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Gaz paced about her room wishing she had the strength to go down and shout at Zim until he understood why she was so mad at him. Though she knew she couldn't be mad at him, it wasn't like he purposely lost his memory.

She was mad because it was out of her hands. It wasn't something she could control and reverse. She couldn't beat him up and expect his memories to return.

Inside she felt truly crushed, because she knew that bond, that close friendship and intimacy she had found with Zim was lost. She had put forth effort to reach out and really try this time to allow someone into her inner circle. To see her nicer side rather than the black veil of gothic aloofness and anger she usually projected onto the world.

And her efforts were wasted.

Gaz repeated to herself in her head. She should have never bothered. It was a waste of time and effort. She couldn't have friends, even when they had been on the brink of something a little more...

No, she was kidding herself about that too. Zim wouldn't say that, why would he? He was just her friend, nothing more.

He couldn't feel something so deep... no matter how far Gaz believed he could have done in those last moments.

She collapsed onto her bed and curled up, wishing she had something that she could do to get this feeling from her. Why couldn't she do what Zim did and somehow just delete the memories from her brain? But really, would she want too? Downstairs was an alien she had grown so fond of that she dare not put a name to it.

And every memory that she had spent with him hurt her, and yet, she held each one dearly.

It was so conflicting, so confusing, was the world really so mad? She would have prefared to stay ignorant to people if this is what life was really like. How could people go about day to day feeling this way about people? This weird pain-joy that she felt inside? How could she be happy Zim was even alive when it wasn't the Zim that she had come to know?

"Zim... what am I going to do..." Gaz spoke softly to the room around her.

A sudden grumbling from her stomach drew her attention. She realised she essentially hadn't eaten all day, however, she was somewhat unsure about going downstairs. She didn't want Zim to be there, bugging her, annoying the hell out of her with questions.

Assuming Zim was even still here. It could just be Dib doing... stupid Dib things.

It was all his fault that this happened. If he hadn't got all crazy about Zim being with her than he would have never have caused Zim to lose his job. She would have to make sure to punish him later, karmic justice had to be served.

Another grumble forced her hand and slowly she got up. If it was Zim than she would just have to ignore him, if it was Dib, she could throw things at him until he went away. Yes, that plan worked perfectly.

When she got to the kitchen however there was no one, which was a major relief. She could make herself a sandwich in peace.

Or maybe she could just get some dekolta bars. Whichever was easiest to be honest.

It was at this point, as she was munching on her dekolta bar that she took from Dib's stash in the fridge, that she heard voices coming from the slightly opened door to the lab. It seemed that the lock had flicked on before the door was shut.

Immediately the goth's interest was peeked and she moved quietly towards it, listening in as the sound of male voices reached her ears.

"Zim does not understand this. Why do females enjoy flowers?"

"I dunno, they just do!"

Dib and Zim, talking about flowers? Gaz didn't know if she should burst out laughing or check to see if she wasn't dreaming. After all that had happened lately, she couldn't be sure if anything was actually real anymore.

"Look, just, get her something, make it up to her!"

"Zim has nothing to make up. I got hit by lightning! She should buy me flowers!"

Gaz almost smirked, almost, this was rather hilarious. So her brother thought that he was some kind of lady killer and was trying to pass on his knowledge of woman on to a rather unsympathetic alien. She sat down beside the door and continued to listen, eager to hear just how Zim planned to win her back.

Inside she honestly hoped that he would... though she had low hopes for it. Zim had returned to his oblivious, idiotic self, there was no getting the nicer, more mature side of him back.

"No, just, okay, forget the flowers, let's think of something else." She didn't need to see him, she practically knew Dib was pinching the top of his nose and sighing in exasperation. She did the same when first training Zim. "Look, Gaz isn't just some girl, you need to do something that she'll like."

"She likes fighting." Zim suddenly announced out of the blue, causing Gaz's eyes to widen just a little in surprise. "Maybe I should fight her."

Zim remembered that? How... odd. No, he must have known she liked to fight beforehand. It was obvious she liked fighting, she was a tomboy after all.

"Nooo, I doubt that will work." Dib replied slowly, shooting down the little bits of surprise Gaz had for Zim's memory. Dib was such a hypocrite, he loved fighting with Zim just as much as she did.

"Her favourite band is Dethklok, maybe I should kidnap them and force them to play for her!" Again Gaz's eyes grew open. How did he know that? No, it was obvious, again, totally obvious.

Dib seemed to pause, whether from a shared shock at Zim's knowledge or otherwise Gaz would never know. "... lets put that on the maybe pile. What else do we know she might like?"

Zim seemed to growl deeply. "She likes the colour purple and hates beige, she likes deep dish pepperoni pizza without cheesy crusts, she likes platformer and first person shooter video games."

Gaz had to put a hand over her mouth to stop her gasp from being heard. Zim... he remembered... all of that. How? He had lost every bit of his memory from the day Dib was ill, so how could he possibly know that?

Thankfully she didn't have to ask, Dib was on hand to do it for her. "What the- how could you know that? I thought you lost your memory?"

"I did!" Zim's voice seemed to rise in annoyance. "But I... I just know these things! I just know her, it's all in here."

Gaz wished she could see what he was pointing too.

"It's all there when I think about her."

There was a strange kind of pause and Gaz almost opened the door a little further to see what was happening.

"Maybe you should just tell her all that." Dib's answer broke the silence like a brick through a window. His statement had a similar effect, as she heard Zim hesitate suddenly.

Gaz was sitting, waiting for his answer, she wanted to hear all that from him. She wanted to look him in the eye and admit all of that to her face, as so far she had only heard him speak the words, she had not watched him do so. Strange how much power a door could hold between two people.

"I... you're trying to trick me." The irken suddenly accused. "Human females hate talking about their feelings."

Dib seemed to be utterly slack-jawed at this. "You're... wow. Wow. Wow Zim. Wow."


"You're an idiot."

"You smell bad!"

"Whatever, look." Dib seemed to sit on something as Gaz heard a creaking noise. "Gaz liked you because of who you were. Clearly either by hidden memory or... maybe some instinctual learned thing, you still have that inside you. All you have to do is just go on what you feel like you should do."

Gaz had to admit, for Dib, that was some pretty impressive advice. Be yourself... though with Zim it seemed more like 'be the person you used to be only a month ago'. Since any Zim older than that was an insufferable moron who screamed too much.

She got up silently, wanting to hear no more of what these two were planning. It would probably be something stupid anyway, she would either get a cheep laugh out of it or just demand that Zim grow up and stop going with the cheesy approach.

However, before she could actually get away, she heard Zim storming towards the door. "Your advice is stupid, Dib-stink, Gaz will only appreciate the grandest of gestures and- GAZ!"

The girl hadn't been given enough time to get away from the door, listening to Zim prattle on she had forgotten that his legs were considerably longer than they used to be. The irken stood before her, his red eyes wide as he realised what she'd been doing.

"How long have you been there?" He quickly demanded.

"Long enough." Gaz replied quickly, internally wincing at the very cheesiness of the statement.

"... I'm going to just... you know... get out of your way." Dib announced awkwardly as he began trying to sneak away, however, there was only one way out of the lab and Zim and Gaz happened to be standing there.

Of course neither of them were moving, so the poor boy eventually settled for just sitting in the furthest corner of the room he could and going on one of his father's tablets. He also looked very irritated that he couldn't escape the incoming teenage drama.

Zim scoffed at Dib before looking back to Gaz, knowing that she was far too stubborn to find somewhere more private to do this. That was fine because Zim was equally as stubborn. "So you spy on Zim's conversations now?"

"I couldn't help it, you are so loud the neighbours could hear." Gaz snapped back, eyes locking with her. Cool amber burned against that deep fire red.

They each seemed to be waiting for the other, each knowing this had to be done. Neither however wanted to start, they guarded their feelings so tightly, their pride held far higher than anything else. Dib casually realised that as much as he hated the idea of his sister making out with an alien psycho, they were an equal match.

Kind of like two volatile chemicals that cancelled each other out when mixed together.

"So." Gaz finally started. "You wanted to talk to me?"

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