Epilogue: Merry Christmas

BlueTiger321: All right, so welcome back! Now that Xemnas is gone for good, I say that we bring this story to a close. I hope you all enjoy this ending!

The flash of light ended, and everyone opened their eyes. Xemnas was nowhere to be seen as the sorcerer and his magic had been vanquished by the power of Merlin's counterspell. Strangely, the giant Santa that Naminé conjured remained and towered over everything as the symbol of the holiday for all to see. A cry of joy came from everyone's mouth to see that the evil threat that plagued their world was now nothing but a memory.

Aerrow flew down to CN Square while carrying BlueTiger321 and Naminé. The Sky Knight gently let them jump down to the pavement before landing and letting the last of his power dissipate. They had all done an incredible feat that seemed impossible to others, but they broke the boundaries for the sake of their worlds and it left them with a good feeling in their hearts. They all looked around to see that snow was falling from the sky that gently caressed their skin.

The others all flew down to join the three on the ground. The Storm Hawks converted their Skimmers back into vehicles while Stork set the Condor down on the street. Danny reverted back to human form when he and June were close to the ground, and they both landed with their shoes making a clicking sound. Appa growled a bit before touching down by Katara's command while the Avatar changed back to normal and landed safely with the others. Once they were all together, they revelled in what they accomplished.

"Dude!" said Finn. "That was totally the coolest thing I've ever seen!"

"It was definitely well worth everything we've been through today," said Aang.

"I'm just glad it's finally over," said Katara.

"Now we can enjoy the holiday in peace," said Piper.

"Yeah," said Stork while shivering. "Hopefully in a place that's warm!"

Aerrow turned around to gaze at the digital clock in the square. His eyes were wide when he saw it was midnight. "Hey guys, look!" he said. "It's now officially Christmas Day!"

Everyone looked at the clock as well, and they all smiled upon knowing that the holiday was finally here. A warm feeling now came to each of them as they could now spend Christmas time not just as friends, but as a family as well.

"All right!" said Sokka. "So what should we do first?"

"How about we go open our presents?" Junko suggested.

"Why don't we go playing in the park?" said June.

"Or maybe we could stay at home and drink some hot chocolate," said Danny.

The sound of a clearing throat interrupted everyone's thoughts and made them turn to Naminé. With a wide smile on her face, she looked at her new friends and said, "I know what we should do."

The girl closed her eyes while she focused all her thoughts. Everyone waited patiently for what she would do, wondering if she still had some of Xemnas's magic in her. Suddenly, blue dust began to sparkle around Naminé that quickly dispersed from her and headed through the entire square. Everyone looked astonished by the girl using her power. The magic dust danced around CN Square that changed its appearance. In an instant, giant candy canes lined the inside of the square with pine needle streamers connected to each of them. Snowmen and giant nutcrackers also formed right before everyone along with various gifts all wrapped up in boxes. The most glorious display was a giant ice rink had formed before the Christmas tree to allow everyone to skate.

Everyone was awed by what Naminé created. After what they all endured on this day, they all thought this was an excellent way to celebrate.

"Wow!" said Aerrow. "This is amazing!"

Finn looked at it oddly, thinking something bad might happen. "Nothing's gonna attack us, right?" he asked.

"No," said Zuko. "I think this is for real."

Radarr was so thrilled by everything that he gave an excited chirp and ran for the ice rink. The little guy was on all fours when he was on the icy surface but then panic struck his face when he remembered that he wasn't wearing skates. A shriek escaped his mouth as he slid into a snow pile, making everyone cringe at the sight. A moment later, Radarr stuck his head out of the snow with his eyeballs rolling in their sockets before stopping. Rather than never doing it again, he happily jumped out of the snow and chirped while going back on the ice.

While the furry co-pilot enjoyed himself, Aang turned to Naminé and said, "I'm glad we were able to help you."

The girl turned to everyone and said, "Well, this is my way of thanking you all for everything you've done. I hope now I'll get to spend Christmas with you... as my new friends."

Everyone smiled with delighted hearts and nodded in response. Naminé smiled back and laughed, happy to see that she was no longer alone on the holiday season.

BlueTiger walked out to address the girl and knelt down to her level. "Well," he said, "it looks like you finally have your perfect Christmas." The man then opened his eyes when she suddenly embraced him in a hug. BlueTiger blinked in surprise at first, but then smiled and wrapped his arms around Naminé to hug her as well.

The group smiled deeply at Naminé thanking the human for all he did. It ended when the two broke apart from each other, and then Aerrow turned to Piper. The Sky Knight felt his heart beating a mile a minute while he scratched the back of his head. Now he was going to convey his true feelings for his friend.

"Hey, Piper?" said the boy.

The crystal mage turned to her Sky Knight and said, "What is it, Aerrow?"

Aerrow's green eyes shifted around while he thought of the right words. Taking in a deep breath, he boldly said, "I was wondering that since you and I are so close, I wanted to know if..."

Piper knew where this was going. She smiled and held up her hand to halt Aerrow and then pointed upward. The boy complied and saw something dangling from a streamer suspended over them.

"Is that mistletoe?" said Aerrow.

In an instant, Piper leaned up and placed a kiss on Aerrow's lips. The Sky Knight was surprised at first, but then closed his eyes, brought Piper closer to him and kissed her in return. The other couples saw they were under the mistletoe as well, so Danny and June embraced each other and kissed while Aang and Katara did the same. Junko, Finn and Stork smiled at their friends. The Wallop saw he was also under the mistletoe with his friends so he wrapped his arms around Finn and Stork and tried to kiss them, but the Merb and sharpshooter tried to break out of Junko's grasp and avoid his slobbery lips.

A few seconds later, Aerrow and Piper broke away from each other while their friends followed after them. With a smile, Piper said, "Does that answer your question?"

Aerrow smiled back at her and said, "Yes, it does."

Toph broke the moment by saying, "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go enjoy Christmas!"

Everyone soon ran over to have a good time while BlueTiger stayed behind. The human watched as they all took part in Naminé's creations with great pleasure and it made him feel good about what he did for them in the time he spent in Toon City.

BlueTiger321 then addresses you, the reader, and says, "And so ends this tale. Our heroes have saved the day, and the girl finally got what she always wanted. I thank you all for reading, and I say Happy Holidays!"


BlueTiger321: Well folks, that's the end of my Christmas story! A big thank you goes out to all of you who read and left comments, and I wish you all the best on this holiday season! So until next time, be sure to read and review!