed off, then cleared his throat. "Okay, next. Sonny Munroe and Chad Dylan Cooper…who are they?"

Sam groaned. "That's one of those girly cliché shows on Dingo Channel, one that Carly watches."

"So, who are they?" Freddie prodded.

"Sonny is this super sugary sweet girl that's always happy, and Chad Dylan Cooper is this stuck-up, snobby, self-obsessed boy," Sam explained, groaning. "They're constantly fighting."

A thought popped into Freddie's head then. Without thinking about it, Freddie blurted, "That seems to be the common tie, doesn't it? Teasing or fighting? At least before the couple got together, if not after."

He watched as a dark red blush spread over Sam's face. The blonde stared at the ground before looking up to meet his confused brown eyes. "Yeah…it does. Hey, what's the next one? Percy Jackson and… Annabeth Chase? Who are they?"

"They're in a book series, so I suppose you wouldn't know," Freddie snickered. "They're from the series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and are both the children of Greek gods. Their parents, Athena and Poseidon, are enemies, so at first they don't get along at all. Then, after Annabeth helps Percy out, they become friends. Annabeth still always calls Percy names though. And at the end of the book, they end up getting together."

"I think we get the point now," Sam whispered. She looked a little afraid. "Look at the facts, Frednub. All of these people started out hating each other, then they became friends…"

"And then they became more," Freddie finished. He glanced over at Sam, who was biting her lip.

"Don't you see it, dork?" She burst out finally. "The similarities. 'I hate you'? Come on! All of these people….well, most of them…ended up together, and they all came here."

"You don't think that this place had something to do with it, do you?" Freddie wondered. "And you don't think we…?"

"Look," Sam motioned to the book, to the last names in the column. Sam Puckett & Freddie Benson. "WE'RE the couple."

"What about Carly and Spencer?" Freddie inquired.

Both of their gazes traveled to the next column, which had another list of names under the heading Extras to Get Rid of. There was Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Aang, Mai, Gaston, Tori Vega, Rachel Berry, Finn Hudson, Woody…the list went on and on. Then, right at the bottom were the names Carly Shay and Spencer Shay.

"G-get rid of?" Freddie choked.

"What do they mean, get rid of?" Sam roared. Glancing around the room quickly, she took in the locked doors. "We've got to get out of here!"

Eyes wide, Freddie questioned, "How? The doors are all locked!"

"Do you have a hairpin or anything sharp?" Sam begged.

"Here, I've got a pocketknife," Freddie offered. Taking it, Sam walked over to the door and jiggled it around in the lock a few times.

"Kay, we're out," Sam announced. "Now, let's make a break for it- oh, crap."

Out of the newly opened doorway entered two big security guards, along with the two Johnson brothers. They both glared at Sam and Freddie.

"Wh-what do you want?" Freddie stuttered.

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