Prologue: The Secret

BlueTiger321: Hello everyone! I'm back with another story. As with my previous one, I've decided to get into the holiday spirit and write one related to Christmas. And for the record, I am Catholic so yes, I do celebrate Christmas in case any of you were wondering (not that you would care). Well anyway, the story is of my own creation but all the characters used are property of their respectful owners. And I know that some of my other stories do seem a bit rushed but I promise I will try to take my time with this one, but my goal is to get it done before the holiday season. So I hope you all enjoy it!

It was the night before Christmas Eve in the fabled Toon City. All the famous cartoon, anime and video game characters were headed home to rest for another glorious day awaited them in the morning. Everywhere the streets were decorated with holiday streamers and the shops were filled with gifts wrapped up in boxes for display. Snow began to lightly fall from the sky and land on the snow already on the ground.

The lights in every building had been shut off while the street lamps were activated, casting lights through the darkness along with the silvery glow from the moon to aid the citizens on their way home. It was truly a sight to behold during the holidays.

But even though everyone was filled with Christmas joy, there was still a dark secret taking place in the streets. A man ran through an alleyway and had just entered the streets to find them deserted. A bag carrying a square object lay slung over his back, its weight pressing lightly against his body. He stopped momentarily by a street lamp to catch his breath both from running and carrying his mysterious package.

The light revealed he was a human dressed in a long black jacket with blue jeans and black boots. His blonde hair was cut short and his hazel eyes darted around to make sure he was alone. A blonde goatee also covered his chin to match his hair, giving him a much older appearance. His hands were covered with black gloves as they held the straps connected to the bag. As soon as air filled his lungs, he resumed his sprinting through the city.

As he ran, his thoughts ran wildly about what he was about to do. This would ultimately decide the fate of not only everyone in Toon City but perhaps every human being in the world. If he didn't act quickly then the consequences would be dire.

The man had eventually come to a bridge stretched across a mighty river. He stopped just after coming to the middle of the bridge under another street lamp. Looking around once more, he sighed in relief to find that no one was around to witness what he was about to do. The bag he carried was now set atop the stone ledge. Being extra cautious, he slowly reached into the bag and brought out what was inside. There in the man's hands was a brown box with a lock placed in the centre. The gold-plated metal around the lock and corners sparkled brightly in the light to make it feel like something precious. But the man knew that what was inside the box contained something terrible.

"This is it," he said. "I'm doing something I know is right. If not by some twist of fate, I never would've stumbled upon this and it might've been unleashed. What I've witnessed is something I would not wish on my worst enemy." A slight smirk came to his face for his reluctance in finding the object. "In a way, I'm lucky to have found it; because I can make sure it doesn't spread its insidious power. I wish there was some way I could've helped the girl who has fallen victim... But I can't put other people's lives at risk. I hope this damned thing will never fall into anyone's hands!"

With that, the man threw the box over the bridge and watched it fall into the river. He was glad the conditions weren't cold enough to cause the water to become frozen. The box plummeted and hit the water, making a big splash. As the man watched the box sink into the river, a smile crossed his face while he hoped it would remain out of anyone's reach for eternity. With his business concluded, he walked off the bridge with pride filling his heart.

The box was tossed around underwater as the current dragged it farther down the river. It wasn't long before the box smashed into the side of a rock that broke the lock over it. The force from the blow had also caused the box to re-surface over the water where it drifted until it settled into a large snow bank.

Not far away from the snow bank, an old woman named Agnes Skinner (The Simpsons) walked peacefully by herself down the street. She took in the sights with every step, hoping to get home as quickly as she could. Then she noticed something gleaming out of the corner of her eye. She paused to look around and see something by the river.

What Agnes saw was the metal of the box shining brightly in the moonlight as it stuck out from the snow bank. Feeling curious, the old woman stepped down to the river to find out what it was. Agnes reached the snow bank and knelt down to bring up the box. She placed her hands over the lid and carefully opened it.

Inside the box made Agnes gasp in wonder. Sitting in the box's frame was a snow globe with a silver base at the bottom. Inside the globe was a miniature city that looked almost identical to Toon City with a large Christmas tree in the middle. At the top of the tree was a golden star that seemed to shine with pure radiance. What Agnes seemed to overlook was at the base of the globe was a carved symbol of a cross with the top of a heart flipped upside-down at the bottom.

Agnes contemplated on her discovery. Narrowing her eyes she said, "Maybe you'll fetch a hefty price."

The old woman closed the box and took it with her on her way home. What she didn't realise was the snow globe's true purpose and why it was meant to never be found.

BlueTiger321: Well folks, there's the first part of my story. And for those of you wondering, you'll probably recognise that symbol on the snow globe and I'll explain about it in a later chapter. For now, I hope you liked it so please be sure to read and review!