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Jake Adams sat nursing his drink. He had been sitting there in this seedy place for almost an hour, waiting. He knew they would be sending someone in for a couple of days. He wished he didn't have to put in the request. Time was of the essence he needed someone right away.

He had been working on this case for three months already, three long months. He only had a few days to go and it would be done. He needed a girlfriend and fast.

He looked at his watch, it was time. He swallowed the rest of drink and walked out of bar. Crossing the street to the bus station, he stood and waited. Within a few minutes the bus pulled in, he watched the passengers exit. He saw her. Why the hell did they send her?

"I just can't stand the sight of him." Traci said.

"Who?" Jerry asked.

"Callaghan." She motioned to the other side of the bar where Andy and Luke where standing together.

Jerry sighed, Traci did not have a good opinion of Luke lately and always seemed to have something derogatory to say about him. "What did he do now?"

"Don't you see the way he treats her?"

"Traci that's their relationship, you can't get involved. If that's what Andy wants…"

"Who knows what she is thinking anymore." She said cutting Jerry off. "I wish Sam were here, this wouldn't be going on if he was, I know that much."

"I think she made her feelings pretty plain on that. She wanted Luke, besides Traci you are getting excited over nothing."

"Nothing? Do you see her arm? That looks like hand print to me."

"So, she could have gotten that on the job."

She looked at him and raised her brow. "I seriously doubt a perp would have done that to her. God I wish I could get her away from him for a while and snap her out of it."

"You may get your wish."

Traci looked at him puzzled. "What does mean exactly?"

"Something happened today on Sammy's assignment, Frank didn't want to go into detail yet but he asked me if I thought McNally could handle going under with Sammy for a couple of days."

"What did you say?"

"I said yes."

"Will she have a choice you think?"

"Maybe, why?" He asked.

"Because if she's given a choice I'm not sure she'll want to go."

Andy stood in the Black Penny, they had stopped in so that Luke could talk to Matthews about a case. They didn't often go to the Penny anymore, Luke thought it was too far of a drive after work.

Since they had moved out to the house he bought, her life had changed drastically. She didn't have a lot of time to spend with her friends. First there was the move, then settling in and decorating. Luckily Luke had been able to pull some strings and maneuvered Andy's shifts so that they usually worked the same days and times. She didn't care, it was easier this way, easier to just go with the flow. Luke liked everything a certain way and she preferred to just follow his lead.

Andy touched Luke's arm as Detective Matthews stepped away from them to retrieve the drink he ordered. "Since you are talking business, I see Traci and Jerry, I'm going to go over…"

"Do you have to?" Luke asked. "I'm almost done here and I'd rather leave as soon as we can."

"Ah..sure, no problem."

Andy looked across the bar and waved to Traci and Jerry. Traci motioned for her to come over to them. Andy pointed to her watch and shook her head. She mouthed 'sorry' across the bar. Traci looked disappointed, Andy felt so guilty she had to look away. She stood looking around the bar, wishing he was here. Sitting have a drink after shift, talking to Shaw or Williams. Three months she thought, were has that time gone? "Ready?" she heard Luke say.

She looked up and smiled at him. "Sure let's go."

As they left Andy waved to her friend, she felt bad. She had been working mostly desk duty now that Traci was back on patrol. Luke said he worried about her too much and preferred that she work desk most days. When she did go out on patrol she was mostly partnered with Noelle, something she thought Luke might have had a hand in as well.

He was quiet on the way home so she sat and looked out the passenger window watching the scenery go by. She was still thinking about Traci and avoiding her tonight. She could have spoke up and said to Luke that she was going over to say hello anyway. Even if it meant she would see that look on his face.

Traci did not like Luke and Andy knew that, she probably would have said something about him if she had joined them. She suspected that Luke knew that as well. So she just avoided the situation all together. Just make it easier for him, keep him happy, if he's happy then I'm happy.

She tried not to think about Sam. He walked out of her life three months ago. One day he was just gone. It was better this way. The last time that they had spoken both had said some pretty harsh things. Things she has regretted for three months.

She had no idea where he was sent to, she didn't dare ask. She looked over at Luke, he glanced back at her and smiled. "Lost in thought?" he said.

"I was just thinking about Traci, I feel like I should have gone over to say hello at least."

"Andy you know that Traci doesn't like me. She's a bad influence; it's best that you just stay away from her. She can't handle her own relationships; first she's with that guy, her son's father then back with Jerry. She has no business giving you advice on our relationship."

When Andy didn't say anything Luke reached down and pulled her hand to his lips. He kissed her hand and gently squeezed, "Besides I like having you all to myself."

Frank sat looking at the shell of what once was Andy McNally, he called her into the office this morning. He didn't like what had happening over the last months. When Luke approached him about Andy's shifts he told him no. So Luke called in a few favors and went over Frank's head. Frank was not the kind of guy to forget easily.

"You wanted to see me Sir?" she asked.

"Yep, something just came up yesterday, I was wondering how you felt about a little bit of undercover work?"

"Oh well…I haven't thought it. I've mostly been on desk duty since the last time."

"Yes, I know." She always got the feeling Frank did not like Luke's arrangement. "Since that worked out so well the last time I figured you shouldn't have a problem with this assignment."

"Oh?" She started to feel a bit queasy, "well what would I be doing?"

"Sam's case is going to wrap up here shortly and I need you go in. He needs someone to pose as his girlfriend. You don't have a problem with that, do you McNally?"

"No, I can do it." Since you put it like that, do I have a choice?

"Good, I'm sending you over to be briefed on the situation. You'll be meeting up with Sam at a bus station tonight at 7pm tonight. You don't have much time so you better get going."

"Ok well I'll stop and talk to Luke…"

"McNally, you don't have a lot of time. I'll talk to Luke, you need to leave now. Shaw's waiting for you, he's going to drive you over to your house to get your clothes and then to headquarters. You're to meet with Detective Burrows, he'll give you all the info."

"Yes Sir." She said standing, "and thank you Sir."

Frank watched her leave, he couldn't wait to call Luke.