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He stood outside waiting.

He hit Luke, once…it wasn't enough, not nearly enough, but it had to be. He wasn't going to hit him at all, he didn't promise her but he was going to try. Then Luke walked in and this overwhelming desire to hurt him ran straight through Sam. Rage, that's what it was.

How could you say something about your own girlfriend like that? Damn, it was true but still? He didn't know that, she wasn't his love, his life; she was just a possession that got away from him briefly.

He saw that way Luke looked at her, trying to recast that spell on her. That's why he spoke up and walked out. It was taking a big gamble but he wanted her to see him leave, hopefully that would give her the strength to get past this and come to him.

And you were afraid too…admit it…

Hell yeah!

This had all been so frustrating, how do you stand in a room full of people while letting one person decide whether or not you are going to be happy. How do you put so much faith in someone, giving them that much power over your happiness? It isn't by choice that's for sure, if it was by choice he would have moved on as soon as she backed off that day in the parking lot. Or the night she and Dov took Sadie in that warehouse. He would have just grabbed his keys and left with Shaw instead of agreeing to fix Marie's plumbing. Or…Christ, should have, could have, would have…when your body, your mind and your heart fits so perfectly with someone else…you have no choices. There is only one option, stand here and wait…wait for her to come out and tell you what your fate is.

Marriage, babies, birthdays, holidays he wanted it all with her…never thought about that stuff before, never cared, never met anyone that could tempt him to want that stuff until now…and now he still wasn't sure it was his.

Maybe this was God punishing him for not caring enough. For not committing to someone before; for being selfish. But was it really selfish? Why would you want to make someone believe that they could have a life with you when in reality it wasn't possible? Wasn't that really being a 'stand up' guy? Not leading anyone on. Christ I'm making myself dizzy.

You can rationalize it, dissect it, and analyze it over and over, didn't matter. He wanted her. She was his just as sure as he was hers. He would always be hers.

This was him…sitting in the Sundown once again…waiting for her to come to him.

When he left the sally port and went to his locker to grab his truck keys and the personal belongings he left there. He went straight out to the long-term parking and picked up his truck. He pulled up outside of the station's back door and parked. Got out the leaned against it.

He hoped that she understood that when he said she would know where he was. He would be out here, waiting to take her home, his home.

He would forever remember that little apartment above the Sundown as the place where he found his home. Not the building, the structured house he lived in, but the place where his heart lived, with her.

He heard the back door of the station open and close. He didn't look up until he heard her voice call his name.

Luke tried to get her to change her mind, ran through his whole list of Sam's misdeeds. Andy had heard them all before, she was unmoved. At some point he realized it and agreed to the deal. She just wanted out, she wanted to start her new life, her new life with Sam.

Just the thought made her catch her breath. She could be with him now, freely.

Andy sat in the locker room, her suitcase at her feet. Her father said he was going over the viewing room to listen in while Burrows talked to Tremont. He would be there if she needed him.

It was strange, she thought, she grew up with that man and yet she felt closer to her father now more than ever. She never realized just how much his drinking had really affected her; being with Luke was like being with her father when he was drunk. Trying to keep him happy at any cost to yourself, just so you could live peacefully.

That was not the case with Sam; she did not tiptoe around him. She could give just as good as she got. That thought made her smile. All the fighting and the loving this past weekend, she shook her head…that's what it's about. Being able to stand toe to toe with the one you love knowing you may be fighting right now but you'll be loving just as hard later.

She loved him so much, even when he infuriated her. He would push and she would pull and then nothing else mattered but being together.

That man, why was I so blind for so long? It took thinking she had lost him to finally make her realize just how much he meant to her.

That was her fault too, she should have stood her ground back then and not let him walk out the door and leave her. Damn if he should try to do that to her now, even today she understood why he left, he wasn't running…he was waiting.

He is waiting, she thought. She jumped up, closed her locker door, grabbed her suitcase and walked out.

She reached the back door and walked out into the night air. There he was, leaning against his truck. Her heart caught, she was shaking. She put down her case. He didn't look up, He's just as scared as I am, she said to herself for reassurance.

"Sam?" she said quietly.

He looked up at her. His face was unreadable. "Well?" he asked.

"I…I broke up with Luke…I don't think he's going to be a problem. You hit him?"

"I tried, I really tried not to but…well…it's not important now why…but I'm sorry I couldn't hold back. He had it coming, for a lot of things. I'm sorry." He finally stood straight up but he didn't move towards her. He just kept watching her.

She didn't know what to do; now that the time was here…she was paralyzed. They stood there for what seemed eternity before he said, "Andy, come here."

She took one step forward and so did he; then another and they were in each other's arms. They just held on to each other for a moment. She felt his lips by her ear. He kissed her ear and then her cheek. She turned her head and their lips met. It was sweet and soft, like two people kissing for the first time.

He pulled away and asked, "Lets go, alright?"

She nodded and he moved to grab her suitcase. He reached for her hand and led her to his truck. He put her case in the back with his bags and opened the passenger door for her. He got in and started the truck. They pulled out of the parking lot.

"Does your dad know where you are going?" He remembered that she asked to stay with him after this.

"Yes, he knows." There was a strange air between them. Sam seemed to be keeping a tight control on himself. She didn't know what he was thinking.

He drove them to his house in relative silence.

They arrived at his house, he opened the garage door and parked. Cutting off the engine he didn't dare look at her yet. He turned and opened his door and walked around to open hers. They both got out and walked to the entrance to the house.

Sam opened the door and turned, he grabbed her so fast and pulled her into the house, that she let out a squeal of surprise. He kicked the door closed and he was on her. "Damn it Andy…" he said between kisses. "I need you."

She pushed him back for a moment "I need you to." She said and reached to slide his jacket off. He did the same for her. They reached for each other again, kissing while they both kicked off their shoes. They reached for the other's shirts, pulling them off.

He surprised her again by picking her up off of her feet and carried her through the house straight to his bedroom. He let her stand there while he striped off the coverlet from the bed and threw it on the floor. "That thing has got to be dusty." He said absent-mindedly. He reached for her again.

He undid the hooks of her bra and pulled it off. Naked chest met naked chest, they both moaned at the contact. He pulled her in for another kiss, running his tongue across her bottom lip asking to be let in. Her tongue met his as she opened her mouth to him.

She lovingly rubbed the whiskers of his jaw regretting it would soon be gone, she loved the feel them on her skin. She was with him every step of the way, every touch, every caress pushing them further and further.

They finally fell across the bed together, parting only long enough for Andy to pull herself up to the pillow and Sam to move up next to her. He lay beside her, his hand around her waist. Both of them were breathing hard. "I was beginning to wonder." Andy said half-laughing.

He laughed too, "I had to focus on getting us home or otherwise we would have been naked in the front seat of the truck. Not really the greatest of ideas…at least not parked that close the back door of the station." He breathed. "And you know I was nervous as hell."

"Actually I had no idea what you were thinking." She sounded relieved.

"I have never been so scared in my life." He said sheepishly.

"Me too. I walked out there and it was like meeting you for the first time, if that makes sense?"

"It does," he said, "maybe we should try to get to know each other better?"

She giggled, "You think?" she turned, rubbing her leg against his. "Sam I'd like to really get to know you better."

The rest of their clothes were gone, Sam rolled onto his back pulling Andy up to straddle him. She rested her hands on his chest and leaned down. She gave his a long wet kiss before settling against him and joining their bodies. "I love you." She said.

Sometime later Sam said. "I love you too."

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