Giggles,Cuddles,Toothy,Nutty,Flaky and Flippy were playing a game of Soccer in the park ,Toothy Crossed the ball to Flaky but Flaky ducked,causing the ball to land on her spiky flakes making a PING! sound. Flippy was reminded of his comrades being killed by enemy fire,and he flipped out! Evil Flippy tore off one of Flaky`s Spikes and jammed it into her stomach,directly hitting the heart,he ripped out the quill which was covered in blood and Flaky`s heart and threw it behind him,hitting Nutty in the face and penetrating his skull. Toothy started to run but Flippy,who had his bowie knife drawn, was right in front of him! With a quick slash Flippy had cut Toothy vertically in half,exposing his organs and bones. He turned round to see that Giggles and Cuddles had escaped but he saw Sniffles and Lumpy nearby with a chemistry set. Flippy sprinted to Sniffles and Lumpy and grabbed the nearest empty test tube and planted it into Lumpy`s neck,Ripping his windpipe open,Lumpy slowly choked to death. Flippy then turned his attention to Sniffles. Flippy forced a chemical into his mouth. his body started to swell up,moments later he exploded,leaving his guts on the ground. All the other happy tree friends had abandoned the park,leaving Evil Flippy on his own.

The ground was a carpet of blood when Flippy came to his senses. He surveyed the mess he had made. He had caused this? He couldn't of done this,surely? Flippy left the park,thinking it was a freak accident. Cuddles and Giggles came out of there hiding spot which was a secret clubhouse they had made so that they could hide from Flippy (he had flipped out so many times that they were used to going to this place and they always knew where it was...ALWAYS!.). Then they both thought of a brilliant idea... a BRILLIANT idea...Flippy was really going to pay...

"Welcome to meeting one of the Flippy Haters" Cuddles said,he looked round to see who was there "Giggles,Me,Toothy,Nutty,Sniffles,Lumpy...Where`s Flaky?" everyone looked round and said "She aint here!" cuddles sighed then said "probably smooching with Flippy" Toothy replied with a "First Victim?" Nutty relied with a "yeh"

Flaky was having a bath,she was thinking of the good time she had with Flippy a few hours ago,she had totally forgot about the Flippy Haters (not a good thing at all!.),she saw a figure in the distance "Flippy,is that you?" 'Flippy' replied with this "Yeah,wanna get in bed" Flaky was shocked "Are you sure?" 'Flippy merely said "Yup" so Flaky got out the bath,dried herself and walked up to him. She noticed he had something sharp in his hand "Flip..." that's all she could say before the 'sharp' object slashed her wrists and pinned her legs into the wall. Before she died she whispered "Flippy...How could you?" 'Flippy' Didn't reply,Flaky witnessed his 'boyfriend' laughing evily before she died...

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(If you're wondering it wasn't the real flippy who killed flaky)

I really like happy tree friends and am going to complete this story in rapid time!