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"Ahhhh!" the shouts of a warrior in training roam through the forest. As well as echoes of wood being punch, scrapped, and chopped. But this was no warrior. Only a fragile shinobi with short shoulder waist hair, pale snow white skin, and the loveliest pearl like eye's that indicated that she was from a great family, the Hyuga's.

"I'm not weak!' she shouted, a roar of sadness was combine through this shout. Then more punched and hand sign were form to attack the tree. She was letting it all out. Her power of the Byakugan, increase this pace to keep going, till it came with results. Fingers and knuckles bleeding, while splitters covering her fingertips. Small amount of blood pouring out of the small cuts that appeared in her hands. She kept going though, all till morning. Once the sun rose, Hinata limit was up, and her fair body fell to the dirt of forest ground.

"I'm not weak" she repated

Her body begs for some sleep, yet she denied this as she lifted herself off the ground the tree she been senselessly beating and now used as support.

"Arigato, for helping me practice." She patted the tree enjoying the smooth wood from it branches and leaf. A gust of wind appeared making her hair playing along swirling around her face. Hinata smiled at this, as it the tree was tell her she was welcome.

The bells of the Konohan Ninja School rang. This indicated that it was about to be 7 in the morning and that all the Genin shinobi should head to class. Hinatas eyes widen at the lateness. She informed Neji-niisan that she would be out training. But this was too much, an all-nighter. By now there's probably commotion about the heiress being missing. She started to sprint out of the training forest. But her legs felt heavy, and she knew as part of her healer training that is she over did it the result would not turn too well thank to her now slightly weak heart. She now possesses in her chest. Since the preliminaries at the Chunin Exams. Her heart took a lot of damage, and it has been harder on her training as well as on the outlooks on the elders for the next head of the Hyuga clan.

Walking through the crowd of people in early in the morning was no trouble. She enjoyed watch children playing ninja, Shops being put open, and families gathering among one another. Hinata slowed her pace as she saw a small child about in her 5 years, going up to her mother and a small flower in her hand. The mother of the child smiled as she picked up the child embracing her in a hug.


"Aw, Ino-chan it too early to go see teme!" "Oww what was that for!" "Stop calling Uchiha a teme, baka!" The familiar voices brought her back to reality. As her face widen in a fiery blush covering her face. Through the corner of her eye she looked over to see sunny blond hair, and tan skin. The reason for her strength and her admiration: Naruto Uzamaki, but what was he doing with Ino Yamanaka?

"Come on baka we got to ask him it argent!"The loud yet determine voice of Ino shouted as she drags Nauto by the sleeve, racing the streets towards a large motel. A blush invokes her face even more at the sight of this. She suddenly felt a wave of sadness.

"Seems Ino-chan has gotten accounted with Nauto-kun" she said, as she turned to the opposite direction of the motel. A few paces she took, but stopped. As a annoyed look across her face.

If you do not confront this now you will never stop being weak.

"Hai!" she said in determination to her conscious, and sprinted to the ways Ino and Naruto were headed.

She sprinted down the crowded streets, even more easy thanks to the Byakugan all-seeing-eyes. The trail was at a stop. Through the time she was deciding her decision to follow them even for two seconds she seems to have lost them. "Where they go?" she asked herself. Her eye's moving along with her face from left to right. She kinda felt like an idiot just standing there. As she consume herself in a trail of thought.

"Aw, Ino-chan it's too early to go see teme!"

"That's It they went to go see Uchiha-sama" she cheered in her mind in happiness, out of her misunderstanding. At the thought of Uchiha, a frown form in her pale face. It made her look at the sky in a little bit of hate. The only one Natuto ever has eye's is either for Sakura or Uchiha. She shook her head getting rid of the thought of their encounter that happened not long ago between them. He humiliated her, and yet he causes her something that night. She gripped her shirt were her heart was place. He caused her to feel pain, just a little. Mostly of it was pain out of pride.

"Go to sleep we don't need any more dead weight!"

She shivered; a part of her still feared him. But all she saw him was at a stubborn male, she kind of pitied him. He as well a Naruto who what it was to lose love once after hearing about the Uchiha Massacre, She rembered when she felt like this. She contribute to a present she and her classmates send to him back in the academy day. She hated him when she and the rest of the class when to visit him only to see in destroying very present and get well object they sent him. Most of the girl adored his bad side, but all she saw was a heartless person.

"Nai just forget about it, now where does he live?" She said blinking. Before she took a step-

"AWWWWWWWWWWWWW-BOOM!" Hinata jumped just in time before being crushed. Blinking in confusion, but stand in her Hyuga fighting stand. Hand held high as was her head showing no fear. The cloud of smoke was clearing up, and a shadow come out of the smoke, it was- "Sasuke you bastard your dead!" Hinata blink her mouth open as she saw this.

Naruto fell off a three story building, He's hurt, he got up, and he's ok? Huh?

"What just happen?" she asked herself a sweat drop was forming in confusion, as she look up to the building her eye's linger, till she saw a pale skin, and onyx eyes. She squeaks and covered her eyes.

(Hinata's Pov)

Oh god I did not just see Uchiha in his underwear?

"Wooohoo!" Bunch of girl form around me, wooing the Uchiha like if he was some sort of god, I sigh. My annoyance for this guy was reaching it limits. "Pathetic" I whispered and decided to walk toward the motel. It only seems logical to take the stairs, since there was an out of order sign on the elevator. I didn't know how much more my aching legs could take. "Hm" Iwhined, and then whined even more. "Ah, he's contagious!" shouted in misery. The steps were long and hard, I was already out of breath fast thanks to the overnight training. Once reaching the three voices came from the corner.

"So it's true the Lone Uchiha finally has feelings." Eyes widen as I stood in front of them. I felt his eyes on me as he caught me staring. Once I came out of the corner stairs. His eyes were lock into mine. Somehow I didn't feel like I could move. My legs were already too heavy and-"Ino-pig get away from my Sasuke-kun!" I was suddenly on the ground, wincing and rubbing my sore butt.

Owww…Sakura…I blame him for this

I saw Naruto holding Sakura from punching Ino-chan, then Sakura yelling down Ino-chan throat, and while Ino-chan seem to be the only one mature enough glaring at her, um...Well mature not really the right word.

"Get off the ground Hyuga." The voice was breathing down my neck. As a shouted left out of me as I jumped back to my feet, my face feverish. "Uchiha-chan you-u star-rled me." The stuttering returned. Why is it that it only happens, only by him? He was making me feel uneasy again, especially with his constant glaring.

Um... Why is he looking at me?

"Oy you're bleeding." My hand was being taken; I felt his hands on mine. The feeling of lighting coming throw me making me jerk my hand away. By the sudden move I froze and look at him, he became angry. "Gomenasai- Uchiha"

He started at me some more. I simply looked at anything other than his face, mostly at Naruto. The wind was suddenly force out of me and I felt my back connecting to the wall " AH!" a small shout left me, and the feeling of eye's were glaring at my face and side. As I open my own the face of Uchiha was meters from mine. "Wh...e you .doing?" protest was in range. He took both my hand roughly, and tightly, as I once again felt the lighting. This time as I jerk my hand free, he held on tighter, till I gave in. I shouted a glare at him. He seems to be waiting for this opportunity, and jerk me towards the crowd we call friends. "Shut up!"