Hello people! This is my first ever NarutoxTeen Titans crossover! Hope you'll enjoy this! It's going to be very short, only a few chapters long.

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"There they are! Stop them now!"

Together, Naruto Uzumaki and his team charged forward like the wind, straining forward to the max. In front of them were their targets: two masked ninjas hopping from tree to tree with remarkable speed. Those two were on a mission, and the last thing Naruto and his team could afford to do was to fail this mission and condemn the whole of Konoha – and the entire ninja world to an unspeakable terror.

With Naruto were another seven ninjas: Sakura, Kakashi, Shikamaru, Sai, Neji and Hinata, Kiba and his dog Akamaru. All of them were gasping and panting with exertion as they tried to keep up the pace. They had been hoping to be able to stop their opponents from moving so far, but at the rate things were going, all they could do was keep up.

"They're getting further away!" Neji shouted.

"Damn!" Naruto hissed through his teeth angrily and took an extra huge leap onto the next branch. "Hurry! We can't lose them!"

"We're not letting them get away!" Kiba snapped. "No matter how far they go, we'll get them!"

The two masked ninjas made a sharp movement at that moment, angling away and upwards with such speed that even Neji and Hinata could barely keep up with their movements. They heard the ninjas call out something, no doubt preparing for some jutsu, and then Neji suddenly yelled out, "It's Sasuke!"

Naruto gasped aloud and stopped so suddenly that he nearly fell forward from the momentum. "What?" he spluttered, his heart lurching in his chest. "Where? Where is he?"

"With those ninjas." Neji was peering forward with his Byakugan, eyes focussed. "And he's fighting one of those ninjas…"

"What about the other ninja?" Kakashi demanded, signalling to the team to advance.

"He's performing some kind of…teleporting jutsu, I think. I can see him opening some sort of portal door…his partner is struggling with Sasuke…neither of them have the upper hand yet…"

"SASUKE!" Naruto was ignoring the art of subtlety, and charging forward like an angry bull. "Sasuke!"

Kakashi muttered something under his breath and hurried after Naruto, who was almost out of sight now. More determined than ever to stop their enemies, the rest of the team picked up the pace and sped forward.

The portal door was wide open now and waiting. One of the ninjas was concentrating on holding the door open, while his comrade wrestled furiously with Sasuke, cursing and shouting.

"Sasuke!" Heedless of his own safety, Naruto launched himself forward, making a wild dash for Sasuke's opponent. Sakura rushed to his aid at once, while the others went for the remaining ninja.

And that was when all hell broke loose. The portal door enlarged visibly, swirled around, and Hinata felt something sucking her towards it. Alarmed, she tried to distance herself, but a much greater force was at work, dragging all the ninjas towards the door.


The chaos that followed was unbelievable. Amidst curses and wrangling and fighting, all the ninjas found themselves being pulled towards the portal door at top speed, none of them able to resist it. The door grew even larger, if that was possible, and Naruto had the sensation of them all being engulfed alive. Grappling for Sasuke and Sakura, who were the closest to him, he tried to manoeuvre himself backwards, but in vain.



"Aaaahhh!" Hinata was screaming aloud as she found herself flying backwards into the portal door, shrinking as she got further and further.

"Hinata! I'm coming…" Kiba's yell was cut short as he and Akamaru joined Hinata, flying away from their comrades.

The portal door expanded once more, and this time, every single ninja found themselves sucked into it, entering an unknown world. Then, ever so slowly, the door closed up on itself, leaving behind nothing but the silence of the forest.

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