This story is an experiment, the last of a group of experiments in writing I've been doing lately. Should this experiment prove well, than expect even MORE stuff from me. Yes more.

Now, onto the story. This idea came about when reading fan fiction and reading ANOTHER bit where it announces 'ZIM IS TALLER AND DRESSES DIFFERENTLY NOW'. I thought '... at what point did he decide to do this?'

This story came about through me wanting to write that little transitional period. That, and combine it with a LEETLE bit of ZAGR/ZAGF.

"DIB!" The young woman shouted from the bottom of the staircase. "DIB WHY ARE YOU NOT DOWN HERE GETTING READY FOR SKOOL?"

Gaz growled loudly, her fist curling around her school bag. She was thirteen years old, caught in that awkward place between being a girl and a woman, her body was already shooting up... or it would be if she hadn't already stopped at a five foot five.

Still, the goth hid most of her body in heavy clothes, right now she had black baggy pants, a hoody and underneath a shirt that read 'Dethklok' with the band logo upon it.

"Wait a minute." Dib's voice croaked from the upstairs... wait, croaked? She raised an eyebrow slowly as the figure of her fifteen year old brother appeared on the staircase, walking slowly down. His tall, skinny, lanky frame was hunched over, his eyes appearing sullen and his skin pale, even a little green.

He sneezed suddenly and wiped his arm on his trench coat sleeve, ew. "I'm just feeling a little under the weather. But I'm fine."

"... Dib you're sick," Gaz replied quickly and with a frown, taking an involuntary step back, "Don't you dare come near me and infect me with whatever stupid virus you have."

"I'm not sick!" Dib complained from the top of the stairs, "I have to keep the world safe from Zim! I can't get sick!" He sneezed again and wiped his nose. "Uuugh, okay, maybe a little sick, but I can still go to school!"

Gaz frowned deeply. "If you take one step down those stairs I will punch you in your soul." She turned and began storming towards the door, "Email the skool, tell them you're ill, go back to bed."

"Wow Gaz, you care about me so much!" Dib grinned from the top of the staircase, "I never knew!"

Gaz paused before turning around and glaring at him with her deep amber eyes, "I'm only telling you this because A, you'd kill yourself trying to beat Zim if I didn't and B, because you're too stupid to do it yourself."

"... right." Dib blinked and sneezed loudly again before holding out a hand to Gaz, "WAIT! Gaz promise me you'll keep me updated on all of Zim's activities!"

"... why the hell would I want to do that?" The goth girl questioned, her hand no one the handle of the front door.

"Because the fate of the world is," He sneezed loudly and sniffled before continuing, "... at stake."

"... right, okay, whatever," She waved a hand in dismissal as she walked out the door, "Go to bed, Dib."

She scowled as she walked down the path to their house. If he had made her late to the bus she would make sure he spent a week in the hospital instead of just his room. Spy on Zim for him, BAH, like she would ever bother doing such a stupid thing, she had better things to do than watch that stupid irken moron try and pretend to be normal all day.

Like he was anything but normal.

She spent the rest of the day on her own, as usual. She didn't really have any friends, but she never really considered herself someone who needed friends. She was fine playing games on her own, or rather, leaching off the hi-skool internet and playing online.

However, she had only just gotten to the first recess of the day when a familiar shadow fell across her.

"Gaz-beast!" She growled and looked up at the annoying face of Zim as he stood... next to her. How many years had it been since he arrived? And he still looked exactly the same, it would almost be worrying if it wasn't so hilarious to see him try and act normal around everyone else who towered over him.

"What is it Zim?" She replied, not even looking up at him, she was too busy pwning noobs online.

"I demand to know why your brother-spawn is not with you today." He crossed his arms and frowned at her, "What is he up too? What is he planning? Tell Zim!"

"He's sick." She replied before grinning slightly, awesome, another headshot, "He's taking time off skool to get better."

"Sick?" Zim questioned before grinning and laughing... right into Gaz's ear. "BWAHAHA! You patheeetic humans have yet to exterminate all viruses from this planet? I laugh at your sick prone bellies!"

Gaz growled and looked up, the round on the game being over, she was at the top of the scoreboard of course. "He'll be off for a week, now get lost before I make you get lost."

"FINALLY!" He continued loudly, ignoring Gaz's statement, "A week where I can doom the whole earth with no one to stop me! BWAHAHA!"

"Zim. Go. Away." Gaz growled out, much louder than before. She was missing valuable game time here!

Zim didn't go away. "I will spend this week unleashing pain upon all who go before me! Pain and doom and... and..." He slowed down before scratching his head, that energetic viciousness vanishing from his voice, "I dunno. Horribleness I guess."

"How about you go do that then?" Gaz hissed, shoving him away.

The irken cackled in joy before storming off, muttering something about weasels and lasers. Like Gaz cared, he'd probably end up shooting himself in the foot anyway. Ugh, stupid alien. Stupid Dib being ill and not distracting him. Why was everything so damn stupid?

It was again later that day, this time at lunch, that Gaz got her second chance of the day to play online. Plus she could eat her food and play in peace, a rare occurrence for her considering how often Dib or Zim would distract her from her game. She was literally logging into another Q3 Online match when an all too familiar figure sat down next her.

"Hello Gaz-beast," Zim announced himself again, however this time the cackle had completely vanished from his voice. In fact, he seemed... bored.

"I thought I told you to leave me alone?" Gaz hissed, grabbing a sandwich from her bag whilst still playing the game, multitasking was something she was good at after all.

"I am bored, human." Zim mumbled, leaning forward onto the table and propping himself up on his arms. "I never thought I'd say this but Zim is bored without the Dib-stink around to fight."

"... really?" Gaz did feel a spark of interest rise up in her, but her sarcasm kept it from being discovered in her voice. "How fascinating. Now go away."

"Without the challenge, even if it is an easy challenge, of kicking your stupid brother-spawn's head in I can't think of anything to do," He continued moaning, either missing or just ignoring Gaz's statement.

"It's been half a friggin day," Gaz replied with a frown, still looking to her game, "How can you be bored after half a day?"

"Do not question the mind of the mighty ZIM!" Zim cried out, drawing a few looks but nothing that wasn't unusual. People were used to Zim's shouting and screaming, it was part of the Zim-Dib package of weirdness in hi-skool.

Gaz shrugged. "Whatever."

There was a moment of silence between them as Gaz played her game and took another bite of her sandwich, something which the tiny invader watched carefully. Suddenly, he seemed to brighten up for a moment, turning to lock his eyes on Gaz, "You're good at fighting, aren't you Gaz?"

The teen shrugged again, continuing to ignore the irken.

"Good enough!" The small green boy shouted before leaping up onto his seat and pointing at the teenager, "I demand that while Dib-stink is out of commission, you fill his horrible, stinky, big headed place!"

Gaz paused her game, a stupid move to make in an online game but she could lose a round just to drill this point into Zim's head. She turned to look at him, her amber eyes blazing with anger. "Listen here Zim. I'm going to say this once. Go. Away. I am not fighting you, I am not watching you for my stupid brother, I am not having any part of this pointless little game you play together. Leave me the hell ALONE."

The irken blinked at this reply before grinning evilly. "How about this. If you don't agree to try and pathetically stop me from ruling your horrible rock of a world, I will make sure that you never, ever play that game of yours."

"... you wouldn't dare touch my game," Gaz replied with an evil look to match, "And if you do, I'll-"

"Beat me up? That sounds like fighting to me," Zim laughed before crossing his arms, "See? I win either way. You'll fight me, little Gaz-beast, you have no choice in the matter."

Gaz really couldn't believe it, he... had a damn good point. That tiny little moron had trapped her into kicking his ass, something she thought no one ever wanted to do. She narrowed her eyes at the irken and hissed, "Fine. Tomorrow I'll kick your goddamn ass, but I swear, if you don't go right now I will rip your head off."

"The deal is struck!" He grinned, leaping off the seat and storming off, screaming, "VICTORY FOR ZIM!"

The teenager growled at this before looking back to her game. She didn't even want to play anymore, she was just so... UGH. She hated being outsmarted! Especially by that tiny little moron! But fine, if he wanted a fight, she would bring the pain like no one had ever brought pain before. He would forever regret this week!

Didja like that? Huh? Huh? Huh?

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