Hello, Hello it's me again NightzSong. I know I should be working on my other fics but I couldn't resist writing about The Boondock saints, especially when I saw the very fine Norman Reedus playing an Irishman, with such a good story... And I'm having serious block with my other two. Now then.

After looking for my favorite movie in the movie section of this wonderful cite...I noticed that these fics were seriously lacking. How could you not write about two hot Irishmen kicking ass!? It's beyond me...

This is NOT a rewrite of the first movie...well not completely. No, I added a girl (which btw I think they need a love interest...but not changing the story line because it's awesome...) And another twist. And really I tried with the accent. Don't like it? Tough . you try writing it then.

Note! This takes place after the scene when the boys first meet Smecker and are released from jail.

Also I do not force anyone to believe in any religious reference involving this story or I may make use of! I respect all forms of religion and ask you all to keep in mind this is a fanfiction, so don't be offended, I am not intentionally making fun of or belittling any religion. Just thought I'd better make that known.


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I do however own : Jezra, Sara, Eli and anyone else that isn't in the movie. Onwards.

Welcome to the streets of South Boston...where the mob runs the underworld, and anyone who's anyone fears what happens on the street. But remember. Keep your trap shut unless you want to end up in some ally or at the bottom of the Charles River, a bullet hole in your head or heart...

Welcome to my story...

The Boondock Saints... Santo & Peccatore.

'Where am I?' That was the first question that slipped through her hazy mind. Her back was pressed against cool concrete, the rough feel an obvious indication she was bound somewhere she did not like. "Jezra! Jez open yer eyes fo' me." Someone pleaded with her, the voice dipped in a deep Irish accent. Another voice, similar and yet different not carrying the same husky note as the first, joined the pleading until she opened her eyes.

Slowly she cracked her eyes open wincing from the pain she felt in her arms and ribs. A gasp escaped past the gag that was firmly tied and she struggled trying to tug her hands down. Tilting her head back she could see the steel of the cuffs glinting in the dim light causing her to struggle harder and have them bite into her skin. She paused; her eyes wildly searching the room until her eyes were drawn to him…the one who'd featured in her dreams for the past few nights.

He was cuffed to a chair. Dirt smudged on his face mixing with blood the slowly flowed from the cut right above his eye. His jeans were ripped and his hair was a mess but his eyes...a sharp blue color that seemed to warm up slightly as she finally locked eyes with him. She didn't recognize him but at the same time...she did or at least her subconscious did. How did they even get in this predicament? What kind of action had she taken that Jezra would find herself trapped in a homemade dungeon.

But the sight of the dirt smeared Irishman had her relaxing, though she did manage to huff out her annoyance even through the gag. And he gave her a heart stopping grin for her trouble. "Ye alright Jez?" He called out to her and she found herself nodding.

"Aye the lass is made of tougher stuff than that, dont you know Murph?" The blonde on called from the far left. She looked over and he winked as if this was just another day and they really weren't chained in some underground basement probably with all their lives at stake. She nodded slowly, her head still swimming but the gag prevented her from speaking. Just who were these men she was trapped with?

"Dont worry Jez." The one in the middle said looking like a shaggy dog as he tried to unsuccessfully shake the matted hair from his eyes. "We're all going to get out of here and kill those motherfuckers." Giving her a lop-sided grin through his beard, probably meant as reassurance, she almost cringed; this dude really needed to shave; badly.

Jezra wasn't exactly paying attention to the other two. Apparently to her mind neither the shaggy one nor the blonde one was nearly as interesting as the dark haired one. So she took a moment to memorize all of his features. He was smirking at her before his brother called his attention away much to her disappointment. "Murphy?"

"Aye Connor?" He answered tearing his gaze from her somewhat reluctantly. There seemed to be work that needed to be done. "Can ye get out?" Connor questioned as he squirmed about in his own chair. Murphy growled jerking about. "No, fucking things ar' tight." Jezra's hopes dimmed slightly until she remembered the...

The large door flung open making a large bang against the side and three well-dressed men waltzed through. Though they were obviously hired guns and no real men of power to her, she glared heatedly. But the scruffy man in the middle snickered loudly at the three who were obviously packing and Jezra wasn't sure how smart that would actually be. Especially with their current position, dream or not it all certainly felt real. "Well look at that, it's the three stooges Larry, Curly and fucking Moe." The one in the middle gave him deadly glare.

"On your deathbed and still making jokes, eh funny guy?" His green eyes harden as his face smoothed out, jerking forward he gave a sharp right hook to the side of the funny guys face. Jezra stared in a mix of horror and disbelief as the other two started jerking around and cursing the men up and down in a mix of languages.

The other two men went toward Murphy and Connor fully intending to deliver some pain until Jezra started screaming against the gag trying to catch their attention. The middle man, obvious the leader, pulled back and turned toward her smirking again. "Well look at this boys, looks like we have a wildcat on our hands." The other two gave a chuckle at the moment. Bending down in front of her he grasped her chin gently turning her face this way and that as she firmly kept up her glare, her leg moving into position to kick him if need be..

"A looker too, wouldn't you say boys? Wonder who she's fucking with…Maybe all three?" He said thoughtfully fully intending on letting his hands drift down her neck, as his other hand brought out his knife. "Let's see?"

Jezra jerked awake screaming. And as soon as she realized what she was doing her hands instantly slapped over her mouth muffling the last of them. Her body was racked with violent shudders as fear, anger and helplessness pooling in her stomach causing her to roll off the bed, landing hard on her hands and knees. She gagged a couple times from the overwhelming feeling before resting her head against the cold floor. "M'ok..." She whispered in reassurance to herself, a small comfort but a comfort all the same.

"Jez?" Eli called from the door way, his head peeking cautiously through her door. "Yea?" Jezra rasped carefully, her throat stinging as she sat up, pressing a hand to her stomach using her free hand to wipe at her mouth with a wince. 'That was gross...' She thought.

Hesitantly he looked back out into the empty hall of shadows before scurrying into the room, throwing himself unceremoniously in her lap. She winced but carefully ran a hand through the bronze curls that rested on his head, so much like her own. "I heard you screaming' " He admitted in a nervous whisper scanning the room for any monsters that would plague his only remaining family member.

Staring at her with his large hazel eyes she sighed at the five year old. "Yea." She admitted with a heavy sigh, picking him up placing him on the bed before handing him his favorite fox plush. Gathering herself she climbed wearily up on the bed curling up into a ball on the duvet. Elijah perched next to her, content to keep watch and hold his plush tightly before he pressed a hand to her cheek checking on her like she did for him when he was sick. "What'cha dreaming about?" He whispered, almost afraid that if he spoke to loud...whatever that was haunting his beloved sister would come back.

Jezra thought about it concentrating hard...She couldn't remember much. Just the feeling she got, the sickness that raced over her. It reminded her way to much of that night. 'That part of my life is over.' she thought firmly opening her eyes to gaze fondly at Eli.

"Don't remember." She told him softly and he nodded accepting that answer. Eli grinned holding his fox planting a wet kiss on her cheek before lying down next to her tucking his head under her chin carefully. " S'alright Jez! You won't have any more nightmares tonight. I'll protect you." Jezra grinned kissing the top of his head at his declaration. "You have a big day tomorrow Eli. Go back to sleep." He nodded and shut his eyes drifting off to sleep.

Lying awake for a few more minutes, Jezra shifted about her bed maneuvering so shee didn't wake the child clinging to her protectively. Bringing her wrists closer to her eyes, squinting in the dark, she tried to inspect the undamaged skin closely. She wore nothing on them, no piece of jewelry she forgot to take off...no band, nothing..Then why did it feel as if they were incased in a cold steel? Almost like a hand-cuff...shaking off the chill she settled back down into her bed.

6 :10 am...

Jezra hadn't gotten much sleep after her dream and she was feeling it right now. Rolling over to stare at the wall she tried and tried to remember her dream. That dream was important she could feel it. But she didn't have a damn clue what it was! And that was what was pissing her off the most. "Damnit it all!" she cried sitting up and roughly pushing her hair out of her face and off her shoulders. She hadn't had a nightmare since her older brother, Demitri died five years ago. Giving a huff she looked at the empty space of her bed.

Eli had gotten up ten minutes ago and was probably waiting for her to get up to fix breakfast. "I'll think about it later." She muttered obviously disappointed with herself. Closing her eyes tightly she frowned hoping something would click but...

"Nothing." With a final sigh she kicked her covers off in frustration, heading toward the kitchen. Finding Eli already eating his cereal and Mr. Foxy at the place of honor in his lap, she smiled reaching in the box of ceral to pull out a handful of the sugar coated breakfast and stuffing it in her mouth with a wink at the child who giggled. Chewing and swallowing she reached for a glass to get some orange juice."Now remember Eli...where are you going after school today? " Jezra questioned. She'd drilled this into his mind last night, but it never hurt to triple check; especially when caring for a small child. Eli blinked up at her chewing thoughtfully before giving a large grin as he answered promptly.

"That old church down the street!" Jezra kissed the top of his head as she rounded the counter top nodding in approval, taking the newspaper he offered. "Alright, you got it. I'll pick you up from there but until then stick with Ms. Collins. I have to get to work alright? So hurry up and get ready, I'll walk with you to school today..." Smiling the boy nodded jumping down to get ready. Shaking her head Jezra curiously glanced at the newspaper Eli must have grabbed again.

"Brothers case found in self-defense...the Saints of South Boston..." She read quietly her eyes staring at the word saint for an extra moment. "Bullshit." She said throwing the paper away.

"No such thing as a saint...only sinners.."

Later that day... 8:30pm...

Connor and Murphy sat in the corner of McGinty's, taking a drag from their cigarettes and a drink from the beers in front of them. No doubt about those two men being the MacManus brothers. The deep honey blonde tinted hair of the older, only by a few minutes as Murphy would point out, brother his blue eyes calmly staring off as he was lost in thought. The Latin word, Veritas was written on his hand, Connor's signature mark.

His twin sat to his right, back against the wall as he fidgeted restlessly. He could never sit still...this being Murphy the one who was not exactly calm. He was looking around the bar his eyes never lingering to long on anything as he picked at his nail absently. Messy dark brown black hair falling over his forehead not quiet reaching his eyes showed him to be Connor's fraternal twin. His sharp blue eyes were always taking in his surroundings.

Taking another drag from his cig he put it in the ash tray finally fed up with the silence. "Oi Conn, when ar' we goin'a talk about this?" Connor snapped out of it lazily taking another drink before addressing his brother. "Bout what?" He drawled and Murphy scowled shoving his shoulder. "Don' be fucking retarted." Connor rolled his eyes.

"Ye already know what we hafta do." He pointed out and Murphy nodded lowering his voice slightly. "Aye but still! We dont even know where ta find these motherfuckers!" Connor chuckled holding up a folded piece of paper.

"Oh but dear brotha I do." "Oh fuck ye." Murphy laughed snatching up the small white folded square. "Used the Russians pager did ya?" "Aye." Connor answered his eyes watching the door as he slowly raised a brow.

"Murph would ye look at that now? Looks like Doc hired more help, he did." Murphy looked up from the scrawled Russian, nodding his head and giving a whistle. "Aye awfully pretty the lass is.." Connor sighed tossing some pretzels at him from the small bowl on the table. "Focus on the fucking job, besides, galya's got a lot more ta worry 'bout from those fuckers." Connor told him nodding to the drunken men at the bar.

As Murphy eyed her, she didn't seem to be at all bothered by it. In fact, if he wasn't mistaken she looked more amused than anything else. But he listened to his brother sighing he nodded his head. "Aye, suppose yer right..." Reading the small print on the paper he squinted his eyes slightly.

"So what do ya think?"

Jezra was glad Doc was turning out to be such a nice boss. At least he hadn't made a grab for her ass yet.. "N-now b-boys, lets b-be nice for her ya h-here." Doc stuttered at the boys around the bar. "Fi-figured I could have a bit more help round here. Fuck! Ass!" The men chuckled, hollering for another round but Doc waved them off handing Jezra an apron and a pad of paper.

"Now be a dear an-and go t-to my boys in the-e corner over there." He stuttered out pointing to the two men at the back corner. "The-the MacManus b-boys shouldn't give you any trouble." Jezra nodded unfazed by the stutters or occasional fuck and ass went to do what he told her dodging some stray hands giving them a small smirk instead. Though if one did look closer they might find it forced as the urged to smack each and every one of them upside the head was just a bit to irresistible right now...

Plastering on a smile she stopped at the table, as the two looked up. Briefly she marveled at them.. 'Twins most definite..' They had similar features if only fraternal twins. Slipping out her notepad she addressed them at the same time. "Hey boys. Doc wants to know if you have any requests.." Murphy grinned devilishly at her. "I have a request I want to.." But he was cut off with a kick from Connor. "Hmm.. don't know Connor. Ye need anything special." Murphy ground out angry with his brother. He just wanted to know her name was that such a damn crime.

Jezra looked up at them quickly and said softly. "Murphy..." But not soft enough as the brother looked at her oddly."Aye.." He answered as she took a step back.

'Jez open yer eyes..' someone pleaded with her, echoing from within her mind. Shaking her head she smiled. "Sorry, do you boys want anything?" Murphy smiled up at her. "How 'bout yer name?" Jezra laughed softly. "Buy another round and I'll tell you my name." She bargained and Murphy chuckled.

"Now how coul'd I say no?" Jezra grinned and bobbed her head. "It's Jezra and I'm holding you to that second-""Third." He winked. She grinned. "Third round."

Watching her walk away Murphy turned back to Connor. "Ye think shes alright?" Connor frowned taking out his pack of cigarettes. "Seemed ta be spooked she did...And she seemed to know ye as well." Murphy shrugged ignoring the question in his brother's voice.

End of her first shift and she was tired as hell. Between filling drinks, awful flirting and those MacManus boys she could tell this job would be interesting...if it lasted long. She sighed and thought more on her night or more so who was there all night. It was like a sense of de ja vu when she stood near the brothers. As if she knew them. And she was pretty sure she hadn't met either of them. They looked about five years older than herself, and she really didn't think she could forget those blue eyes...

And neither had given her a clue or comment to hint they had met before either. Hanging up her apron she waved to some of the men who had actually been pleasant. Or as pleasant as a bunch of drunk Irishmen could be in any case. "Bye Doc I'll see ya tomorrow." she called and he gave her a half smile and a wave. Slipping out from behind the bar she looked back to catch Murphy's eye again.

The first few times she had caught him it had unnerved her. But after a while it had become almost welcome. A secure feeling had swept over her, something she hadn't felt in a long time. Tilting her head she sent him a slow smile before letting that hang in between them as she slipped out the door. Connor chuckled. "Found yerself somthin to admire brotha?" Murphy shrugged it off turning his gaze back as the front door closed. Taking another drag he narrowed his eyes. "We do this tomorrow."

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