~4 months after Jeb's death~

"HE'S WHAT?" Anne yelled. Dylan had made himself known and revealed Jeb's death that had happened exactly 7 days prior.

"I saw it all. I thought I'd go and kidnap Max and I saw the whole fight." Dylan replied.

"That complicates things... How did he die?"

"Max got a hold of Eric's knife and ran before turning around and stabbing it into her father."

"Hm... I always knew he was weak..."

"What's the next plan? Max will be 19 tomorrow!"

"Yes she does. And our deadline is tomorrow. I want you to get her here."


"Yes. You are going to go alone and kidnap her when her sleep pulls her under. You have to get her!"

"What about Fang? He'll be with her."

"If he gets in your way... kill him." Anne stood from her chair and closed her laptop.

"Okay." Dylan answered. Anne smiled and grabbed her coat before walking over to the door. Her hand rested on the door nob.

"She better be here before sunrise. Or you'll fail." Anne spoke and left Dylan standing in the middle of her office. Dylan soon turned and walked out of the room turning off the light and letting the door slam behind him. Once outside he took off to the Flock. Dylan landed in front of the house and saw one window lit. It aluminized a figure outside of the window. The figure was going back inside just as the sun set behind the mountains. Dylan soared up to the balcony and picked her up. Dylan stood and looked at the glass door. A dark figure was looking at him. Finally figuring out who the figure was he dropped over the balcony's rail and flew away.

Dylan spared one look and saw he was not being followed by the figure but by Fang's voice.

"BRING HER BACK! DYLAN!" Fang's voice sounded stained like he was fighting against holds of someone.

~Max POV~

I had been standing on the balcony off mine and Fang's bedroom when he dropped down. The light from the room behind me slightly hit his face. I turned around and started in the sun was too quick and I fell.

~Max's dream~

I was standing in a white hall. A light above me flickered. Dylan stood in front of me and Anne was behind me. I could hear Anne moving forward toward me before I felt a sharp pain in my neck. I gasped. Dylan looked away then at my dress. I looked down as well when his eyes went wide. My dress shortened from touching the ground to just below my knees. The straps ripped and formed into the dress. A ribbon wrapped around my waist and formed a bow. The dress started blowing in a breeze that wasn't there and the color shifted from shoes to my hair. My nails, shoes, dress became black. My hair pulled back so it was half up-half down and braided. The half up part was pulled into a black dead flower clip and continued to braid. I ran to a bath room and to the mirror my eyes were blacker than Fang's.

Fang, Iggy, Angel, Gazzy, and Nudge appeared in my mind and a red letters formed into a for letter word... KILL. My mind shifted to the Flock being my family and the School being my enemy to the Flock being my enemy and the School my family. I walked back to where Anne and Dylan stood. Anne was smiling and Dylan was shocked. Dylan held a sword in his hand. Anne nodded and Dylan's hand moved up so the sword was held out to me. I reached out and grabbed it just as the alarm sounded.

~Dylan POV Live~

I arrived at the school exactly 10 minutes before sunrise. I brought Max inside, laid her down on a table and strapped her down. Anne came in at sunrise when Max was waking up.

"She's here?" Anne asked


"Great work."

"What's going on? Fang?" Max's voice sound. She was fully awake and struggling.

"Hello Max." Anne said. I sat next Max on the bed and looked at her.

"Dylan?" Max said shocked.

"Hey Max." I said smiling.

"Where's Fang!"

"At home. Safe. He didn't try to save you he just yelled after me. That's it. He didn't fly after."

"What?" Max looked sad and hurt.

"Clearly he doesn't care about you anymore."


"Max what happened can be discussed later but we have to meet our deadline which was moved to today." Anne reached over to a little table and grabbed a needle before bringing it to Max's neck. As the needle went into her skin her eyes went wide. I just sat there as her beautiful white dress became short and black. Her nails turned black as did her eyes. Her hair had black highlights and a dead rose clip. She was still amazingly beautiful but scarier. She wasn't Max now. She wouldn't know who she was or who the others were. All she'd know is her name, and her mission. She knew how to fly and use a sword, and fight without mercy. She'd think of the Flock as enemies, that is all she's know of them. The School and myself as family. I will be more of a boyfriend to her... finally. Fang and the Flock will be brought down in by the one person who kept them up and together. There is no way this can backfire easily.

I thought about my future with Max as Anne unstrapped her Max stood up and her dress fell to it length and her hair did as well. She looked amazing. Max looked down at herself and smiled.

"Max..." I said and her head snapped up and she looked at me.

"Dylan...How it's good to be home." I stood up and walked over to her and hugged her.

"Welcome home, love."

"I hated being the White Goddess. It wasn't me." Max looked over to Anne, "Thank you Anne for pulling myself to the surface of my heart."

"You're welcome Max." Anne said with a nod.

A/N. That's the end of White Goddess. It was super short I know but there will be more to the story line. The next story is Back Home the Black Devil Out in January 2011. Summary is below. Happy Holidays!

When you die you are in the after life... When you're evil soul is brought down by good. When a simple needle pulls Maximum Ride's Evil soul to the surface the School has their ultimate weapon. The Flock; Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy and Angel are in for the worse WITHOUT their fearless leader. Instead they are against the 19 year old girl who has kept them save and well for 7 years. Who took her life for the man she loved.