iMake a Movie Part 2

"What do you think we want?" The elder brother responded. "You've seen our book, our list of our prized inhabitants. They've all given us what we want. Now it's your turn."

Refusing to lose her fighting spirit, Sam snapped, "What exactly do you want?"

"Kiss Freddie," The younger brother answered.

"So, what, you guys are like rabid Seddie fans or something?" Sam shot back.

"Sam Puckett, if you ever want to get out of here, you'll kiss Freddie," The elder Johnson yelled. "And don't even think that you can take us. We have guards set up all over, not to mention the two in here. You could never take them all."

Sighing in defeat, Sam muttered, "Fine." She leaned over and placed her lips on Freddie's.

She didn't know what to do from there. His lips were wet and slimy. They tasted like cucumbers, probably a result of his mother's cooking. Though many talk about 'sparks' and 'fireworks' when kissing someone, this wasn't much of a kiss. But there was something there that made her not want to pull away.

After she finally pulled away, she looked them directly in their beady eyes. "There. I've done what you wanted. Now will you let us go?"

"Where are Carly…and…um, Spencer?" demanded Freddie, who still couldn't think straight.

"We have them, they're completely safe," The two offered in reassurance. "Now, we'll let them go after you complete one final challenge. We're going to give you a map, and you will have to find a treasure by working together. There will be NO hints. Once you have found the treasure, you will be released. Have fun!"

A map was thrown into Freddie's hands, and he glanced down at it. Sam looked over his shoulder, her hand lightly resting there. "Read the map, Freducation."

"Well, first we have to get one of the doors open," Freddie told her. "And- wait, this isn't a map at all! It's more like a series of clues, a treasure hunt of sorts, based on iCarly…scratch that, Seddie…trivia!"

Choose the door with the Seddie number on it.

"Seddie number?" Freddie's face twisted in confusion. "What in the world? I didn't know there was a Seddie number."

"Kay, let's look at the doors, nub," Sam slapped his arm. "So we've got… 7, 3, 8 and 9."

"So, think about it," Freddie mused for a second. "Wait, our kiss!"

Sam's eyes lit up. "8 seconds! But wait, how would that guy know about it?"

"iCarly fans are stalkers," Freddie told her dismissively. "Okay, just pick the lock!"

After Sam picked the lock, a piece of paper fell off the top of the door.

Good job! Your next task is to pick the side that is painted the Seddie color.

Looking around, the two realized that one side was purple and the other side was green. Confused, the two looked down at their shirts.

"Well, I'm wearing blue," Freddie pointed out.

"And I'm wearing red," Sam informed him.

"And together they make purple," The two said in unison.

Freddie nodded. "So purple it is then?"

"Sure," Sam replied.

They began walking down the hallway. Though at first glance it appeared to be short, the hallway was actually quite long, and the two were starting to get tired when finally they found another note.

Good decoding skills. Glad you two know what color you're wearing. Next, you should go through the window that has the official Seddie pattern on it.

"What the chiz?" Sam exclaimed. "What in the name of Drake Bell is a Seddie pattern? How obsessed are these people?"

"Too obsessed," Freddie seconded. Frowning, he examined the window. "So, we've got a striped window, a window with a diamond pattern, and a window with smiley faces all over it."

Sam peered at it. "I'd say stripes."

"Stripes?" Freddie's brow creased in confusion. "Why stripes? What does that have to do with us?"

"Well, Fredalupe," Sam answered slowly. "Think about it. What pattern are you wearing now?"

Slowly, Freddie looked down. "…Stripes?"

"Yeah, stripes," Sam kept going. "And you know, stripes are the pattern that I hate most. But whenever you wear stripes, for some twisted reason, I've never said a thing about it. Also, the night we…um, kissed or whatever, I was wearing stripes and so were you."

Freddie blushed. "Um, makes sense. Let's go. Can you get the window off its hinges?"

"Sure thing," Sam replied. And with a pole that was lying on the ground, she yanked the window right off. It fell right into Freddie's arm. Sam cracked up. "Stop romancing the window, Fredward. We've got places to go!"

Burning red, Freddie set the window down carefully, since even when he was in the midst of a competition he still remembered his mother's rule: "Don't break glass or you'll cut your….arm."

"I'm coming," an embarrassed Freddie informed her, following her out the window and into a forest.

Nice job, you adorable couple ;), you've passed all of our tests so far. Here's a tricky one (NOTE THE SARCASM). Go down the path that has the Seddie food in a barrel at the front.

"Seddie food?" Sam exclaimed hungrily. "Sounds good to me! Lemme see what foods there are!"

The blonde dashed to the first path, yelled, "HAMBURGERS!" At the second came a loud "HAM!" and at the third, "FRIED CHICKEN!"

"Well, this is obvious," Sam said, mouth full of ham.

Freddie shot her a what in the world are you talking about look. "How so?"

"Fried chicken, obviously," Sam slapped Freddie's shoulder.

"Why is it fried chicken?" Freddie asked, twisting his hands in confusion.

Guilty, Sam stared at the leafy ground. "Doesn't matter. Just go down this one and trust me."

"How can I trust you?" Freddie wondered. "You won't even tell me why."

"JUST COME ON!" Sam linked her fingers through Freddie's. "We're going, loser." She dragged him down the path marked by the barrel of fried chicken, holding in her other hand a barrel with meat. Finally, once they arrived at the end, there was another note.

Sam, nice thinking. Seems we've figured you out pretty well, eh? Alright, a few more clues to go along with the Seddie number (8, remember?). Here's the next- walk towards the radio that's playing the Seddie song. Trust us, you'll know it when you hear it.

"Okay," Freddie said. "You go towards that radio; I'll go to this one. Yell if you have the Seddie Song."

The radio Freddie walked towards was playing '1, 2, 3, 4," by the Plain White T's. Though he loved the song, he couldn't imagine what it had to do with him and Sam. Sam yelled from the other side, "GOT IT! GET OVER HERE, FREDALUPE!"

Quickly, Freddie ran to the other side. He heard, "I keep running away, even from the good things…"

"Yeah, that's the Seddie song," said a breathless Freddie. "But how did they know?"

"Who knows?" Sam shrugged. "I told ya, these people are stalkers. Now, see, there's a note on top of it."

Bet you're wondering how we knew that, right? Well, you're not going to find out. Here's the next clue- go inside the trunk of the tree with your favorite iCarly extra to do on it. Be honest, we know.

"Wake Up Spencer," The two replied in unison immediately after reading it. They then exchanged confused looks, but just shrugged and walked to the tree that had WAKE UP SPENCER carved messily on it. The tree turned out to be an elevator, and as they rode up, Sam asked, "So how come Wake Up Spencer is your favorite iCarly extra to do?"

"I don't know," Freddie told her, blushing a little bit.

Once they arrived at the top, another note was seen.

Go down the bridge with the Seddie word on it.

There was no note of encouragement or words of congratulations. Exchanging confused looks, they looked at the two bridges. One said chiz while the other said jank.

"What the chiz?" They both exclaimed together. With a smile at each other, they (once again in unison) said, "Definitely chiz."

So, being careful to avoid falling off, they carefully walked down the bridge marked CHIZ. Once they were there, a soundproof dark wall fell between them, separating the two of them. They each had the same note resting in front of them.

Now it's time to make a choice. There are two doors in front of you, Seddie and Creddie. Which one do you want to happen? If you pick Creddie, the other one will never know. It's all up to you now.

At first, Freddie's thoughts were somewhere along the lines of, Of course Creddie. Why would I pick Seddie? But then he remembered all of the good times that the competition had brought up with Sam. He bit his lip in confusion and tried to clear his mind, but all he could think about was I keep running away…even from the good things…

Then a thought popped into his head. What if this was a ploy? What if he picked Creddie and then he was eliminated? What if Carly and Spencer were eliminated because of him? What if Sam was eliminated? The only safe choice was Seddie.

He walked through the door, still trying to convince himself that this was the reason why he'd picked Seddie.

Sam's thoughts were much different. On one hand, she seriously loathed Creddie. It makes me want to puke up blood, she thought. She remembered the rage that had been flowing through her veins whenever Freddie would lean over and kiss Freddie.

But on the other hand, she didn't think that she had feelings like that for Freddie. I mean, sure, they'd had a lot of good times together. But still, she still had the feeling that if she and Freddie got together, it just wouldn't work out. They were always so dysfunctional.

Still, it was better than Creddie. Creddie just sounds kind of like crud.

Nodding her head, she recollected her thoughts and walked through the door marked Seddie at the same time that Freddie did.

On the other side, the tunnels behind the doors merged. Sam and Freddie were reunited.

"What door did you choose?" Sam whispered.

"I don't wanna tell you," Freddie replied, turning horribly red. "Come on, let's just follow this tunnel to the end."

Once they got to the end, they were surprised to see Carly, Spencer, the Johnson brothers, and a whole bunch of people they didn't know.

"CARLY! SPENCER!" Sam and Freddie flung themselves at their best friends. "What is going on here? What…who are those people? Wait, Beck, Jade!"

"Hey, Freddie! Sam!" Beck greeted them with an earnest smile.

Jade just glared at him. "I can't believe I got dragged here for something as corny as this."

"What do you mean?" Freddie asked, the smile falling off his face.

"Congratulations!" Mr. Johnson told them. "You both chose Seddie! You win!"

"What do we win? The release of Carly and Spencer?" Sam wondered.

"AND you guys are starring in a movie," The older Mr. Johnson added.

Sam's face lit up. "Awesome! When do we start filming?"

Sonny Munroe, one of the people in the audience, cracked up. "Oh, man! You guys are so funny!"

"What do you mean?"Freddie wondered.

"You've already filmed it," The younger Mr. Johnson informed them. "That whole thing wasn't just us being cruel. It was a movie, the new movie of the year- iSeddie!"

"That was the movie?" Sam asked, dumbfounded. Turning to her brunette best friend, she asked, "Carly, did you know about this?"

"Yeah," Carly admitted. "But I figured it would be more fun to let you guys do it yourselves."

"Well, congrats, Carls, it worked," Freddie scowled.

"But it did!" Carly exclaimed. "Come on, you both picked Seddie! Freddie doesn't like me anymore. You guys are so cute together, I mean, look."

Looking down, Sam and Freddie noticed that their hands were intertwined. Blushing, they reluctantly pulled them apart. "Doesn't mean anything."

"Sure, it doesn't," said a brunette, bushy-haired girl- Hermione Granger. "That's what I used to convince myself that I wasn't in love with Ron. Too bad it didn't work."

"You honestly think that I'm in love with this nub?" Sam asked dubiously.

As if they were one person, everyone but Sam and Freddie yelled, "YES!"

"Okay then." Sam stepped back, a bit dizzy, and fell into Freddie. To keep her from falling, he wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"Well, we'll be going now," Freddie muttered. He also felt a bit messed up.


Five Months Later

"Sam!" Freddie banged on the door of the bathroom. "Sam, hurry up! The limo to the premiere is leaving in five minutes!"

"I'm almost done," yelled Sam. "Wait one second."

Rolling his eyes, Freddie wondered, "How come it takes so long for girls to get ready?"

"Because we're awesome," Sam replied, bursting out of the bathroom.

"Sam!" Freddie's eyes widened, taking in her silver dress and earrings that Carly and Melanie had probably forced onto her. "You look amazing!"

"Thanks, boytoy," Sam grinned, looping an arm around his neck roughly. "Now, come on. We've got a premiere of iSeddie to get to."

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