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How Zekrom-knows-why I keep hanging around her, I will never know. She was a air-head, I was smart.

She was talkative, I was not. Now, it seems like we're best friends. Which is unusual, because there was also White and Black.

I wonder everyday, whether I'm with her, or alone in my room. These past years, I grew more clingy to her. If I didn't see her for a day, I grew more and more bored each second. But even when I'm around her….

I get hot.

I feel as if I'm going to pass out. Maybe it's her exotic perfume? No, it couldn't be that. After our day together, I flop onto my bed, smiling. Yes, it has to be the perfume.

"Who am I kidding." I said to myself. Black is also around her, yet he doesn't grow hot, sweat, or smile that…smile.

I can't ignore what I'm feeling. Sure, it can be a pain whenever I'm out with her, and I stare at her, with that smile again. But when I'm home again, I just act…airy. Like as if I drank something and all I could see was good things.

I looked out my window. I could smell the morning air. I should be outside collecting data for Prof. Araragi, but I feel like staying on my bed, thinking about Bel again.

"Bel…" I loved saying that. But the ways he says my name, makes me want to…kiss her.

I blinked several times, then shook my head. I shouldn't be saying that, not at all. We're best friends, and that is all it will ever will be.

I sort of knew what I'm feeling, but then again I don't want to feel it. I feel disgusted by it. We're friends, I try to keep telling myself. Plus, I don't even know what would happen if I actually…liked her.

I didn't understand at all. I was an expert in Pokemon, not how people feel about me. I sighed and closed my eyes. I hated my feelings sometimes.

"Hey, Cheren!"

I opened my eyes quickly. I knew that voice. "Cheren!" I grew hot. I let out a moan of happiness. The way she said my name made me happy. "Hey, Cheren! It's me, Bel, Cheren!" I got up from my bed, yet my knees were weak and shaking. I walked towards my window, and smiled at her. She looked up at me, happily.

I was hotter now. The feeling was stronger, that I just wanted to kiss her right now and then, and live happily forever.

Then, I smiled. I smiled that smile again. But I didn't care, because by the blushes on her face:

Opposites can attract.

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