"Well, I guess this is it."

To one side stood Kakashi and the rest of the ninjas, opposite them stood the Titans, in an open field away from any other eyes. "Thanks for everything," Robin said, with a smile. "We sure did some real good back there."

"You mean, we just saved, like, the whole world!" Beast Boy exclaimed.

"I think saving the world calls for some celebrations!" Cyborg beamed. "Who's up for some pizza?"

"Me!" Starfire was the first to put up her hand as usual.

"Wanna join us?" Robin asked the ninjas.

"Thanks, but I think it's time we go home," Kakashi said, with a glance at his group. "We've seen quite enough of your world for now."

"And I need some ramen right about now," Naruto said, licking his lips.

Kiba rolled his eyes.

Hand outstretched, Robin gripped Kakashi's and shook it warmly. "I thank all of you for your help," he said warmly. "And I hope we'll have the chance to meet up again someday."

"Perhaps," Kakashi agreed, and the other ninjas nodded their agreement. "Perhaps someday, our worlds will cross again…in better circumstances, I hope."

"We're going to miss you," Naruto sighed wistfully. With a smile, he extended a hand forward, fingers curled into a fist.

Smiling, Robin bumped fists with him.

"Sayonara, guys!"

"Sayonara to you too." Robin nodded at Raven.

Arms raised, Raven focused her energy on a spot near the ninjas and begin to chant, in a quiet voice. Bluish-black swirls of light gathered, illuminating the area with its radiance. A noticeable gap in the air appeared, and behind it, a tunnel of never-ending light.

"Catch up with you again one day!" Naruto called out, with a final wave, and was the first to hop through the dimensional door.

Smiling and waving, the rest of the ninjas cast a final glance at their new friends and disappeared through the portal door.

"I'm sorry, master. I have failed you."

"Perhaps it was beyond you this time." Twin red eyes stared back at Slade from the door between their two worlds, eerily bright in the dark. "The girl's friends were stronger than I thought."

Slade bowed his head ever so slightly. "There will be a next time," he promised. "This I swear."

Trigon stared back, eyes narrowed. "I will expect you to succeed the next time," he said in his deep, booming voice dark with warning. "For I will not tolerate failure once more."

"I will not fail you next time."

"No, you won't," Trigon said, and Slade felt a little shiver in his back.

Next time, Raven, you won't be so lucky! We will be back, and the next time, we will succeed!

With another quick bow of the head, Slade arose and departed.

It was time to prepare.

So guys, this is it! The end at last! Who knows, I might write up a brief sequel to this one day!

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